Ramana Maharshi Quotes (70) on Silence, God, Love, Life & Death

Ramana Maharshi was an enlightened sage and Guru, an Awakened man who has experienced god, Inner peace, happiness, bliss, nothingness, Nirvana and whatever name you would like to give it. To know more about Ramana Maharshi, click on the link to text.

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Your default state is one of tranquilly. Your thought is what brings about its demise.

One who has forsaken (the ‘I-thought’) is unaffected by his surroundings, regardless of whether he is by himself or immersed in the vast samsara.

When the subtle mind goes out through the brain and the sense-organs, the gross names and forms appear; when it stays in the Heart, the names and forms disappear.

The purpose of the query “Who am I?” is not actually to gain a response; rather, the question “Who am I?” is intended to disintegrate the person who is asking the question.

You already are that which you are looking for.

Nobody is successful without putting in the work… Perseverance is the key to success for those who achieve their goals.

Intervals between two moods or two ideas are the only times when one may perceive the ego in its purest form. The ego is comparable to that caterpillar, which will only let go of its prey after successfully capturing another. When it is not in touch with any things or ideas, its genuine essence may be seen to reveal itself.

When the pot is carried, the space inside the pot is thought of as being carried; nevertheless, the only thing that is really being carried is the pot itself. In the same way that space is stationary, so is the self. When the pot breaks, the space that was previously contained within the pot combines into a single entity with the great space. After the death of the inanimate body, the Self, which had seemed to be located in the body, instantaneously becomes one with the Supreme Self.

Ramana Maharshi Quotes on Silence

One is able to communicate with others through the universal language of silence when they are able to refrain from thinking.

The only way to halt the flow of ideas is to completely disinterest yourself in the topic at hand.

It is known that the eradication of the identification with the body is accomplished through acts of charity, spiritual austerity, and ritual sacrifice; it is heaven, wealth, peace, and truth; it is grace; it is the state of divine silence; it is the deathless death; it is jnana, renunciation, ultimate liberation, and bliss.

Awaken your awareness of your own consciousness. Simply think or say “I am” without adding anything more to it. Be conscious of the silence that comes after the phrase “I am.” Feel your presence, the bare, unmasked, and unclothed beingness that you are. It is not influenced in any way by factors such as old age, wealth, morality, or any other characteristic. It is the vast womb in which all creation and shape are conceived.

If the mind starts to fall asleep off, shake it awake. Then, if it begins going in other directions, silence it. When you have reached the point where you are not sleeping and your mind is not wandering, maintain your stillness in that condition, which is the natural (true) state.

Your responsibility is to be, and not to be any of these other things. “I am that I am” is a statement that expresses the whole of the truth. The instructions for the approach may be summed up in two words: “Be still.” What exactly is meant by “stillness”? It means an end on yourself, your “i”. Because problems may arise in any configuration you can imagine. Put aside the idea that “I am so and so” describes your identity. To discover one’s true nature, it is sufficient to just sit in silence for some time. What could be more straightforward than that?

Solitude is in the mind of man. One might be said to be in a state of isolation even though they are in the midst of the chaos that is the modern world. Another person may be in the middle of a jungle all their life and yet lack mental command. It would be inaccurate to say that he is by alone. The mind is responsible for the experience of solitude. A man linked to desire cannot obtain isolation wherever he may be; a detached man is constantly in solitary.

Quotes on God

It is imperative that you accomplish liberty within your lifetime.
Since a person becomes what he thinks about at the moment of death, it is imperative that you give your thoughts to God at the time of your passing, even if you were unable to do so throughout your existence. It is not possible for you to think of God at the time of your death unless you have been thinking of God throughout your entire life and unless you have trained yourself to engage in dhyana of “God always during life.” If you have not done either of these things, it is not possible for you to think of God at the time of your death.

The jiva is God, and the physical body is his temple. One will find liberation if they adore him with the belief that “I am He.”

The Power that was responsible for your creation was also responsible for the creation of the planet. If it is able to take care of you, then it is also capable of taking care of the whole planet. If God is responsible for creating the planet, then it is His responsibility to care for it, not yours.

Either one of these two options must be chosen. Either give up because you see that you are powerless and acknowledge that you need assistance from a higher power, or examine the reason of your suffering by getting to the root of the problem and merging with the Self. You will emerge victorious regardless of the outcome. Those who turn their lives up to God are never abandoned by him.

Complete surrender does require that you have no desires of your own, that the desire of God alone is your desire, and that you have no desires of your own. Having no desires of your own is a prerequisite for complete surrender.

The most important thing a person can do to serve God is to carry out their responsibilities.

Quotes on happiness, Bliss & Peace

Happiness is the result of genuine tranquilly. The pursuit of pleasure does not lead to contentment.

Your whole nature is to be happy. It is not a sin to want to have it. The mistake is in looking for it outside when it is really found within.

The inquiry “Who am I?” is the primary method for eradicating all forms of suffering and achieving the utmost level of happiness in one’s life.

The adventurers try to achieve fulfilment by unearthing oddities, venturing to uncharted territories, and participating in perilous endeavours. They are quite exciting. But where exactly does one find pleasure? Only from the inside. The outside world is not the place to look for fulfilment and happiness.

The most valuable contribution you can make to this planet is your personal journey toward self-realization.

No matter how hard you strive, whatever is not meant to take place will not take place. Try as you may, you won’t be able to stop what is predetermined to take place no matter what you do. This cannot be disputed. Therefore, maintaining your composure is your greatest option at this time.

In the same way that attempting to cover the globe with leather to prevent the discomfort of walking on stones and thorns would be analogous to wanting to change the world without finding one’s own self, wanting to improve the world without knowing one’s true self is analogous. Putting on shoes makes things a lot easier.

Quotes on Self Realisation & Truth

There is neither creation nor destruction, predestination nor free will, no path nor accomplishment. Neither of these things exist.
This is the last and complete truth.

There is no such thing as the past or the future. There is just this moment right now.

Let whatever happens happen.
What will go will go.
Find out what remains

Simply “Be Still” is all that is necessary in order to realise one’s true nature.

The worst mistake a man can make is to believe that he is evil or weak by nature. This is the greatest error a man can make. In his true essence, every individual has a divine and powerful nature. It is his routines, his inclinations, and his ideas that are weak and wicked, but not him himself.

Realization does not include the acquisition of something new, nor does it involve the development of a new skill. It only requires the elimination of any concealment.

Everything that a person has ever learned will, at some point, have to be forgotten.

Time is only an abstract concept. The only thing that exists is reality Whatever it is that you believe it to be, it seems to be that. When you say it’s time, it automatically becomes time. If you name something existence, then existence is exactly what it is, and so on. After the time has been called, it is then broken down into days and nights, months, years, hours, minutes, and so on.
On the Path of Knowledge, the passage of time is irrelevant. However, some of these guidelines and restrictions are helpful for novices to have.

The only purpose that can be served by this birth is to go inside and become aware of one’s true nature as the Self.

My guru was all that there is in the world.

What exactly is the illusion?
M.: Who exactly is fooled by the illusion? Find out what it is. After then, there will be no more illusion.
In most cases, individuals are interested in learning about illusions but do not question who exactly is being deceived. It is a silly idea. Illusion exists beyond and in the unknown. However, it is believed that the seeker is already identified and located inside. Instead than attempting to learn about things that are far away and unknown, strive to find out what is close at hand and personal.

You will only be left with the uninterrupted knowledge of the true, immanent ‘I,’ which is consciousness itself, if you can maintain this sensation of ‘I’ for a long enough period of time and with enough intensity.

Maintain your stillness, secure in the knowledge that the Self shines as everything yet nothing, within and outside, and all over the place.

Mind your business. Take care of the reason you got here in the first place. Find the ‘I’ first, and after you’ve done that, you may go on to talking about other things.

Act in accordance with your moral compass at the given time, and then put the past in the past.

Your ability to concentrate ought to come as naturally as your breathing. Concentrate on one item, and do your best to maintain your focus on it. Everything will work out perfectly. Meditation consists on concentrating on a single idea. That one thinking eliminates the need for any other thoughts. The mind’s lack of focus is an indication of the body’s frailty. It becomes stronger via consistent meditation practise.

Therefore, it stands to reason that Brahman is indistinguishable from the mind of a wise person, since the pure mind is Brahman in and of itself.

The essence of the mind is to be restless. Start the process of freeing it from its restlessness, offer it calm, make sure it isn’t distracted by anything, teach it to gaze inside, and make this a habit. Ignoring the outside world and clearing away mental roadblocks are two effective strategies for achieving this goal.

Does a man who is playing a feminine role on stage forget that he is a man while he is doing so? In a similar manner, each of us must act out our assigned roles on the stage of life, but we must never mistake those roles for who we really are.

You are the state of consciousness. You may also refer to yourself as awareness. There is no use in attempting to gain or nurture awareness since you already are it.

In the end, everything will work out just well.

Everyone is a teacher to us, yet the wicked demonstrate, by their actions, that you should stay away from them. Because those who do good never stop doing good, we look up to everyone as if they were a guru.

Grace is ever-present in every situation. You see it as something that is very far away and located very far up in the sky, and it needs to come down. Grace rushes forth, sprouting as if from a spring within you the moment you effect subsidence or merger of the mind into its Source. It is actually inside of you, in your Heart, and the moment you realise this, grace rushes forth.

The insight or intuition will present itself at the appropriate moment, and one must be patient while waiting for it.

The only way for the seeker to comprehend the majesty of the saint is by the sense of tranquilly that pervades the environment when they are in the saint’s presence.

Even while the many approaches to meditation might give the impression of being distinct from one another, in the end they ultimately converge into a single practise. There is no need to have any doubts about this. One is free to choose the way of life that is most in line with their level of mental development.

There is nothing that can be compared to the concepts of “inside” or “without.” Either they refer to the same item or they don’t imply anything at all.

If a person ignores the flaws of others, and sees only their advantages, and therefore maintains his mind tranquil, his entire life will be pleasant. It is a great quality in a seeker to have a mind that is calm, free of cravings and devoid of hatred, and to be disinterested with all things.

People who are focused on something other than themselves, such as innovators looking for new materials, are more likely to be successful in making discoveries. This amnesia of the ego is what allows for the revelation of the innovation, and it only occurs in the context of a state of intense intellectual focus. This is also a means of developing intuition.

There will come a time when you will look back on your previous efforts and chuckle. What you realise on the day you laugh is also happening right now in this same moment.

There is no karma when there is no ‘I’ in the equation.

Everything that pulls the mind away from oneself is material, but everything that brings one closer to oneself is spiritual.

Maintaining control of one’s voice and breathing while also delving deep inside oneself — much as one would do in order to retrieve something that has sunk to the bottom of a body of water — is necessary in order to locate the origin of the aspirant ego.

The Absolute Truth may be expressed in very few words. There is nothing more to it than just being in its purest form. This is the last thing that should be said about it. To this day, it continues to be a mystery why there are so many different faiths, creeds, methodologies, and disagreements among them and so on in order to convey this one straightforward reality. How unfortunate! How unfortunate!

It is imperative that reality constantly remain real. It has nothing to do with names and outlines. The truth is that which lays underneath all of these things. Because it is boundless in nature, it is the source of restrictions. That is not the case. It underlying unrealities, itself being real. The only thing that exists is reality. It is exactly as it is. It is beyond words and language. It is beyond the concepts of “existence,” “non-existence,” and other such terms.

It is worth it to engage in the self-inquiry that leads to the revelation of jnana; it is worth it to bask in the splendour of the Self; it is worth it to let go of the ego-mind; and it is worth it to seek shelter in one’s own source, the Heart, in order to rid oneself of all pain.

The individual who prays, the act of praying itself, and the deity to whom the individual prays are all expressions of the same reality, which is the Self.

Ego is something that emerges in both Jnani and ajnani, but there is a key distinction between the two: an ajnani’s ego, when it rises up, is quite ignorant of its source, or he is not aware of his sushupti in the dream and jagrat states; whereas a Jnani, when his ego rises up, enjoys his transcendental experience with this ego while keeping his lakshya ( This ego is not harmful; rather, it is analogous to the charred skeleton of a rope; in its current state, it is ineffectual. Our ego is dissolved in its source when we continually keep our attention focused on where we came from. like though a doll made of salt were floating in the water.

No one could ever be considered one of my disciples in my eyes. I have never asked anybody else for upadesh, and I am not someone who does ceremonial acts of upadesh. I have no approval nor disapproval for the individuals who call themselves my disciples, even if they do so.

Only for as long as one has the feeling that they are tied will thoughts of bondage and liberation continue to exist. When one asks themselves, “Who am I, the bound one? “, this is known as self-inquiry. the ever-free and eternal Self is all that is left behind. The concept of servitude vanishes, and with with it, the idea of freedom disappears as well.

The colour of milk is one, but there are many different colours of cows; similarly, the nature of wisdom may be seen by seeing those who are intelligent. Beings with a wide variety of identifiers and characteristics, Are similar to cows in that their awareness is the same; this is an example that we need to be familiar with.

Hold on to and practise meditation upon the Self, your own inherent condition, while letting go of all preconceived beliefs about nation, caste, blemishless community, asrama (status as a bachelor, family man, ascetic, or one who has abandoned the world), and linked concerns.

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