Redeeming 6 by Chloe Walsh (ePub/PDF) Boys of Tommen #4

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About Redeeming 6 Book

Joey Lynch’s life is more disorganised than it has ever been since his world is falling apart at the same time that the strains at home are increasing. Joey is having a hard time escaping a world that is on the verge of destroying everything while at the same time trying to win back the trust of the one person he has ever put his faith in. But is he able to maintain his composure even as the challenges he faces become more numerous by the hour?

Aoife Molloy, who is hopelessly in love with her best friend’s brother, steps in to prevent her friend from ending her life by taking her own life. Aoife is trying to save her friend from herself. Despite the overwhelming odds, Aoife will not give up on Joey despite being disoriented in a world that she does not fully comprehend and having only her heart to guide her.

Even in the face of terrible circumstances, Aoife and Joey have always had each other’s backs, and that won’t change this time either.

Whatever the case may be.

The nail-biting denouement for Ballylaggin’s passionate lovers can be found in “Redeeming 6,” which is also packed with unexpected turns of events, fresh starts, educational chances, and the eventual mending of hearts.

You are finally getting some payback for all of your trouble, young man.

The Boys of Tommen series takes place in Ireland and will completely submerge you in the world of adolescent love, heartbreak, and the sports of rugby and hurling.

About Chloe Walsh: The Author

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Readers from all around the world have praised Chloe Walsh for her works of young adult and new adult literature, both of which have received widespread acclaim. You’ll find yourself drawn in and experiencing a wide range of emotions thanks to the multidimensional protagonists, alluring supporting characters, and appealing women in the stories. After finishing any new book in the Chloe series, you can be certain that you will suffer from the worst reading hangover possible.

Chloe spent her childhood in a lovely fishing village located in the district of West Cork in Ireland. She is a super-cool parent who also happens to be parenting autistic children, and when she’s not reading on her Kindle or watching Netflix marathons with her family while taking long walks through the countryside, she is doing both of those things.

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