Required Surrender (PDF/ePUB) By Piper Stone Read Online

Required Surrender (PDF/ePUB) By Piper Stone Read Online for free.

Required Surrender Information

Book Name:Required Surrender
Author:Piper Stone
SeriesCarnal Sins #1
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:1.86 MB
ePub Size495 KB
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He bid the highest, but he didn’t actually buy me. I assumed, at least…

I should not have donated my time to a charity auction in the first place. Second, I foolishly thought I could escape the imposing, brogue-accented, green-eyed billionaire.

It was only meant to be one date, but you can’t put restrictions on a man like Lachlan McKenzie.

His reputation as the proprietor of DC’s most elite kink club, Carnal Sins, is as dark and demanding as his demands, and before I knew it, I was his to enjoy for a whole week.

I resisted his dominance, even though I knew I couldn’t win and maybe didn’t even want to. Not after he called me his good girl, stripped me naked, and punished me with his belt, and then made me blush, plead, and come so hard that I forgot I was only his for a few more days.

That was irrelevant nonetheless. He’s going to keep me forever, and we both know it.

The first book in the Carnal Sins series, Publisher’s Required Surrender can be read independently of the others. It has sexually explicit violence and spankings. Don’t buy this book if subject matter like that would make you uncomfortable.

About The Author Piper Stone

Thrillers, erotica, dark erotica, domestic discipline, spanking, Domination and submission, and classic romance are just few of the categories that Piper Stone has written about and become best known for. She favours the unconventional, and she enjoys imagining fantastical settings. The only things she likes more than golden retrievers are wine and sous vide cooking, all of which she might have hidden away in a book or two.

She has several books out with Stormy Night Publications, including the best-sellers Caught (Gothic Romance), Conquering Their Mate (Gothic Romance) and Science Fiction (Science Fiction), Capturing Their Mate (Gothic Romance), Science Fiction (Science Fiction), Action and Adventure (Action and Adventure), and Captured and Kept (Gothic Romance), among others.

Required Surrender Book Summary

Ms. Stone has done it once more! A great narrative with lots of action and two lovable protagonists.

Lachlan is a gloomy, wealthy (more so than Buffet), and mysterious BDSM club co-owner from Scotland.

An unusual turn of events unfolds after a chance “run in” with the enraged Lark, the daughter of a senator and a minor lawyer.

Lachlan immediately develops an unhealthy fixation on the witty and clever Lark, and he “buys” her services at a charity auction. Bring on the steam, lots of it!

Because Piper Stone can’t be content with a simple sex story, the scenario here involves multiple young women’s deaths and an old boys’ club that controls society. Who is responsible for hiding these murders? Does Lark’s senator father have a role?

The story is well-written, and the BDSM content is appropriate. The two main characters have great chemistry, but it’s Lachlan who steals the show by being obviously and unabashedly in love with Lark.

Lark’s lack of resistance to him was disappointing, but I guess that’s just because I’m a drama person who thrives on conflict.

However, Ms. Stone never fails to impress. Great Scot, you’ve written a page-turner here.

I am willingly submitting a review after receiving a free copy of this book from Book Sprout.

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