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Purity PDF/ePub

Book NamePurity
AuthorSkyler Mason
SeriesPurity #1
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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Clarity through Narrative Knowledge
And what happens when the virgin’s handsome, player best friend decides to take her V-card after she was raised in a purity society?

Cole Walker has been my crush ever since he sat down next to me in English class. There was no way around it. She stands at a lofty 6’5 and is as gorgeous and sweet as can be. With his magnetic personality, he can woo any lady he wants.

It was always the intention to make him fall in love with me, to be married, and to share all of my firsts with him.

Sadly, I’ve never even gotten a second glance from him. I didn’t learn how to flirt because my family was so rigid. I have logged a lot of hours in the “friend zone.”

It’s time for me to stop making excuses and start living. This summer, on a whim, I want to ask him to take my V-card.

But Cole’s response to my request was not at all what I had hoped for. He is really jealous and angry. He still won’t touch me, even though nobody else can. It doesn’t make sense.

When our lips touch, I begin to question whether I have misread him.

Author Bio: Skyler Mason

Skyler is most interested in reading romance novels. In her stories, the protagonists often experience heartbreak, but it’s always deserved. After all, if love never hurts, then what’s the point?

Purity: A Synopsis

In every sense, this book surpassed my anticipations. As someone who was raised in a strongly conservative and religious atmosphere and saw the horrific impacts of purity culture firsthand, I wish I had had a book like Purity to read when I was initially figuring out my position in the world after college.

Livvy is a terrific main character for this story. She is the epitome of a “good Christian girl” in every respect, displaying all the characteristics that represent one. But she flips that on its head with her pact of impurity. Livvy is still a caring and loving person, but she has developed a healthy dose of confidence in her sexuality, which is one of the reasons why I appreciate her. And she does so repeatedly throughout the story. Just freaking loved her!

Moreover, Cole? Initially, when Livvy asked him to make her impure, I was terrified that he was going to eat her. His feelings for her were very strong. It was heady and sensual, but he felt he should tone it down for her sake. Oh, that’s so cute, and I love how stubborn Livvy is (because she’s savvy enough to get what she wants)!

Story Lineup

They make such a fantastic couple. There was no ambiguity in their communications. The tension between them was palpable. Their concern was well-founded. Since I was so taken with them, I’m glad that Skyler added an extra epilogue so that we could get to know them better.

Specifically relating to the concept of “purity culture,”I was on the verge of tears quite a few times. A sense of relief and recognition of shared experiences as I read about a young woman coming into her own. Within the context of a beautiful love story, it allowed me to safely express emotions I didn’t even know I was holding in. I have a lot of thanks for Skyler for gifting me this book.


Within the first few pages, I found myself empathising with Livvy and her struggles with low self-esteem and body shame. I could relate to Livvy on a deep level since I, too, was a youngster during the early days of purity culture in the evangelical church. The book spends a lot of time on her struggles to grow as a Christian while rejecting the damaging practises of purity culture.

Although for different reasons, Cole’s story is just as engaging and credible. He has a warm heart and only wants the best for everyone, although he may be possessive and clinging with Livvy.

Both Livvy and Cole benefit from some self-reflection, which helps them better understand themselves and each other. Little did she know that innocently calling Cole “Daddy Cole” would heighten the sexual tension between them.

The book Purity is ideal for anyone who has realised that purity culture and the stigma it conveys are destructive to their love relationships and who has made some steps to leave these ideas behind. Have fun with the creative assistance of Livvy and Cole.

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