Il mondo al contrario (PDF/ePUB) By ROBERTO VANNACCI

Il mondo al contrario (PDF/ePUB) By ROBERTO VANNACCI read online for free.

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The title provides a wealth of information about the tone and subject matter of the book. The title “Il Mondo al contrario” is meant to be provocative; it’s meant to represent the mental state of everyone who, like me, sees a disturbing and annoying trend in everyday events that diverges greatly from what we all take to be common sense and rationality. What’s so strange about it? Capita to everyone and often” – you tell them.

This unpleasant feeling of inadequacy, however, is not confined to isolated occurrences in our lives, or even to limiting circumstances, but rather permeates our very being to the point where we feel out of place, out of time, and out of the grasp of reality itself. Alieni who wander through the present with the idea that they cannot alter their daily lives and who live in a setting governed by customs, laws, and principles very different from our own.

Just unlock the five-mandate security gate that a minority of criminals forced us to install on our front door so that we wouldn’t be exposed to the city, where yet another minority of vandals defaced public buildings and landmarks, and hoped against hope that they wouldn’t get caught up in a demonstration by yet another minority fighting against a fake climate catastrophe and the government’s response to it. It’s all about rights in these debates, especially the rights of those who claim they can’t find work but, in reality, have plenty of work waiting for them to do; those who claim they can’t have children but act as if they can; those who claim they don’t have a home but occupy it abusively; those who claim to live in the city but insist on their right to privacy.


Explain who Roberto Vannacci is. Given the controversy surrounding the self-published book by the Army commander who commanded the Italian military unit Task Force 45 during its 10 years of service in the turbulent country during the Afghanistan Asian War, this is an extremely timely inquiry.

Roberto Vannacci, formerly head of the Military Geographical Institute and former leader of the Folgore’s paratroopers, has written a lengthy book called The World Upside Down that has sparked debate due to its opinions on homosexuals, women, migrants, and environmental issues.

As Vanna C Ci explains in the introduction to his best-selling book, “Il Mondo al Contrario provocatively wants to represent the state of mind of all those who, Many individuals, myself included, have purchased this book due to our shared perception of a discordant and vexing prevailing pattern in everyday occurrences that deviates significantly from what we consider to be commonly held sentiments, such as logic and rationality. As a result, the book has achieved remarkable popularity.

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The discussion will revolve around the use of homophobic slurs such as “you are not normal, get over it!”, as well as the combination of terms “feminism at environmentalism” and “ai migrants”.

Guido Crosetto, the Minister of Defence, called them “rantings that discredit the Army, the Defence, and the Constitution” and threatened disciplinary action.

He distanced himself from Vannacci’s book by saying he hadn’t read it and didn’t agree with its contents. The general shows no sign of backing down from his controversial stance.

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I don’t respond to the minister, I follow his rules – that was Roberto Vannacci’s response. What bothers me is the appropriation, when lines have been plucked out of their natural context and used to create stories that do not naturally arise from the text. I’m aggravated by how things have been taken out of context and how attitudes have been formed: “Giordano Bruno was burned for having an alternative viewpoint; it’s a good thing we made it through that.”

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