Reckless Lies (PDF/ePUB) By Nikki J. Summers Read Online

Reckless Lies (PDF/ePUB) By Nikki J. Summers Read Online for free.

Reckless Lies PDF/ePub Information

Book Name:Reckless Lies
Author:Nikki J. Summers
SeriesRebels of Sandland #4
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.85 MB
ePub Size1.77 MB
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It’s been said that when you die, your entire life replays in your head like a Hallmark movie. A rosy retrospect to help you appreciate the wonderful existence you’ve created for yourself.

I did not discover this to be the case.

For me, there was no sentimental resolution.

On the day I died, taken by fire to the lowest levels of hell, all I had was anguish, darkness, and despair. I currently make my home there. My former self is a mere echo. A phantom from my past existence.

However, my life has ceased to exist.

She came crashing into my life, smiling and bearing a sledgehammer. But even if she thinks she can help me, she won’t. I refuse to be rescued. But I’ll go along with it. All I have is this life of pretence and this world of falsehoods, where I act out the part they’ve written for me.

Atwood, Zak.
Boyfriend, though?
That won’t ever occur.
When I feel so empty and lifeless inside, how can I possibly live that way?

The fourth installment in the Rebels of Sandland series is titled Reckless Lies. It stands on its own, although catching up on the rest of the series is recommended.
The story contains explicit material and is recommended for adults only. The book begins with a list of trigger warnings, so please read that

Reckless Lies Book Summary

Pepper Winters has been my favourite author since I first started reading roughly five years ago. There hasn’t been anyone who can challenge her top spot. That is, until I picked up my first Nikki J. Summers novel only last year. Since then, these two writers have been in a dead heat. I expect them to compete for the top rank for many years to come, and I look forward to reading each new book in the series.

Zak is the Sandland figure about whom we know the least going in to this novel; he had previously played a supporting role. Here, however, we got to know him as the man he truly was. Even while Brandon will always be my favourite Sandland man, I now consider Zak to be second best, ahead of both Ryan and Finn. Morgan is my favourite female character in the series, and Emily was a close second.

This novel is stunning, and it’s proof that Nikki J. Summers is a talented author. A tale of self-discovery and triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds. I empathised with Zak and enjoyed watching him discover his value and realise that he deserved to be loved and happy.

And that final sequence had me on the edge of my seat throughout. My reading speed was terrible.

As expected, Brandon is the highlight of every single one of his appearances. Seeing Adam Noble in the roles of father and spouse was a treat as well. He carried it off well.

I’m sorry to see this series end, but at least it went out on a good note. Zak’s heartfelt dying words in the hospital were moving. It made my heart flutter when reading it.

I eagerly await Nikki J. Summers’s subsequent works. For the love of God, I just can’t wait. Plus, this makes her seventh 5-star work in a row. A truly unsurpassable benchmark.

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