Secrets of Isoria (PDF/ePUB) By Cristina Ma cari Read Online

Secrets of Isoria (PDF/ePUB) By Cristina Ma cari Read Online for free.

Secrets of Isoria Information

Book Name:Secrets of Isoria
Author:Cristina Macari
SeriesSecrets of Isoria #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Orion Candour, a sixteen-year-old individual, has consistently experienced a sense of alienation from others. The task of concealing her peculiar and inexplicable skills has proven to be quite challenging, and a brush with mortality dramatically disrupts her reality. The protagonist discovers her possession of elemental abilities and subsequently embarks on a journey to receive formal education and skill development at an esteemed institution located in I Soria, a covert nation specifically designed for the cultivation of sorcerers. However, Orion is confronted by malevolent powers that subject her to unforeseen challenges.

The streets of Isoria are plagued by fear and treachery due to the presence of Cyril Obsidian, a sorcerer known for his malevolent intentions and desire for dominion. However, Orion uncovers the revelation that her deceased grandmother concealed hints that ultimately lead to a sacred artefact capable of altering the balance of malevolence. Motivated by an unwavering resolve to unravel the enigmas surrounding her ancestral lineage, Orion embarks on a journey characterised by evading Cyril’s pursuit and becoming ensnared within a covert network of spies whose intentions raise doubts—an organisation in which her grandmother was once an active participant.

In a society that heavily relies on deceit, Orion is faced with the crucial task of selecting her allies with utmost caution. A single misstep might result in the forfeiture of I soria’s final opportunity for liberation, as well as the potential loss of her own existence.

About The Author Cristina Ma cari

Cristina Ma cari is the individual responsible for creating the young adult current fantasy series known as Secrets of I Soria. The individual was raised in the state of New Jersey and is the offspring of Italian immigrants, a fact that she takes great pride in. The individual obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in History and pursued minors in Creative Writing and International Business at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

The individual has consistently harboured a deep affinity for the concept of occult phenomena concealed inside our contemporary society, and becomes fully engrossed in the process of constructing intricate realms replete with enigmas and perils. The author aspires to utilise her writing to provide readers with an opportunity to transcend their daily routines, while offering entertainment and facilitating self-discovery, as well as fostering connections between individuals and their loved ones through the narratives presented in her works. When she is not engaged in literary pursuits or scholarly endeavours, she can be observed partaking in equestrian activities, immersing herself in the natural environment, engaging in interactive digital entertainment, engaging in strength training exercises, practising the ancient discipline of yoga, or demonstrating her musical prowess on the piano.

Secrets of Isoria Book Summary

The inaugural installment of the Secrets of I Soria series, titled “Secrets of I Soria,” encompasses a rich tapestry of elemental magic, magical educational institutions, mythical creatures, and enigmatic revelations.

This young adult contemporary fantasy novel explores the dynamic of rivals become lovers, incorporating a gradual development of romantic feelings. Additionally, it delves into the concept of elemental magic, prompting readers to question their own potential magical abilities. Orion’s realisation of her sorcerous abilities unveils a hitherto unknown realm of magic, known as I soria. The protagonist encounters several challenges in the form of riddles, which need her to develop mastery over her air magic. Additionally, she must navigate her interactions with the cantankerous character named Alec, who serves as her guide and mentor in this unfamiliar realm. The presence of falsehoods, acts of treachery, and concealed information in various contexts detracts from the overall enjoyment and lightheartedness typically associated with such situations.

Orion enrols in the Arayis School of Air Sorcery, where she encounters a diverse range of elemental magic practises. Her journey commences as she receives instruction in various spells. A burgeoning camaraderie emerges between her and two other classmates, and I derive pleasure from their playful exchange of words. From the initial page to the final one, I found myself engrossed and unable to disengage from this literary work. Mari has constructed a fictional realm whereby the manipulation of elemental forces appears to be readily accessible, to the extent that I find myself attempting to conjure flames or manipulate terrestrial matter with a mere gesture.
I would highly recommend this book to individuals who are followers of Zodiac Academy or those who derive pleasure from engaging with young adult fantasy literature.

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