Neetu Singh Volume 1 PDF Book in English Free Download

Download Neetu Singh Volume 1 PDF in English here, direct download link for free.

Neetu Singh Volume 1 PDF Book in English Free Download

Book Name –Neetu Singh volume 1 pdf (from Plinth to Paramount)
Author Name-Neetu Singh
Size-2.64 MB
Language-English Version
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About Neetu Singh volume 1 pdf book

You will have no trouble passing any of the upcoming government exams if you use the PDF of Neetu Singh Volume 1 that we are making available to you today. This includes the SSC exam, the banking exam, the railway exam, and any of the other exams. Capable of preparing for what is to come.

You will find information on all 24 chapters that are covered in this Neetu Singh English Book and volume 1 PDF book, as well as answers to all of the questions that were relevant to the examinations that were given the previous year. It is highly recommended that you read this entire article all the way through to the very end in order to obtain the PDF of this Neetu Singh English book.

Because this book is offered in both English and Hindi, anyone preparing for a government exam can make use of this PDF at their own convenience, regardless of whatever language they are studying in. If you are going to take tests that are related to the government, you should consider purchasing this book because it is widely acknowledged as being a useful resource for those who do so.

The PDF edition of Neetu Singh, Volume 1 in English will be made available for download in this post, and we will do all in our power to ensure that the link is active and provides access. Simply clicking the download button will allow you to take advantage of the contents of this PDF.

Contents of from Plinth to Paramount PDF

1.Verb (Basic)
3.Passive voice
5.Question tag
6.Subject-verb agreement
7.Conditional sentence
8.Verb (advance)
16.Words Often Confused & Misused
18.Synonyms (Practice Set)
19.Antonyms (Practice Set)
20.One Word Substitution
21.One Word Substitution (Practice Set)
22.Idioms & Phrases– 1
23.Idioms & Phrases- 2
24.Idioms & Phrases (Practice Set)

The reader will be able to perform better on tests as a result of the detailed explanations that are provided in this book on how to tackle difficulties that appear on exams. Students can take their education to the next level by using the plinth to paramount english books as a resource.

Because this book about the path from Plinth to Paramount is written in both Hindi and English, readers have the option of selecting the language version that caters to their need the most effectively.

The study for the English component of any competitive exam can benefit greatly from using this book as a resource.

This page will make every effort to provide you with a no-cost PDF version of the first volume of Neet Singh’s work. Those who have aspirations of becoming anything can obtain a copy by visiting the link below, or they can buy one from any one of a large number of stores, both online and offline.

Reader’s Review of from Plinth to Paramount

I read the entire book, and it was fantastic. It was a great assistance to me, and I’m sure it would be just as helpful to newcomers. One of the book’s greatest strengths is the simplicity and familiarity of the language used to explain concepts. The most accurate examples and thoroughly explained explanations of any grammar concept imaginable. Overall, this book is a comprehensive guide that will help anyone achieve their goals.

This book has been very useful to me in learning and understanding the grammar rules of the English language.
The book is well-organized into chapters that explain the rules in plain English and conclude with helpful exercises.
Do yourself a favour and pick up this book; it will serve you well on exams like the SSC and the Bank Exam.


Readers will do well to familiarise themselves in depth with Neethu Singh’s English from Plinth to Paramount because it is without a doubt one of the best books for English in terms of an SSC and banking perspective. Kiran is able to meet all of your English requirements, ranging from the most basic to the most advanced levels.

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