Luv Shuv In New York (PDF/ePUB) By N.M. Patel

Luv Shuv In New York (PDF/ePUB) By N.M. Patel Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Luv Shuv In New York
Author:N.M. Patel
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As a condition for allowing me to leave our huge, Indian joint family and travel to New York to pursue my master’s degree, my father had one requirement.
To only date other Desi boys and never get connected with anyone else.
And without pausing for thought, I gave my assent.
So that’s why.

I merely sought my independence. Get away from my supportive but authoritarian family.
Be diligent in one’s academic pursuits.
Get yourself a job in the Big Apple.
And I will succeed independently, like millions of my fellow Indian immigrants.

My strategy was complete.

My first day of class is spoiled since I had to sit next to him.

White, Sam.
My classmate Sam White is a White American.
Sam, always dressed in all black, always frowning, and always at the top of his class.
Sam, in his eagerness to learn more about my Indian culture despite his lack of familiarity with it.
I don’t care if he helps me adjust to life in a strange nation any more than necessary.
And if he stares at me as if I were the only one in the room, so what?
I refuse to give into his charms.
I just can’t give in to my feelings for him.
I cannot in good conscience go back on my word to my dad.
I must admit that I do.

About The Author N.M. Patel

N.M. Patel is an enthusiastic writer whose love of Bollywood films informs her romantic fiction. Her tales feature confident women and swoon-worthy guys and are full of humour, steam, and plenty of love. A romantic adventure that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside awaits you as you are whisked away to a world of desi culture and memorable people.

Luv Shuv In New York Book Summary

A beautiful first novel about falling in love with someone from another culture, with simple prose, brief chapters, and believable protagonists and antagonists.

It’s a love story set in the United States between two Indians and an American.

Akira, an Indian student, and Sam, an American student with whom she will study architecture in the United States, are our protagonists.
Despite being so different, they find themselves drawn to one another.

The couple quickly falls in love, but they face many challenges, including the disapproval of the girl’s family.

Plenty of sappy and heartwarming scenes, as well as dramatic ones involving the family

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There’s a lot of detail on Indian culture, including festivals, food, clothing, and family ties, but at times it seems to overshadow the romance itself.
Even if it matched some concerns that Indian parents have, there was one sentence that troubled me: “BMW” (Black/Muslim/White).

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