Samarth ramdas Quotes (English, Hindi & Marathi)

Quotes and thoughts of Samantha Ramdas in Marathi, Hindi and English. Samantha Ramdas Teachings.

One who commits unrighteousness and earns money by dishonesty, who is unthinking and such a person is a fool.

One should help others when the time comes. The creature who has taken refuge should be forgiven.

Important things should never be ignored.

Before talking about any subject, think about that topic.

Before starting any work it is important to know about that work.

When two people talk and the third gets upset going between them, that person is a fool.

Before going on a path, it is important to know where that path leads.

No fruit should be eaten without knowing it.

We must not forget the promise we have made.

We should use our power when the time comes.

We should not let anyone else’s favor be on us. If someone does us a favor, that favor must be returned quickly.

A person who becomes rich from poor and forgets his old relationships, that person is always poor even after being rich and that person is a fool.

Do not treat anyone harshly. No animal should be killed.

Those who have never troubled us, should not give trouble.

One should not use his power to cause trouble to others without any reason.

One should go for the journey keeping in mind the rain and the right time.

One who has no intelligence, no wealth and no courage, that person is a fool.

One should not leave the house during the night for long distance travel.

One should not say bad words while talking. If someone insults you, he should not tolerate it.

Always live on the strength of your hard work. Don’t live on the pieces of others.

The actual saguna or Lord’s body, the cosmos, is the immanent universe. By the power of Him, He causes all beings and things to be born, growed and dissolved in this manifestation. Also as pure spirit, he is transcendent. One of His expressions is your body. The unlimited power of God begins your activity. Don’t be deceived by a desire to see things that make your thinking conditional and simply fantasies. Have the real desire to discover your immortal nature and oneness with the all-powerful, all-present God, the supreme Lord of the universe. Cleanse your mind and heart and claim this wonderful vision, and gain absolute freedom and eternal happiness.

The vision of God is nothing more than the realisation and feeling of His presence, both within and around you, for God is an all prevalent spirit that permeates the entire universe. The worlds manifest in terms of name and form are not separate from Him because they are His own representation.

Conciliate yourselves with the fate that God chooses. Be patient, tolerant. Above all, in your office to everyone in the world, be humble, friendly and forgive. You can never find serenity with a mind that has unrestrained passions, wherever you go. Then you will just fight continuously with the world and find no haven of peace and satisfaction. Look within yourself. Look within yourself. Submit to the all-powerful will of God. Humble before Him and convey to every person your love and concern. Take it, for the best, that God does it all.

All is Brahman, but it must be recognised; simply to claim that you are Brahman is not allowed to make you comprehend the reality. You should experience this state, which is mostly a sensation of duality by liberating your mind from illusion. Your “I” is not to be the local, limiting “I” anymore, but the universal, eternal, and ultimate “I.” Sadbana is vital to achieve this unfathomable, flawless condition. Concentration and purification must dominate mind and its impulses.

The best and easiest way to manage your mind is to recite the name of God repeatedly. By focusing on the sound of the name, concentration is achieved. As the mind is focused, the wonderful aspects of God need to be meditated upon. Continuous practise of Name utterance and meditation ends the restlessness of the mind and fuses it into the eternal, happy, and universal Self. It is not feasible for God’s recollection unless you are keen to recognise Him. This deep wish is known as bbakti. This hunger must capture your thoughts such that if you forget God for selfish pursuits, you suffer extreme sorrow. Your activities should also be taken in order to purify your mind, that is to say in the spirit of nisbkama. Cleanliness means freedom from lust, anger and covetousness. Alone can see God, for a pure mind. The focus is pureness itself. Don’t forget that the God you are looking for is in you.

Ramdas can openly claim that there is God from his own experience. It is natural that you should deny Him until you get the experience. But it’s time for you, too, to trust him.

Know first of all that the God you are looking for is in you. He is the universe’s life and soul, and the highest aim of life is to achieve Him. Evil and suffering occur because of your conviction that you are distinct from this fundamental Truth. This wall of separation was established by the ego. Have a deep and intensive desire to realise that your life is one with the life of the cosmos. Then, by prayer, meditation and execution, resign the ego with a continued identity to Him without craving its fruit. As you go on this journey, that is the road of dedication, knowledge, and self-abandonment, you will lose connection to the unreality of existence and will remove the illusions of your mind. Now your heart will be filled with divine love, and your vision will be purified and equalised, and your acts will become your immortal being’s natural outflow, giving you true joy and tranquilly. This is the climax of human effort and the accomplishment of life’s goal.

The one way of controlling your mind and freeing it from the ills that you mention is by taking God’s name and reflecting on His tremendous virtues.

God, who is total existence, consciousness and happiness, has no difference between you and He. There can be no true deliverance and enduring serenity unless you realise Him.

Don’t forget that God sits in your heart in a fundamental fact. Don’t get discouraged by initial failures. Cultivate in and outside of you the Spirit to give up the workings of His will until you have given up your sense of self totally and know that He is within all, that He is all, and that you and He are One. Be patient. Be patient. The road of self-discipline leading to realisation of God is not an easy one. Barriers, and pain are on the road; you have to carry the latter and conquer the former with His guidance. His assistance solely comes through concentration. God’s name repeating helps to concentrate.

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