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Who is Haidakhan Babaji (Biography)

NameHaidakhan Babaji
Died14 February 1984
First AppearanceKumaon Mount Kailash, In a Cave near village Hairakhan

Haidakhan Babaji, known to his followers and admirers simply as Babaji, was a religious teacher who emerged near the town of Haidakhan in Uttarakhand, northern India, around 1970 and lectured publicly until his death in 1984. In addition to two ashrams in India, he has a large following in the West.

Haidakhan Babaji “appears” in a cave at the foot of Kumaon Mount Kailash, across the Ganges, near a distant village called Hairakhan, in the Nainital District of Uttrakhand, India, according to “The Teachings of Babaji.” Haidakhan Babaji’s supporters believe he is a Mahavatar – “a human manifestation of God who was not born from woman.”

Haidakhan Babaji is said to have spent 45 days meditating in a little shrine on the top of Kumaon Mount Kailash “without leaving his seat” beginning in late September 1970. In September 1971, Haidakhan Babaji persuaded a judge in Haldwani through sworn testimony that he was the “Old Hariakhan Baba,” who was active in the region between 1860 and 1922, and that he had the right to use the ashrams in Kathgaria and Haidakhan. Haidakhan Babaji began travelling across India in 1971, declaring his Message and performing religious procedures such as yagna, in order to attract more believers. This included superstars like Shammi Kapoor, as well as a growing number of Westerners.

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Haidakhan Babaji Cause of Death

Despite the fact that some of his followers assumed he was immortal, Haidakhan Babaji died on February 14, 1984, from heart failure (Heart Attack) and merged into samadhi also known as Maha Samadhi, according to local sources. He was laid to rest at Haidakhan Ashram. Babaji prophesied and explained his death in this way:

One day, my body is supposed to dry up. This body is useless; it exists solely to serve others. My own body has merely come to fulfil a responsibility to assist all humans and all living creatures.

Haidakhan Babaji

Haidakhan Babaji Miracles

Haidakhan Babaji talked very little in the first three months and spent most of his time meditating. He then climbed Mount Kailash with a group of Indian devotees and continued meditation there for 45 days. Many miracles were noticed around Babaji –

  • the sick healed,
  • Ability to appear in different places simultaneously
  • immediately brought about spiritual change in people’s lives and minds.

Steve Job Mets Haidakhan Babaji

Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple Industries, is reported to have met Haidakhan Babaji in India. Jobs died in 2011 from pancreatic cancer. His friend Daniel Kottke, who went on to work for Jobs at Apple Computers, recently stated that Babaji initiated him and Jobs in Haidakhan in 1974.

They had travelled to the Kumaon Hills of India to visit Neem Karoli Baba. Jobs and Kottke were urged to travel further to visit Haidakhan Babaji because Neem Karoli Baba had just taken samadhi. Jobs sought spiritual enlightenment at the ashrama of Haidakhan Babaji, according to Walter Isaacson’s official biography of Jobs.

Steve Jobs meticulously organised every element of his own memorial service, which took place in October 2011 at Stanford University and included a brown box for each attendee as a parting gift. It contained a copy of Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

Throughout his life, he practised meditation on a daily basis. It is stated that during his meditations, he got inspiration and information, which he thought revolutionised our world.


“The principles of Truth, Simplicity, and Love are incorporated in all religions,” Haidakhan Babaji stated. In his life years he intensively taught the importance of living a simple life with truthful principles of love. Despite the fact that he was revered according to local customs, Haidakhan Babaji claimed that he had come to reestablish Sanatana Dharma, not Hindu Dharma (Hinduism). Sanatan Dharma may be understood as a primordial religion reflecting the natural laws of creation. He also explained: “I came to lead mankind to a higher journey. I do not belong to a specific religion, but I respect all religions. I’m looking for the elevation of all humanity.”

He emphasised the unity of all religions in the following words: “There is always a central place in every city; all the roads in the city or from the city lead to the central place. Likewise, all religions lead to one point, and that is God Himself, and therefore you will eventually reach God following every religion.” “We are all with one another and with God,” he said. He said. Haidakhan Babaji said: He said: “In everything you do, you should seek harmony. I’m harmony. I’m harmony. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your love.” “You can follow any religion, you can follow any practise or path, but you have to be human.” He said: He said: “The world is in turmoil now. It has three kinds of pain – physical, mental, spiritual – and there is only one way to be cured of it. Inhumanity must be rooted out and replaced by humanity. ” He also made the following declaration: “One who practises “humanism” is the only true person. this is the only way to life’s success.”

Hard Work is Worship

Babaji spoke so often of the importance of hard work and the proper execution of his tasks that the central element of his teachings should be considered Karma Yoga. “Work is worship,” Babaji used to say, and that hard work is the best spiritual practise. He said on another occasion: “If you do good deeds and continue to do good deeds, you will not have good sleep, good appetite and bad thoughts. You will always criticise others otherwise. In inaction, your mind will always think critically about others. Karma, activity, is the only thing that can expel all evils “There was a mistake. Babaji also taught that Kriya Yoga’s true meaning was “perfection at work.”

A fundamental part of Haidakhan Babaji’s teachings was Nama Japa, the repetition of the Name of God. The name of God is the most powerful sound of Creation, he explained, “more powerful than thousands of atomic and hydrogen bombs.” – and that’s the only thing that’s real. In a special way, Haidakhan Babaji recommended the use of the mantra “O bis nama da bis śivāy” because of its protective properties but also stated that one can use the name of any God “his religion teaches.” The mantra is always written internationally in books about Babaji in English or other languages as “Om Namah Shivay.”


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