Dynasty Series Quotes – 10 Best Quotes

The Dynasty series of movies has been around for almost three decades, but the Dynasty TV series only just began. With its first season recently finishing and a second season announced, the show follows an American family who run a casino empire in Las Vegas. Read all quotes of Dynasty Series and Fallon Carrington Quotes from Season 1, 2 and 3, insult quotes and much more.

Dynasty Series Quotes
Dynasty Quotes

In case you need help with these quotes or want to prepare for what’s to come, here’s everything you need to know about this TV show and some quotes from their characters:

“You’re not my real mother. My real mother is dead.”

“You’re not my father! My father’s serving life!”

“I like the pink.”

Dynasty Quotes

“We’ll take what’s ours.”

“You’re a Lloyd, through and through. A chip off the old block.” –

Blake Carrington to Adam Carrington

“All you need is love, honey. And I’ve got plenty to give. “

Fallon Carrington Quotes

You have about as much chance of running that company successfully as I do of running a marathon while wearing heels.

Fallon Carrington Quotes

When Adam is upset, he isn’t exactly subtle. He usually snaps in the most bizarre way possible, like slapping my face into my mother.

Fallon Carrington Quotes

Look, the fantasy of being smart, funny, and attractive to women exists only on your laptop.

Fallon Carrington Quotes

“For the love of god, attempt sporting Associate in Nursing age-appropriate outfit for once.” –

Fallon Carrington

“God, wherever have you ever been all my life? I bet i would not even be during this state of affairs if I had a good mother growing up.”

Fallon Carrington

“Look, I swear, the other day we’d be terribly receptive having you scam North American nation, however my papa could be a mess and he does not would like any longer stress straight away. perhaps you’ll, i do not understand, come during a month and that we will go from there?” –

Fallon Carrington Quotes

After having Filet Mignon, you don’t go back to eating ground beef.

Fallon Carrington Quotes

“Oh, calm down. Last year we have a tendency to threw a celebration for the dog, and it had been higher.” –

Fallon Carrington

“You’re not my real mother. My real mother is dead.” – Michelle (Katherine Kelly Lang) to Blake Carrington “I like the pink.” – Cristian (Dennis Healey) to Blake Carrington “We’ll take what’s ours.” – Blake Carrington “I’m a Carring-ton, through and through. A chip off the old block.”

Adam (Randall Batinkoff) to Blake Carrington

“Alright Mr. Carrington, I have a proposition for you. You have just 130 minutes to live and I believe that’s not long enough to win the money you lost, so here’s my offer. If you’re confident of your abilities in the casino, then take a chance on me. But if you can’t manage the game that is being played against you – if every move is a losing one – then I’ll see to it that you never take another shot at winning. Then you’ll never have to face the music after losing all your money.”

Gail (Nancy Rue) to Blake Carrington

“We’re from West Monroe, Louisiana. Used to be a little cotton town. We were one of the first states carved from our mother country’s bowels by a bunch of old greedy slave owners and slave traders. And we’ve been doing what we had to do ever since to feed ourselves, pay our bills, and build a better life for our kids. When I was four years old – six, actually – I don’t remember much about it, but my mother and the other ladies there told me that it was all about the land. The land was the only thing worth fighting for.

“And that’s all I know about it until I met you, Mr. Carrington. We’re in the same boat. You’re from an old family, too. Your father and his father before him were slave owners for thirty generations. You were born into a family of slaves and you can’t stop being one just because you’ve earned your freedom. You’re still a slave to the past. To tradition. To thinking that you and your family are better than everyone else. You think you can buy people, like your ancestors did with ours.”

Adam (Randall Batinkoff) to Blake Carrington

“You build ME appear as if a beguiler, and worse, Associate in Nursing maltreater sympathizer. And my company, my entire complete, is specifically regarding giving a lady a voice when they have been suppressed. And here i’m, the girl of a person who’s making an attempt to silence them.” – Fallon Carrington

“Fallon, you are being reckless. this is often however dynasties ar ruined.” –

Blake Carrington Quote

“I’ll figure it out. I invariably do.”

Cristal Carrington

“Blake Carrington when an evening in federal custody? this is often positively my new favorite show.”

Jeff Colby

“Look, i used to be doing constant factor. i used to be protective myself. and also the truth is, I started writing that book to urge over you. however it clad to be the simplest thanks to tell you ways I feel. i do know i am loving with you. I even have been, for awhile.”

Liam sea turtle

“I do not know if i am a lot of affronted by that, or the very fact simply} just fully butchered Notting Hill.” -Liam sea turtle

“It’s the Carrington’s for you. What they lack in tactfulness they create up for in cordial reception. We’ve had all types of wastes and strays; crazy outlaw, capture nanny, faux gurus.” -Joseph Anders

“Oh my god, you convinced ME to wear this ugly-ass outfit and to eat grass. i used to be getting ready to offer you millions.”

Sam Jones

“Oh, this may work. sounds like our very little angel has been spreading her wings in additional than one bed, hasn’t she?”

Alexis Carrington

“Us 3 ar aiming to take that bitch down thus you’ll take your man home.”

Kirby Anders

“I was a rebound, however it’s funny however straightforward it’s to urge a person to fall loving with you once he is been place through hell by a chilly, selfish, sanctimonious bitch. I mean, you primarily starved him, and now, well, let’s simply say i am keeping him terribly glad.”

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