Choosing Skyler (PDF/ePUB) By C.L. Strickland Read Online

Choosing Skyler (PDF/ePUB) By C.L. Strickland Read Online for free.

Choosing Skyler Information

Book Name:Choosing Skyler
Author:C.L. Strickland
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My mother’s death left me feeling lost and alone. So, I followed my best friend to Thorngrove University for our final year of college. I had no idea that this was the day I would meet the love of my life.

Skyler is a stunning woman with a warm heart and keen mind. When meeting new individuals, she becomes exceedingly reserved. It might be difficult to coax her out of her shyness, but I’m up for the challenge. After all, I’ve been struggling with anxiety myself for a while now. Eventually, she’ll realise her own beauty. I’ll personally guarantee it. To complete her, someone only needs to pick her.


After suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for as long as I can remember, the instant bond I felt with Brady was a welcome surprise.

He’s kind, hilarious, and always has just the thing to say to break the ice and get me laughing and thinking again. When he tells me I’m beautiful, I actually start to believe it. He has complete control over my emotions and my body, as if they were made for his affection. He is the only person who has ever been able to ease my fears and concerns.

We both have to face the consequences of our actions in the past eventually. But if we stick together and support one other, I think we can make it through this.

About The Author C.L. Strickland

Crystal and her family (husband, two sons, three dogs, and a cat) reside in North Florida. She enjoys spending time at the beach, gaming with her sons, and going fishing and hunting with her spouse. She spends her time when she’s not doing that either writing or reading romance novels while sipping coffee or wine. She adores the variety of emotions provided by romance novels.

Choosing Skyler Book Summary

As Brady continues to grieve the loss of his mother, he makes the decision to complete his senior year of college at the same institution that his best buddy Devon was attending. He quickly becomes acquainted with Devon’s other pal, the stunning Skyler. He was taken aback when he learned Skyler was a woman, as he had always assumed she was a man. Skylar is a really attractive woman, but she constantly talks down to herself out of self-doubt and insecurity. Her anxiety attacks become much more frequent and intense after she is attacked by a classmate.

The emotional wounds deepen as the same individual strikes her again, prompting her to go for assistance. While Brady is struggling with them, his absent father unexpectedly reappears and attempts to take everything his mother has given him. Reading about these two young people’s unwavering commitment to each other and the world around them as they fell in love was one of the book’s greatest strengths. The concept of “choosing” each other through good and terrible times was the story’s overarching theme.

They’ll both face challenges in life, but ultimately, it was their decision to commit to each other that gave them the strength to persevere. They picked each other up even when things were at their worst, and that’s how they became such a strong pair. They proved that the effort and heartbreak required to develop a lasting love is well worth it.

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