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A good wife is one who tends to her husband’s needs first thing in the morning as a mother would, loves him during the day like a sister would, and pleases him in night like a prostitute would.

Chanakya was a polymath from ancient India who worked as a scholar, writer, strategist, philosopher, economist, jurist, and royal counsellor.

An enemy of an enemy is a friend.

Born375 BCE
Birth PlaceChanaka village in Golla region (Jain legends); or in Takshashila (Buddhist legends)
Died283 BCE, Pataliputra, Maurya Empire
OccupationTeacher, philosopher, economist, jurist, advisor of Chandragupta Maurya
Known forProminent role in the foundation of the Maurya Empire

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इच्छाएं मनुष्य को जीने नहीं देती,
और मनुष्य इच्छाओं को कभी मरने नहीं देता।

One should avoid being overly open and straight honest. In the same way that straight trees are cut down first, honest individuals are taken advantage of first.

As a single withered tree, if set aflame, causes a whole forest to burn, so does a rascal son destroy a whole family.

Desires do not allow man to live, And man never lets desires die.

प्रेम से भरी हुई आंखें,
श्रद्धा से झुका हुआ सिर,
सहयोग करते हुए हाथ,
सन्मार्ग पर चलते हुए पाँव
और सत्य से जुड़ी  हुई जीभ,
ईश्वर की पसंदीदा चीजें है।

The face that remains of a person at the age of twenty, It’s a gift of nature The face of the age of thirty is a product of the ups and downs of life, But the face of the age of fifty is one’s own earnings.

He who is overly attached to his family members experiences fear and sorrow, for the root of all grief is attachment. Thus one should discard attachment to be happy.

When thinking about life, always remember that, Regrets can’t change the past, And worry can’t ride the future, concentrated hard work Works real miracles.

Chanakya quotes in hindi

“Treat your child adoringly for the first five years of his or her life. Reprimand them for the next five years to come. Once they reach the age of sixteen, you should start treating them like a friend. Your children who have grown up are your closest and dearest pals.

The world's biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman.

Hungry stomach, empty pockets and false love Human beings learn a lot in life.

हर नई शुरुआत थोड़ा डराती है,
पर याद रखो सफलता मुश्किलों के पास ही नजर आती है।

Every new beginning is a little intimidating, But remember, success is seen near difficulties.

Chanakya niti quotes in English

There are only two methods to deal with the negative people or thorns in your path. Either trample them under your foot or keep a safe distance from them.

भूखा पेट, खाली जेब और झूठा प्रेम
इंसान को जीवन में बहुत कुछ सीखा जाता है।

The lazy have no future and no present to look forward to.

Once you start a working on something, don't be afraid of failure and don't abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest.

There is no illness that is more debilitating than lust.

बीस वर्ष की आयु में व्यक्ति का जो चेहरा रहता है,
वह प्रकृति की देन है,
तीस वर्ष की आयु का चेहरा जीवन के उतार-चढ़ाव की देन है,
लेकिन पच्चास वर्ष की आयु का चेहरा व्यक्ति की अपनी कमाई है।

“Purity of speech, of the mind, of the senses, and a loving heart are required of one who aspires to ascend to the divine platform,”

There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth.

A man’s greatness is not determined by his birth but by his acts,”

Chanakya Niti Quotes

Even if a snake does not actually contain any poison, it should act as though it does.

There is no place for God in the wooden, stone, or earthen idols that people worship. His dwelling place is in the emotions and ideas that we have. Only by the sensation do we recognise God’s presence in these idols.

As soon as you feel the fear getting closer, launch attacks and wipe it out.

“God is not present in idols. Your emotions are the deity you worship. Your body is merely a temple for your soul.”

“Humility is the fundamental quality that underpins all forms of self-control.”

The one good thing that can be learned from a lion is that whatever a man chooses to achieve, he should do it himself with his whole heart and with as much effort as he can muster.

“Just as one dry and brittle tree can set a whole forest ablaze if it is allowed to catch fire, so can one wayward son bring an entire family to ruin.”

The mouth of a fly, the fang of a serpent, and the sting of a scorpion all contain poison, but the wicked man is saturated with it.

“The scent of flowers can only go in the directions that the wind blows. The goodness of a person, however, radiates outward in all directions.

Put an end to the misconception that love and attachment are the same thing. They are adversaries. Attachment is the disease that eats away at all love.

“Men of discernment deal solely with the current moment; we shouldn’t worry about the past, and we shouldn’t be anxious about the future,” we should not worry about the past or the future.

“The power of truth maintains the stability of the world; it is the power of truth that causes the winds to blow and the sun to shine; in fact, the foundation of everything is truth.”

“Never reveal what you have pondered upon doing, but rather keep it secret by seeking the counsel of wise people while remaining resolved to bring it into execution,”

You can’t live long enough to make all of your own errors, so learn from the ones that others have already made.

The life of an illiterate man is as pointless as the tail of a dog, which neither prevents it from being bitten by insects nor conceals its rear end.

Spending money helps preserve wealth in the same way as draining water that has become stagnant helps preserve the supply of fresh water.

It is important to maintain cordial relations with the adversary until it is determined where the enemy’s vulnerabilities lie.

Those lowly men who gossip about the private failings of others bring destruction upon themselves, just like serpents that wander onto anthills.

People who are driven by their appetites and who wander aimlessly from place to place cannot achieve the contentment and quiet enjoyed by those who have tasted the sweet nectar of spiritual tranquilly.

It is preferable to end one’s life than to risk dishonour in order to maintain it. The grief of losing a life lasts only a fleeting instant, but the humiliation stays with a person for the rest of their lives.

We have to make individuals who are difficult pliable in order to attract those who are distant, and even if they do something negative for us, we should continue to love them regardless of our goals.

There are three precious things that can be found on this planet: food, water, and words that are pleasant to hear. Idiots mistake pieces of rocks for gems.

Those who are optimistic and place their complete trust in chance are doomed to failure, in contrast to those who make thoughtful plans for the future and respond deftly to whatever challenges may be presented to them.

If you had to pick between hanging out with a snake or a bad person, your best bet would be to hang out with the snake. Because the snake will only bite you in self-defense, but a malicious person can bite you for any reason, at any moment, or always.

Too much of Sita’s beauty led to her abduction, while Ravana’s ego led to his death, and Raja Bali’s generosity led to him getting into a lot of difficulty. Therefore, doing too much of anything is not good. It is recommended that one avoid doing “too much.”

You can win over someone who is greedy by presenting money, and you can win over someone who is prideful by covering them from public. You may convince an idiot that you are on the same page as them by agreeing with them, and you can convince a scholar by telling them the truth.

A man has no one with him when he is born and has no one with him when he dies. He also experiences the positive and negative consequences of his karma on his own, and he travels alone to either hell or the Supreme abode.

The mind of man alone determines whether he is a slave or free. There is no other factor involved.

It is preferable to have one son who possesses exemplary characteristics rather than a hundred who are devoid of such attributes. Because there is only one moon, it is able to drive away the night’s darkness, but the stars, despite their abundance, are unable to do so.

As long as your body is healthy and under control and death is still a ways off, you should make an effort to save your soul. But what can you do when death is right around the corner?

A person who is unable to choose what he wants to achieve simply cannot win.

The riches that was obtained through unethical ways will undoubtedly be lost.

There are two approaches that might be taken while dealing with thorns and evil individuals. The first option is to destroy them, and the second is to avoid contact with them at all costs.

A guru owes a tremendous responsibility to his disciple when he guides them along the path of virtue. It is impossible to pay it back because none of the tangible goods are of such high value.

A strong mind is unconquerable by any means.

A man can undoubtedly be considered religious if he possesses pity and compassion for all living things. To demonstrate that he is religious, he does not call for the use of any kind of religious emblem or sign.

Overindulgence is the root of many unhealthy habits, while discipline is the key to the formation of many positive routines.

Wealth that was obtained dishonestly may be kept for ten years, but beginning in the eleventh year, it is forfeit along with the initial stock.

The pursuit of moral excellence is an ornament for personal attractiveness; righteous conduct is necessary for high birth; success is necessary for academic achievement; and responsible spending is necessary for financial security.

Because the moon, although being just one object, may cast light into the night when the stars, despite their abundance, cannot.

To an ignorant individual, books are about as helpful as a mirror would be to a visually impaired person.

When a man’s ambition is ignited, there is nothing that can stop him from achieving his goals. When it comes to doing business, there is no nation that is too far away. There is no such thing as a man from a different land to one who is intelligent. It doesn’t matter where he is, he always feels at ease.

Only give your riches to those who deserve it, and never share it with anybody else. The water that comes from the ocean and is absorbed by the clouds is consistently sweet.

Do not make assumptions about a person’s future based on his or her current circumstances, as the passage of time has the ability to transform something as dreary as coal into something as brilliant as diamond.

People often refer to their skills as “hidden treasure” since they can be as helpful as a mother in an unfamiliar land.

We should always speak what would please the man of whom we expect a favour, like the hunter who sings sweetly when he desires to shoot a deer. In other words, we should always speak what would please the man of whom we expect a favour.

It would be preferable to end one’s life than to live a life of dishonour in order to avoid death. Grief for the loss of a life lasts only a fleeting instant, but shame can bring one sorrow each and every day of their lives.

He who resides in our minds is close, even though he may in fact be very far away; nevertheless, he who does not reside in our hearts is distant, even if he may in fact be quite close by.

It is possible to deduce a person’s country of origin based on his mannerisms, his tone of voice, and the size of his stomach, all of which are indicators of the amount of food he consumes.

Even if a mirror is placed on the head and a gem is placed on the foot, the value of the gem will not be diminished in any way.

If you lose wealth, a friend, a wife, or a kingdom, it is possible to get them back; nevertheless, if you lose this body, you will never get it back.

Quotes on Friendship

Never make friends with people who are higher or lower in rank than you are,” the proverb advises. These kinds of friendships will never provide you any form of joy.

Steer clear of the person who acts friendly with you but plots your downfall behind your back; he is as dangerous as a pitcher full of poison with a layer of milk floating on top of it.

Test a servant while he is on vacation from his job, a relative while you are going through a difficult period, a friend when you are in a difficult situation, and a wife when you are in a challenging circumstances.

Honesty, obedience, and love are the three defining characteristics of a true son, father, and friend.

Every friendship is based on at least a little bit of self-interest. Self-interest is an essential component of any healthy connection. This is a sour reality to face.

Whoever assists you in times of disease, tragedy, famines, or invasion is, in the most literal sense, your true friend.

Whoever makes friends with a man whose actions are vile, whose perspective is impure, and who is notoriously corrupt will find that his life quickly falls apart.

Do not choose to live in a nation where you will not be respected, where you will not have any friends, where you will not be able to learn anything, and where you cannot make a living.

Just as a mirror will reflect a man’s face, so too will the people he chooses to associate with reflect his personality. Because a person’s friends are, in a sense, an extension of that person’s inner inclinations and tendencies, one must exercise extreme caution if one is forging new connections or making new acquaintances.

Quotes on Success

The most important guru-mantra is that you should never reveal your secrets to anyone. You will perish as a result of it.

In the same way that a tree that is covered in fragrant blossoms will spread their perfume over the entire forest. In a similar vein, a deserving son brings glory to the entire family as well as the community and the nation.

Always ask yourself these three questions before beginning any work: why am I doing it? what might the results be? and will I be successful? Proceed only after you have given this some serious consideration and come up with solutions that are to your satisfaction.

One who is unable to define his or her objectives; one who cannot succeed.

If you were to go to the forest, you would see that straight trees are cut down while crooked trees are left standing. Because of this, you should not be very upright in your dealings because you would see that straight trees are cut down.

It is not appropriate for a man to reside in a community in which the inhabitants have no respect for the authority of the law, lack any sense of morality, are unkind to one another, and do not engage in any artistic or creative endeavours.

Quotes on Happiness & Peace

People who are driven by their appetites and who wander aimlessly from place to place cannot achieve the contentment and tranquilly enjoyed by those who have tasted the sweet nectar of spiritual tranquilly.

There is no disease like covetousness, and there is no virtue like mercy. There is no happiness that can compare to contentment, and there is no austerity that can compare to a mind that is in balance.

Being happy doesn’t mean everything is fine, Rather it means that I have learned to live life over my sorrows.

One who has an unhealthy attachment to his or her family members is likely to suffer from feelings of anxiety and melancholy, as attachment is the fundamental cause of all forms of heartache. To this end, letting go of attachments is necessary for happiness.

Once you’ve begun working on anything, you shouldn’t be afraid of failing at it and you shouldn’t give up on it. People that put forth honest effort at their jobs tend to be the happiest.

Chanakya quotes on Self Respect

Never accept anything that is less than what you rightfully deserve. It’s not pride; it’s respect for oneself.

This quote has a very deep meaning, in today’s world when everyone is preaching about being selfless and humble, chanakya’s this statement can be misunderstood but it’s really straightforward helpful.

The quote says for example if you are having a diamond that worths Millions of dollars then it’s really stupidity to sell it for a few bucks, doesn’t it?

Chanakya Quotes on Education

Education is the finest friend that a person can have. A well-educated person garners respect from people of all backgrounds. The value of education supersedes that of youth and attractiveness.

People have respect for someone who has a lot of knowledge. Because of his superior knowledge, an educated man garners respect from everyone. In point of fact, education is revered in all places.

One whose knowledge is confined to books and whose wealth is in the possession of others can use neither knowledge nor wealth when the need for them arises.

Because only an educated person with high moral standards is shown genuine respect in society, a prudent parent would do everything in his or her power to instil those traits in his or her offspring.

The tree of knowledge is like sacred Kamdhenu; it always has fruit on it, no matter what time of year it is. When travelling through uncharted places, having this item protects you and earns you prizes.

A person who is aware of potential difficulties in the future and uses their knowledge to combat those difficulties will never be unhappy. And a person who sits about doing nothing (not even working) while hoping for better times to come would end up taking his own life.

The intelligent man should exercise self-control like the crane in order to fulfil his mission by having adequate knowledge of his location, the circumstances surrounding him, and his capabilities.

Acharya Chanakya Quotes on Wife & Women

The combination of a woman’s youth and attractiveness makes her the most potent force in the universe.

“Knowledge is lost when it is not put into practise; a man is lost as a result of ignorance; an army is lost when it does not have a commander; and a wife is lost when she doesn’t have a husband.

It is not prudent to offer guidance to a fool, to look out for the interests of a woman with bad character, or to keep company with a person who is lethargic and miserable.

Like money, youth is a commodity that can come and leave at any time. Nothing in this world is everlasting, not even life or a person’s soul. Your trust is the only thing that won’t waver no matter what.

Philosophy of Acharya Chanakya

Chanakya’s goal was to establish a community in which people did not focus on the merely material aspects of life to an excessive degree. In addition, he placed a strong focus on spirituality.

  • He lived by the motto “equality for everyone.”
  • He placed the utmost priority on ensuring the safety of the local populace.
  • Because he believed agriculture to be a state responsibility, he gave it his entire backing and encouragement.
  • Because he had the belief that women should be protected, he put an end to any and all sorts of exploitation that were directed toward them.
  • As a resource, he placed the utmost importance on land, and he suggested increasing its usage to its fullest potential.
  • He took very good care of the annexed kingdoms and empires so that he could get the most out of the resources they provided and maximise his profit from the conquest.
  • He was a master strategist who struck a balance between the several states and the general populace. Because he wished for the trade to be successful, he ensured that the required taxes were kept to a bare minimum, which was to the advantage of both the states and the population.
  • He planned to establish cities that would serve as trading hubs both inside and outside of the state. In addition to this, he advocated the construction of forts as a defence mechanism against outside assault.

Characteristics of a morally upstanding leader

  • The leader represents the nation to the outside world. As a result of the fact that he is accountable for everything that takes place in the community, he serves as a reflection of society.
  • The wellbeing of the people should be the primary focus of the leader’s efforts as they strive toward the achievement of the mission.
  • If a leader’s behaviour disheartens the people he or she is responsible for, they will no longer be devoted to that leader.
  • A leader should avoid spreading adharma, should not show favouritism to the evil, should punish those who are responsible for the wrongdoing but should not punish the innocent.
  • There should not be any expenditures that are unnecessary.
  • A moral leader should avoid making enemies out of experienced members of the community.
  • Because justice delayed is justice denied, he should not put off hearing any of the pressing concerns raised by his subjects but instead should address all of the issues immediately.

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