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Book Name:Tauroetica
Author:Fernando Savater
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A long-standing controversy has recently been brought back into the spotlight: should bullfighting be outlawed because it is a harsh and horrific spectacle that represents the worst of our history or because it is an artistic expression of our Hispanic heritage? The discussion’s central point is unquestionably ethical in nature. Those who want the Taurine Festival banned question its morality rather than its aesthetic value or legitimacy as a cultural practise. In the end, it’s a philosophical question that has nothing to do with folklore or sentiment. This book focuses on that same question. This is not an argument in favour of bullfighting but rather a rebuttal to the moralising claims made by those who want ban the sport. This is a contemplation of our connections to non-human animals and the crucial distinction between our ethical duties towards them and those towards fellow humans.

About The Author Fernando Savater

Savater, born on June 21, 1947, is a well-known philosopher, writer, and author in Spain.

He spent nearly a decade teaching Ethics at the University of the Basque Country after being born in San Sebastián. He is currently teaching philosophy at Madrid’s Complutense University. He has received numerous awards for his writing, which ranges in subject from modern ethics and politics to film and literature. Savater and Javier Pradera, a journalist and the magazine’s publisher, established Claves de Razón Práctica in 1990.

He considers himself an atheist, an Anglophile, and a Voltairean defender of the Enlightenment.

Tauroetica Book Summary

Smart way to broach the taboo subject of bull fighting. Both sides’ analyses of the opposing arguments can be put into practise.
This book is fascinating from the first page to the last since it challenges the reader’s way of thinking and established wisdom from both proponents and detractors.
To anyone interested in reading, I highly suggest this book. The Spanish version of the book was easier for me to read.

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