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Out on a Limb (PDF/ePUB) By Hannah Bonam-Young read online for free.

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Book Name:Out on a Limb
Author:Hannah Bonam-Young
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The independence of Winnifred “Win” McNulty has always been striking. Win has spent the majority of her life resisting any attempts to pamper her because of her limb discrepancy. And after making a few alterations, she’s doing just fine.

Then she has a one-night stand with the extremely charming stranger Bo, and everything changes. In fact, that one night is the turning point.

Win isn’t sure if she can manage this new challenge on her own or if she’ll need help, but Bo is surprisingly excited to step up to the plate.

Win and Bo have decided to spend some time together solely as friends. But by now they should both know that things rarely go as planned in life.

Beginning of the Plot

The heroine, along with her closest friend Sarah, is celebrating Halloween at Sarah’s house. Caleb, Sarah’s spouse and closest friend, is a constant presence in her life. Despite being fourth cousins, they are quite close. Caleb presents her to his buddy Robbie without really introducing them to one other. Since her date with Caleb’s coworker Winston, the heroine has been avoiding the guys he tries to arrange her up with. Winston bought his mother an orchid that was so enormous it couldn’t fit on the table because he brought it to symbolise the deep connection he had with his mother. A gentle but stern “let’s not do this again” is written while the author clutches to the orchid. She decided after this date that she would rather keep things light and informal, and use dating apps where she can do her own screening of potential suitors.

At a party, Caleb and Winnie meet a pirate called Buttercup, who becomes their partner. Caleb is thrilled with his new pirate getup, which features a mum who has just passed away. Winnie can’t wait to put on her pirate outfit and bask in the acclaim she’s sure to get. Sarah, who has previously dressed up as Princess Buttercup, is thrilled with her new look.

Sarah offers Winnie a place to stay the night and helps her tidy up the guest room. She suggests that she and Caleb have a shot at winning the pairs competition, but he is sceptical. Winnie, who is tall and has dark blond hair, is paired up with another pirate without either of their knowledge. He says he’s sorry for the inconvenience but that the pirate outfit has to stay.

Caleb is adamant on preserving the pirate outfit, despite Winnie’s initial embarrassment. They talk about their outfits and whether or not they can find a middle ground. Caleb’s smile is sneaky, as if he knows he’s already one up on her. Caleb offers to put his foot in the middle as a compromise.

The narrative emphasises the need of discretion and good humour during social gatherings, as well as the possibility of love attachment. The party’s vibe is shaped in part by the individuals’ relationship with one another and their individuality.

About The Author Hannah Bonam-Young

Hannah, a Canadian citizen residing in Ontario, is a best-selling romance author on Amazon. The Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe peoples consider the land around Niagara Falls to be sacred, and she now makes her home there with her husband Ben, their two children, and their bulldog.

Hannah weaves the beautiful, messy, and challenging aspects of life into her romantic fiction featuring a cast of diverse, disabled, marginalised, and LGBT QIA+ people.

She enjoys reading and writing romantic novels, but when she’s not doing either, she’s hosting dance parties in the living room with her kids or preparing for any event that calls for a cheese board.

Out on a Limb Book Summary

Hannah Bonam-Young’s book is at the top of her game. This was a very sexy book, and the tale was emotional as hell. I’m not typically a fan of the “surprise pregnancy” trope, but this story had so much freaking heart that I was able to see past the cliché and appreciate it for what it really was: a beautiful love story.

The MC’s experiences, fears, and self-consciousness were very genuine and tangible, so you can tell that some of it was written from experience.

This author’s work continues to amaze and fascinate me, and I can’t wait to read whatever she has in store for us next!

The author provided me with a review copy. My views are honest and unbiased.

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