Meet Me at the Lake (PDF/ePub) Book by Carley Fortune

Meet Me at the Lake PDF/ePub by Carley Fortune Free Book

Meet Me at the Lake PDF/ePub

Book NameMeet Me at the Lake
AuthorCarley Fortune
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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Due to her fixation on Will Baxter, Fern Brookbanks has wasted far too much of her adult life. They met by chance in Toronto when she was in her early twenties, and she only knew the annoyingly attractive idealist artist for a total of twenty-four hours. They had a strong bond despite meeting at a bad moment. They shared everything from their darkest secrets to their wildest dreams for the future with one another. A person named Fern was present. Will not.

At 32, Fern has found that her life is anything but what she had planned. Fern now manages her mother’s Muskoka lakeside resort, despite having sworn she would never return. Fern has no idea how to begin cleaning up after her ex-boyfriend, who is the manager.

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She needs a plan, to put it another way. The arrival of Will, who is nine years too late, with a backpack and an offer to help leaves her completely bewildered. Perhaps only Will understands what Fern is going through at the moment. But how could she have faith in a ghost in a fancy suit who looks nothing like the young man she knew? Fern is unsure if she wants to know what Will is hiding from her.

However, it was Will Baxter 10 years ago who came to Fern’s rescue. Is she able to assist him in the same manner?

The protagonists of this stunning new novel by the New York Times and #1 Globe and Mail bestselling author of Every Summer After are two random people who meet and embark on a journey together, during which one of them makes a promise and keeps it while the other breaks it, with life-altering consequences for both.

Bio of Carley Fortune Author

New York Times and Globe and Mail bestseller EVERY SUMMER AFTER was authored by Carley Fortune. Her second novel, MEET ME AT THE LAKE, is scheduled for publication on May 2, 2023. This is a touching love story about two people who meet one other at the precise moment they realise they’ve been missing another human connection in their lives. When they were in their twenties the first time, and when they were in their thirties the second time.

Carley is an award-winning editor who has written for the likes of The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, Toronto Life, and The Grid in her native Canada. She has formerly held the position of Executive Editor at Refinery29 Canada.

Carley grew up in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia, while EVERY SUMMER AFTER is set in the fictitious community of Barry’s Bay, Ontario.

EVERY SUMMER AFTER, Carley’s debut novel, was an instant international bestseller.

Synopsis of the Book: Meet Me at the Lake

Carley Fortune has once again made me laugh. Her protagonists, who are complex and human, hit me where I live. Again, their lack of courage in necessary situations is hurtful to themselves and others.

Twenty-two-year-olds Fern and Max, both on the cusp of the next chapter of their lives, meet for the first time and have a magical and heartbreaking twenty-four hours together. We don’t know Max’s reasons, but we do know Fern’s, and it’s obvious that Max has woken up Fern in a way that was required. Fern knows that Max is the one for her, but she has no legal standing to pursue him. But in a year, they’ll see each other again at the resort owned by her relatives.

Story Plot

Fern waits a whole year to marry Max, but he leaves her on the big day. A year ago, Max gave Fern the opportunity to change her life. Fern has been changed once again because he didn’t show up to the meeting they’d been looking forward to for a year. Even though she has been hurt before, Fern can’t seem to forget the time she spent with Max.

After ten years, Max turns back at the resort her family owns, completely out of the blue. Even though he’s the one in need of help, he’s the one there to help her again. The two of them, however, seem to be at a loss for words and are unable to appropriately convey how they feel. Whenever possible, I try to steer clear of situations like that, since I believe they serve to cloud the truth precisely when we need it to become clear. Max feels inaccessible even when she is touching him. Max is endearing despite his hurdles, Fern worries about being hurt again, and the story of Max and Fern is brought to life by the vibrant supporting ensemble. I appreciated the unique qualities that each character added to this heartwarming story.

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