Reckless by Elsie Silver (PDF/ePub) Chestnut Springs #4

Reckless by Elsie Silver (PDF/ePub) Chestnut Springs #4 read online for free.

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Book Name:Reckless
Author:Elsie Silver
SeriesChestnut Springs #4
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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Mr. Silva, Theo. Cartoon bullfighter. famous for his ability to charm women. A bundle of saliva-inducing heat that spells trouble.

And he’s examining me like I’m a piece of delicious food.

However, I am now halfway through a terrible marriage and have zero desire to date again. When I think back, all I remember is temptation and heartbreak.

It’s hard to ignore him, and he gives off a strange vibe.

Avoid having this occur. Given that Theo never loses up hope. And despite my best efforts, he always finds a way to shatter my icy exterior and undermine my barriers.

I’m at a seedy tavern in some out of the way town, and I’m about to spill my guts. After that, we had the sexiest night of my life together.

He worships at the altar of my flesh. The mere presence of him causes my cheeks to flush. It is his touch that gives me new life.

Next, I advise him to stop thinking about it. I like it when things are simple, and they are everything but with him.

The plan all along was for this to be a one-and-done deal.

Concealed details.

However, the + symbol renders privacy impossible.

Beginning of the Plot

The heroine, Winter, is frustrated with her husband, Rob Valentine, since he chose to take a job at a rural hospital without consulting her. Rob isn’t the right person for her, and she struggles to preserve her professional independence because of him.

The heroine attempts to defend her choice to work at the hospital to Rob, who persists in whining and criticising her for not listening to him. She doesn’t understand why Rob is so unsupportive of her career goals.

The main character looks at her nails and muses on whether or not her unconscious mind is privy to information she is unaware of. Since this is her sole really independent professional endeavour, she makes the conscious decision to resist letting Rob run her over on a regular basis. She also considers her time spent with Rob, who provided a secure environment in which she could develop.

Winter tries very hard to be intelligent and successful, but Rob still manages to con her. She feels his anger seeping through him, but she moves on with her life anyhow. But after five years together, she knows Rob understands just how to push her buttons and irritate her.

The protagonist, in brief, is upset by her husband’s choice to take a job in a rural hospital and feels helpless because of it.

The protagonist is a lady who has always been preoccupied with her hair, namely her long, silvery blonde hair. She is angry when the dye in her hair becomes filthy, but she’s good at hiding it. Robert, the protagonist’s lover, reveals his true, entitled self to the main character. He informs her that he screwed over and groomed her younger sister and loved her more. The protagonist reveals that the younger sister was enamoured with him, and that he utilises his physical attractiveness and authority to control her. Then he secretly fucks her like she’s something to be ashamed of.

The protagonist, who believes Robert has never loved her, is full of fury. She attempts to maintain her composure, but she is having a hard time remembering a time when Robert adored her. Feeling out of control, she attempts to maintain her cool and leave the home. Robert attempts to make her understand that he is leaving her, but she disregards his insults. She finds solace in the knowledge that he is not as bright as he imagines himself to be and that she has a sister she adores. Now that she has her life back, she doesn’t want to end up dying.

Reckless by Elsie Silver Book Summary

Both Winter and Theo have been introduced to the reader in previous installments of this series, therefore this book will focus on them. Theo is the book’s charming ladies man, while Winter is Summer’s older sister. She’s a doctor with a lot of emotional baggage that has made her withdrawn from others. Plus, they have a child.

For the record, I believe this is the best novel I’ve read that uses this theme. Unlike romance, when the two leads are almost certain to end up together, I find it difficult to get into unexpected pregnancies since they often appear tacked on. Because there is so much at risk, of course you want to give this one-night-stand turned relationship another chance. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with it, but it does make things seem a little less steamy.

It’s all up to Theo, really. He’s a real softie who’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves. While at first I thought he was portrayed too well, towards the end of the novel I could understand his weaknesses and complexities. doesn’t lessen his endearing qualities but rather highlights his genuineness. And it was his charming character that made the unexpected pregnancy so enjoyable. Winter was his absolute favourite season, and he appreciated that they didn’t have a shaky enemies-to-lovers dynamic. You despised each other before you found out you were pregnant, but now you’re trying to make things work for the sake of your child. yawn)

There was a little part of me that hoped more would happen in this novel. a tense attempt to maintain the connection, maybe. … maybe some more time spent getting to know one other before starting a family, given that they had only slept together once previously. while it’s tough to find any cause for complaint. The novel comforted me like an embrace.

I’ve already purchased a copy for my library, so I know it’s good. I would recommend reading it.

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