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Book Name:Mile High
AuthorLiz Tomforde
SeriesWindy City #1
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No Chicago hockey team would be complete without me, your favourite villain. In other words, I am very good at my job. I love sitting in the penalty box for most of the game and then leaving the arena with a different girl every night.

Our team recently hired a new flight attendant, and she is someone I do not get along with. It’s not the other way around; she reports to me. But rest assured, I will remind her of that fact until she begs off the payroll at the end of the season.

I’m not sure if I keep pressing the flight attendant call button just to push her buttons, or if the lines between the two become increasingly blurred with each new road trip.


For many years, I’ve worked as a flight attendant. When I start working for the most egotistical and self-righteous diva in the NHL, I begin to question everything I’ve ever believed to be true. Including the vow I made to myself to never again have sexual relations with an athlete, no matter how irritatingly tempting he may be.

Evan Zanders is raw, unapologetic, and far too attractive to be healthy. He’s very invested in his public persona, which is something I despise.

Anything apart from him.

About Liz Tomforde Author

The author Liz Tomforde places a strong focus in her sports romance stories on demonstrating positive ties between the main characters in the story. Conversations between characters in the author’s writings might range from lighthearted to profound, depending on the mood of the story.

Her male protagonists are powerful, but they do not lack a feeling of humanity, whereas her female heroines are scary and formidable.

Liz is the only girl in the family, which has a total of six children. She is the youngest of the bunch. She was born and raised in the great state of California from the time of her conception. And She has a wide range of interests and hobbies, including going out on dates, exploring new places, spending time with her dog, and even playing hockey.
When Liz isn’t out walking with her Golden Retriever, Luke, or reading, you can find her in her hometown of Sonoma County, California, which is a world away from the pressures of business and travel.

Mile High Book Summary

I read Liz Tomforde for the first time in Mile High, and it was fantastic! Zanders and Stevie’s chemistry was out of this world, and their banter was hilarious.

Evan Zanders (Vee) is a professional ice hockey player, and Stevie (Vee) is a flight attendant. Because of the company’s strict no-fraternization policy, she must work as a permanent flight attendant throughout the hockey season. For Chicago, Zee is the go-to enforcer, bad boy, and player. Yet he’s actually a big softy and has a lot of love to give.

I enjoyed seeing him develop feelings for Stevie, but what I enjoyed even more was seeing her grow in self-assurance and appreciation. Zee clearly had feelings for her, and they were reciprocated. He never made her doubt her value to him.

For me, being a fan of both sports romance and enemies-to-lovers stories, this one was a home run. The only reasons I didn’t give it 5 stars are that it was a bit too long and there were some repetitive parts that could have been omitted. The narrative was excellent. And the next book will feature my favourite supporting character, Ryan, Vee’s twin brother and an NBA star.


It was a refreshingly genuine relationship, the likes of which are surprisingly rare. Despite his negative reputation, the hockey player hero had a lot of heart and didn’t conform to typical playboy stereotypes. Our courageous protagonist had challenges with self-esteem, but she was otherwise a powerful and self-assured individual. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind that things kicked off with a basic hookup, and I appreciated the inclusion of family relationships (since in real life, those absolutely DO effect your romantic relationships).

If you’re searching for a solid hockey romance and can get beyond the book’s clumsy beginning, this is a great choice.

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