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Whether you’re single, dating, or in a committed relationship, The Angry Therapist, author of I Used to Be a Miserable F*ck, can show you how to put yourself first and find happiness.

Almost nobody is interested in a “date with themselves.” But we must all experience being intentionally single at some time in our lives. John Kim learned this the hard way after a string of unsuccessful marriages and a bitter divorce: he was never really alone. To go anywhere, he understood he had to start talking to himself, to take the first steps on the path from being completely alone to being completely alone and happy.

Donuts, barbells and a motorbike were all John needed. Yoga, salsa dancing, or just telling the truth were some of the outcomes for the hundreds of individuals he’s assisted as the Angry Therapist. John’s “self-help in a shot glass” style is on full display in Single. On Purpose., as he guides readers through the steps of taking responsibility for their lives, overcoming destructive habits, and developing a strong sense of identity.

People who have never been in a relationship, who have bounced from one lover to another, or who have lost themselves in their present relationship may all benefit from reading Single on Purpose.


Throughout their life, the author has battled feelings of isolation, disdain, and the false conviction that they are unattractive. They have engaged in “dating myself” and other methods of self-promotion, only to come to the conclusion that they need to remain purposefully single. Having been in partnerships since they were twenty-two, they understood the need of investing in their own development first.

After going through a divorce herself, the author realised the need of changing old habits and focusing on other aspects of the relationship than only love. This choice led them back to themselves and gave them the freedom to chose solitude for the first time in their lives.

After engaging in this introspective work, they were better able to counsel others and make changes in their own lives. The author was inspired to create this book after counselling a large number of persons who, as singles, struggled with acute depression. Despite their accomplishments in the workplace and within their social circles, many single people see themselves negatively because they lack a romantic companion.

Coaching hundreds of individuals who had serious depression due to their single status inspired me to create this book. Many people had experienced unhealthy, imbalanced relationships before, and being alone was far worse. They were looking for help from someone they could connect to since they knew there was something wrong with them. Many of these customers were in their 30s and 40s and had reached a point in life when they felt hopeless and that time was running out.

About the Author John Kim

Seven years ago, following his own divorce and subsequent rebirth, John Kim LMFT (The Angry Therapist) founded the field of online life coaching. Because of the sincerity and honesty of his social media posts, he rapidly gained a loyal fan base. By being open and honest about his experiences, he exposed himself, which is something therapists are often discouraged from doing. Kim gained a reputation as a pioneering therapist when she began meeting with clients in unusual settings including coffee shops, on walks, and even a CrossFit gym. He established his own coaching staff and a subsidiary called JRNI to revolutionise the process by which we bring about social improvement and positive change in the world. He now makes his home in the LA area.

Single On Purpose Book Summary

It grabbed my eye as I was processing books at the library, and it proved out to be a perfect read for me at this stage in my life, even though I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. Whether you’re in a committed relationship, just starting out on your own, or single and have been for a long, you’ll find something to like in the author’s style and tone throughout this book. The author insists that this is not a book against romantic relationships but rather a book in favour of the one you have with yourself.

The author draws extensively from his personal experiences to illustrate his ideas about reestablishing a sense of identity after being estranged from it for various reasons, letting go of “relationship residue,” and understanding what true closure entails. The author also provides helpful suggestions on how to improve as a person before getting into a relationship again. Changing the plans for what you want and need in a happy partnership. One of the things that has resonated with me is the need of establishing personal boundaries before getting into a new relationship. Statements like “I will not be with someone who does not take care of their body, mind, and soul” are examples of self-affirmations. The author’s explanation struck a chord with me, and I enjoyed it.

Regardless of where you are in life, this book might be helpful if you’ve ever felt like a shadow of your former self and are looking for guidance on finding your way back to your true self and the things you really want.

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