Boyfriend Material (PDF/ePUB) By Alexis Hall Read Online

Boyfriend Material (PDF/ePUB) By Alexis Hall Read Online For Free.

Boyfriend Material Information

Book Name:Boyfriend Material
Author:Alexis Hall
SeriesLondon Calling #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Luc O’Donnell is famous in a roundabout way and is not thrilled about it. His famous parents divorced when he was young, and his absent father spent the following two decades going in and out of treatment centres. Since his father’s revival has thrust Luc back into the spotlight, even a single scandalous photo may destroy his reputation.

To repair his reputation, Luc has to date someone pleasant and normal, and Oliver Blackwood fits the bill perfectly. He has never caused any sort of scandal in his life despite being a barrister and an ethical vegetarian. In other words, he would make a great boyfriend. Luc and Oliver are both gay, single, and in desperate need of a date for a special occasion, but other than that, they have nothing in common. In the meantime, they agree to play “fake boyfriends” for the sake of publicity. Then they may both move on as if nothing ever occurred.

False dating profiles, however, might give off a realistic vibe. That’s when familiarity sets in with a person. You should start to like them. I fear losing them forever.

Begining of the Plot

The protagonist has trouble deciding what he wants to be, thus he struggles with the dilemma of whether or not to participate in fancy dress events. He chooses not to try and instead shows up late to a party with his pals and doesn’t engage with anybody there. Cam, a pleasant stranger, introduces himself and says he is the son of author Jon Fleming. Cam clarifies that his true identity is really Luc O’Donnell and that he is the son of Jon Fleming. The protagonist has no idea what it means to be Luc, but Cam is thrilled to encounter a celebrity for the first time. Because supporting someone else via fancy dress events may not be the ideal idea, the protagonist is left feeling awkward and nervous.

The main character is a young lady whose boyfriend, Cam, is a huge Jon Fleming admirer. They share stories of their traumatic upbringing and comment on the musical differences between their father and themselves. The protagonist doesn’t know whether Cam likes their dad, but they both recognise the musical parallels between their song and Cam’s. They talk about their past relationships and how they both think Cam’s recent actions indicate he’s aroused. Although Cam is sceptical about their connection, they decide to attempt kissing him nonetheless. The protagonist is sceptical that Cam would follow through, but they decide to increase the sample size to test the hypothesis. The two continue talking, with the protagonist beginning to feel less awkward about having a one-night encounter with Cam.

BuzzFeed’s main character is a journalist with a reputation for eccentricity. The protagonist is a journalist, and he is asked about his interests and hobbies by this character. The main character can’t decide whether he’s being flirty or serious. The protagonist is overcome with feelings of guilt and sorrow. She can either buck up, be a grown-up, make friends, and enjoy herself, or she may retreat to her flat and drink herself into oblivion. Despite knowing Cam’s name, her father’s name, and maybe even her mother’s name, the protagonist continues to flirt with her anyhow.

About The Author Alexis Hall

Kissing novelist who straddles multiple genres.

Warning: I don’t check or respond to direct messages. The easiest way to contact me is through the email address listed on my site’s contact page. 3

Boyfriend Material Book Summary

I know it’s unusual for me to say this about a book, but WOW! I couldn’t put “Boyfriend Material” down once I started, and the more I read, the more engrossed I became in the plot. I was really holding my pages as I laughed out loud at the banter between Luc and Oliver, the novel’s two main characters.

It’s true that Alexis Hall also addresses some serious issues in this book. However, the author does so with a touch of comedy that makes for a really amusing read. Luc’s boss, for example, is a real jerk. Yeah, I get it, beetles do a lot of good for the environment, but gosh, she sure doesn’t have the social graces of a human being. She said some quite insensitive and harsh things towards the beginning of the book; if Luc weren’t such a nice guy, she likely would have lost her job a long time ago.

What I liked best about how those instances were handled was that they were all called out or questioned by various characters. Alexis Hall addresses bigotry, stereotyping, and discrimination, but she does so in a constructive way. Rather than elaborating on how impressive this is for a comedy novel, I’ll skip ahead to the best parts. It was the effortless banter between the two MCs, the revelation that Luc is a catastrophe gay (his given name is Lucien; we all know my weakness for that name! ;-P), and the beautiful depiction of friendships that gave this story its positive tone.

What should we do if they ask? For the sake of credibility, it is important that I am aware of this.”
The corners of his mouth showed the slightest sign of twitching. After hearing this, he responded by saying, “You can say I’m a gentleman and we haven’t even gotten that far.”
Because of this, I groaned helplessly, “you make a terrible pretend boyfriend.”
In the words of one of my favourite sayings, “I’m building fake anticipation.”
If I’m going to put up with you, you had better be a convincing imposter.
“I am.”

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