Player Next Door (PDF/ePUB) By Anna Albo Read Online

Player Next Door (PDF/ePUB) By Anna Albo Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Player Next Door:
Author:Anna Albo
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From sham engagement to mutually beneficial friendship? Sure, no sweat. But is platonic friendship preferable to real love? Just not going to happen.

Everything in Reese Beresford’s life appears ideal. She’s a former figure skating champion who’s started a successful business and won the hearts of tens of thousands of people. But everything changes when an old adversary of Reese’s makes shocking claims. She was dropped overnight.

She needs to save her reputation, her livelihood, and her sanity from the wreckage that is her life right now. Her representative is trying to divert attention away from Reese’s recent scandal and onto her glitzy new relationship.

Now, enter neighbour and professional hockey player Grady Radcliffe. He isn’t interested in a serious commitment, but he is willing to assist Reese in rebuilding her public image. holding hands and eating together publicly? That’s not a huge inconvenience.

Reese may act as if she’s dating in public, have fun with Grady behind his back, and uncover the truth about her enemy. If she gives in to their sizzling attraction, their friendship will grow even stronger. But she can’t let her emotions into the equation. Reese knows better than to give her heart to anyone.

As Reese investigates her past, she will be forced to face her present. She cannot deny her attraction to the handsome hockey player, but to give in would be to jeopardise her professional and romantic prospects. Are Reese’s friends with benefits going anywhere? Or will it all be for nothing?

About The Author Anna Albo

To begin with, Anna Albo is a Canadian native. She grew up on the prairie but now adores urban life. Anna is passionate about cooking and has a fiery temper because she is a second-generation Italian-Canadian. Her works have those characteristics and more.

Anna writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction that makes readers laugh and fall in love, ranging from new adult to chick lit and everywhere in between.

Anna blogs about dogs, healthy living, and attempting culinary masterpieces when she’s not working on her latest novel.

Together they have a pet dog and cat.

Player Next Door Book Summary

Keep in mind that betrayal always originates from someone you know. who may possibly be the mole?

Her mother doesn’t give a damn about her, and her boyfriend is a dud, to put it mildly. Not to mention she needs to apologise to her enemies… And what more could possibly go wrong?

Perhaps it’s time for a shift. Pairs ice skater and Olympic gold medalist Reese Beresford has had it with fading star Jennifer Brennan. ‘Jen’ is ruthless and envious, and she is making Reese’s life miserable. It’s time to put up a resistance. Ohhhh, and helping three hot hockey stars in gratitude for Jennifer’s kindness has never felt better… new ‘guy’ next door is one of them.

Finally, Jennifer. You can’t expect a leopard to alter its spots, so there you go. I can’t believe I ever dated that jerk…. Ex-boyfriend, I guess. It’s probably for the best that he’s an ex-boyfriend. Who, though, would be so ‘Lowdown’ as to reveal Reese’s deepest, darkest secrets? Keep in mind that treachery is always done by someone you know.

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