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Book Name:The Right Move
Author:Liz Tomforde
SeriesWindy City, #2
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The Right Move Liz Tomforde Pdf

About The Right Move Book


To put it more succinctly, she is a distraction

When I was named the new Captain of the Devils, an NBA team based in Chicago, the last thing I needed was for Indy Ivers, my sister’s best friend, to move into my apartment. I had just taken over leadership of the Devils. She is a hot mess, prone to crying, and immensely captivating all at the same time.

But when the general manager of the team publicly disagrees with my promotion to Captain and calls me an unapproachable lone wolf who doesn’t have a healthy work-life balance, I can think of no better way to convince him otherwise than to pretend to date my outgoing roommate. This is the only way I can think of that will work.

There is only one catch, and that is the fact that being false can come out as being too realistic.

It wasn’t supposed to be this difficult to have a pretend girlfriend, but the fact that Indy lives with me and sleeps in my bed creates complications. These complications stem from the fact that she yearns for the more romantic aspects of our relationship, which I am unable to give her.


I never imagined that I’d end up sharing a house with NBA player Ryan Shay, who is the brother of my best friend’s brother. What could be more unbelievable? He envisions me playing the part of his doting girlfriend who is responsible for his miraculous transformation into a lovely guy.

To put it another way, he is not. He guards his privacy fiercely and harbours deep mistrust for those he does not know.

Nevertheless, our arrangement does not favour one party over the other. My entire group of childhood friends, including my ex-boyfriend, will be attending a wedding in the near future, and there is no one more appropriate for me to bring as a date than my exes hero.

As time goes on, the lines that separate truth from fantasy become increasingly blurry. It was never part of the plan for me to fall in love with my roommate, especially considering how fast Ryan is to point out to me that he doesn’t believe in love when I ask him about it.

Because I’m a romantic, I can’t help but hold out hope against all odds that he’ll turn out to be someone else, but then I start to question whether or not it was a good idea to move in with my best friend’s brother in the first place.

About Liz Tomforde

In her sports romance stories, author Liz Tomforde places an emphasis on depicting healthy connections between the characters. The writings written by this author contain both comedic and serious exchanges of dialogue between characters. Her male protagonists are strong but not without a sense of humanity, whereas her female protagonists are fearsome.
The youngest of a total of six children, Liz is the only girl in the family. She was conceived and reared in the state of California. She enjoys a variety of activities, such as going on dates, travelling, spending time with her dog, and playing hockey.
Liz can be found in her hometown of Sonoma County, California, far away from the stresses of work and travel when she is not out on a hike with her Golden Retriever, Luke, or reading.

The Right Move Book Summary


I feel as though I am in awe….

Then I met Indy and Ryan, and they completely blew my mind.

Yesterday afternoon, I started reading this book and I knew I couldn’t put it down until I was done. Reading something written by Liz is like a warm blanket and quite addictive. I was psyched for this one since the chemistry between Indy and Ryan seemed promising, and OH DID MISS LIZ DELIVER in Mile High.

Do you want to know my idea of the ideal book? One that has the ability to make me smile, laugh out loud, cry, and clutch the covers…. MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS YOU CAN CHECK THEM WITH THE RIGHT MOVE!

After being dumped by her live-in boyfriend of six years, Indy’s best friend and Ryan’s sister Stevie asks her brother if Indy can stay at his place temporarily. This sets the stage for the events of The Right Move. When the beautiful, loud-mouthed, emotionally-vulnerable Indy enters Ryan’s life, he can’t help but find her too tempting and want to let her keep her mess in his life/place (literally and figuratively). Ryan is the hot hot hot ‘captain’ of Chicago’s NBA team who loves to be alone, thrives on organisation and routine.

At first, I assumed that this was just a case of forced proximity, but when Ryan’s GM basically calls him a robot and says he doesn’t approve of his recent promotion to captain because he has no work-life balance, and Ryan quickly replies that he does, in fact, have a work-life balance with his girlfriend Indy, I start to wonder if we’re not actually getting a romantic relationship here.


As a result of combining these two cliches, we got the ideal stew of simmering suspense and dramatic angst.

There is a lot to like in this book, and I mean a lot.

Ryan pampered Indy in the greatest way imaginable by teaching her the importance of putting herself first and demonstrating his belief in her. Indy knows Ryan for the man he is, not just the NBA star about whom so many people are curious.

Amazing banter…i giggled and laughed out loud, how sexy Ryan is when he gets jealous wink, false dating, forced proximity/roommates, the one bed trope, the brother of a great friend, and the idea that opposites attract.

Can we also discuss the cameo appearances of Rio, Ily, the Madisons, Imy, and Vee and Zee? Perfection in every way!

When I reached the end and saw the pre order link for the next book, I screamed. There is a character in this book who, from the moment I met him, I KNEW would be perfect for his own book. The premise, the tropes, everything about it will be spot on. Oh, I’m aware of it!!!


If it’s your tale or someone else’s, thank you for writing it so well. Every one of Liz’s books I’ve read has dealt with serious issues like loss, shame about one’s body, anxiety, and infertility, and she always does a wonderful job of telling the tale and dealing with the subject matter.

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