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Black Ties and White Lies Book PDF

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As with most things, there is no clear cut answer in life.

You’re a struggling graphic designer in Los Angeles who’s just accepted the fact that she’ll be single for the rest of her life, and then suddenly you’re taking a private jet to New York to get engaged to the older brother of your ex-boyfriend.

Black Ties and White Lies

That is the general consensus, anyway. Beckham Sinclair, the most eligible billionaire bachelor in town, needs to clean up his playboy image in order to protect his company, and he wants me to be his fake fiancée and personal assistant.

I’ve been spending all my free time with a guy I thought I’d lost forever.

My broken heart has only just begun to mend from the first time a Sinclair shattered it. Beck’s filthy mouth and persistent staring have me doubting his integrity and my own more and more every day.

When truth and fiction begin to blend together, one thing remains certain: this city of black business deals and white lies is hiding secrets.

Kat Singleton’s Black Ties and White Lies is a full-length novel that can be read independently of her other works. It features a billionaire, a fake relationship, forced proximity, and the older brother of the protagonist’s ex.

About the Author

Black Ties and White Lies, authored by Kat Singleton, is now ranked as one of the top 10 best-selling novels on Amazon. Her intelligent and caustic speech, as well as her angst-ridden style, have earned her a lot of notoriety. Kat has the goal of providing her characters with a love story that is genuine and unfiltered, and she is of the opinion that no novel is complete unless the reader has experienced some form of emotional suffering prior to the conclusion of the story.

Her household in Kansas includes her husband, their two children, and their two doodles. Her family also includes her husband’s family. She gets by on iced coffee and skimming a few chapters from the book she is currently reading whenever she has any free time.

Black Ties and White Lies Summary

You can find a little bit of everything in this book, from the brother of the ex to the workplace to the billionaire to the single bed to the fake dating and engagement to the spice. Wow, what a delightful read!

What a great couple Beck and Margo were! They achieved their goals, and Beck is the boy-crazy billionaire that everyone needs. The fact that he still adored and cared for Margo despite their history is the defining characteristic of their relationship. The two of them are a great match, and I liked how Margo never made things simple for him. Last but not least, the book’s heat was ON FIRE; Beck and Margo’s chemistry was so intense that it set my mouth on fire. I adore a guy who goes above and beyond to make his lady feel special.

In sum, I enjoyed this book very much. The time I spent reading this went by quickly and I didn’t want to put it down; this is in no small part due to the short chapters, which I greatly appreciate because I am a HUGE fan of them. I think you should read this book if the subject matter even slightly piques your interest.

Book Review

This book provided me with the absolute best time ever while reading it. This book and its protagonists, Beck and Margo, have quickly become my new favourites. Everything about this was fantastic. In a word, Beck is smoking hot. I’m going to steal that guy away! To put it simply, he is flawless.

There are many sections of this book that I have marked up. For a hot minute, I’ve been reading about the sexiest and tastiest man ever, and his name is Beck Sinclair. Margo Moretti is taken aback when she finds out that her new boss is actually the very attractive older brother of her ex-boyfriend.“ Margo laughs hysterically, unable to believe the expression on her face. Regular people don’t invest in businesses so they can get in touch with their brother’s exes’ girlfriends, as the saying goes. I shake my head in disbelief. Also “I take offence at your assumption that I am typical. I don’t fit the mould at all, Margo. Extreme measures will be taken by me to achieve my goals.


Beck wanted to meet with Margo, but the only way to do so would be for him to acquire her employer in its entirety. Beck has an important request for her. An engagement and wedding. It will be a year long. In an effort to clear his name.Kat Singleton did an excellent job developing their chemistry and dialogue. My cheeks were red from laughing so hard, and I had SPICE on them.What happens when it snows and they have to spend the night in a “honeymoon suite” that only has one bed. Having had my heart broken once by one Sinclair brother, I have no intention of allowing the other to come near my newly patched up heart.

Margo and Beck’s lines blur when they realise she was thinking of the wrong brother. I always knew it wasn’t him. Beck was the obvious choice all along.Black Ties and White Lies suggests that untruths have the potential to derail a promising new relationship.It’s delicious and romantic, just the way we like it. Absolutely for a happy ending.In the future, Margo’s best friends will undoubtedly require their own novels. These plot points are essential.”I fucking bow down to you queen,” Emma says. If your older sibling has broken your heart, you should retaliate by getting engaged to your younger sibling. The phrase “you’re a fucking icon” was coined to describe you.

Black Ties and White Lies Book PDF Download

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Black Ties and White Lies is a novel of sufficient length that can be read on its own without reference to any of Kat Singleton's other works. In the book, there is a billionaire, a fictitious relationship, forced proximity, and the protagonist's former boyfriend's older brother. The book is scrumptious and romantic in all the right ways, just the way we like it. Both their chemistry and their dialogue were wonderfully developed by the author, Kat Singleton. When Margo discovers that she has been thinking about the wrong brother, the lines between her and Beck begin to blur.

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