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About Saving 6 by Chloe Walsh

Joey Lynch is anxious to start rebuilding his life as soon as he is able to do so because he has recently finished treatment for the addiction that nearly cost him his life. It is becoming increasingly challenging for him to keep his tenuous hold on sobriety as he continues to process the traumatic experience of losing his entire family as well as the ghosts of his past. Both at home and at school, he has been transplanted into an entirely new environment, and the transition has been rather jarring for him. Joey is prepared to put up the fight of his life in order to make up to his patient girlfriend and demonstrate that he is capable of becoming a decent father to the kid they are expecting together.

Young man, it is time for you to make your comeback.

Fight or flight is your only option now.

The Boys of Tommen series takes place in Ireland and will immerse you in the world of adolescent rugby, as well as romance and tragedy for those involved in the sport.

Caution is advised for the reader because some of the content may be too upsetting for some individuals. Because of the crude language, adult subject matter, and potentially distressing scenes that are included in Saving 6, it is strongly recommended that only adults read the book.

About the Author

Chloe Walsh, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, pens young adult and new adult novels that tear at the heartstrings. You’ll get sucked into the complicated, sensual heroes, hilarious sidekicks, and loving female protagonists of her works and find it impossible to put them down. Every time you go on an adventure with Chloe, you can count on a gloomy plot that will leave you feeling like you just read the most depressing novel ever written.

Chloe is from a little village in scenic West Cork on Ireland’s southwestern coast, where she currently dwells with her two young children and her tall, dark, and handsome lover, Garry, an adult Newfoundland dog. If Garry isn’t dragging her through the farmer’s fields and country lanes, she’s probably reading on her Kindle, watching Game of Thrones, learning everything she can about rugby, listening to her extensive Spotify playlists, or being an awesome parent to her son with autism.

Saving 6 Book Summary

In a nutshell: Fantastic; grab the book! This piece of writing is so well-written, I can hardly stand it! It’s has everything: sadness, joy, anger, trauma, humour, and spice. It is extremely sad and hauntingly beautiful in its more difficult sections, yet it will have you laughing out loud in its funnier sections.

Part 2 will be released in March, so there is a cliffhanger, but it’s not that intense. It’s because everything in this book takes place before the events of Binding/Keeping 13. Joey (Shannon’s brother) and Aoife were dating, and if you read that duet, you know that Joey had substance addiction issues. This book provides further information about Joey’s early life and the development of his friendship with Aoife. Please, read this book again! The results are stunning.
Full marks! Degree of spiciness: medium; however, the author has promised that the second book would be much hotter.
High school romance/young love; grumpy/sunny; the slow burn; enemies-to-lovers;
Toxic relationships are a core theme and a key piece of symbolism. This is depicted through the relationships of five sets of protagonists and antagonists: Joey and Aoife (the MCs, who are each other’s ride or die despite his drug use as a result of the emotional and physical abuses he has suffered, which has a knock-on effect on her as she must learn to love a junkie), Paul and Aoife (Paul is Aoife’s narcissistic boyfriend who belittles her but manages.


Chloe Walsh uses these varying connections to illustrate how easily people may be drawn into abusive patterns they may not even recognise, and how generational pain can persist unless the cycle of violence is broken. Despite being the first in his family to wish to end the cycle of trauma and abuse, lovely, hurt, closed off, and caring Joey is a product of it. He puts in significant effort, and Aoife repeatedly demonstrates to him that he is valued and that she is his rock. His gradual decline into addiction was especially heartbreaking to see because he tried so hard to overcome his demons and seek treatment at every turn, but he was trapped by his environment and couldn’t break free.

In contrast, Aoife is a bold, outgoing extrovert who doesn’t back down from a challenge and won’t accept no for an answer when it comes to Joe. To put it simply, he required that. He could never get the courage to directly approach her with a request for friendship, but she extended herself to him regardless. For the record, my feelings for her were strong. She was humorous without being portrayed as a shrew or a prickly/hard ball buster, despite her obvious self-assurance.

Even if they’re furious or unhappy with each other and maybe arguing or saying harsh things in the heat of the moment, I hope my heroes and heroines still love each other and will go to bat for each other — they don’t want to injure one other on purpose, even in the worst of circumstances. That was provided by Aoife and Joey. Although there was an adversaries-to-lovers dynamic between them and she was seeing someone else for the most of the novel, they reserved the best parts of themselves for one another.

Saving 6 Chloe Walsh Epub/PDF Download

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