Lust (PDF/ePUB) By Skyler Mason Read Online For Free

Lust (PDF/ePUB) By Skyler Mason Download and Read Online For Free.

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Book Name:Lust
Author:Skyler Mason
SeriesPurity #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
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I vowed to God when I was ordained as a minister that I would not sleep with another woman until I found my soul mate.

I have had no issue maintaining my pledge for the past three years.

That is, until the youngest daughter of my best buddy became an intern.

Because she is too young, too steadfast in her atheism, and too free-spirited, Mariana is not someone I should desire. But I want her with a raging obsession, and in order to obtain her, I’m prepared to risk betraying my closest buddy in order to take that risk.

It would be the gravest of sins to give way to lust. God, are you trying me?

I forget my dedication to my beliefs every time her eyes twinkle with mischief and her full lips twist into a teasing smile. Instead, I give in to her demands and give in to her charms. My promise to God has been disregarded. Everything else but the woman who might be the cause of my demise escapes my consciousness.

Father, I’m about to commit a sin.

Beginning of the Plot

Brandon, our hero, is a single minister who has been dating Sofia, the youngest daughter of his closest friend, for three years. Waiting until marriage would be too extreme, and he feels bad about dating her. Brandon is asked by the pastor’s brother, Hector, how things are going between them, and he replies that he is taking things slowly.

Because he thinks she’s too young for him, Brandon says he’s taking things slowly with her. A liberal preacher named Hector shares Brandon’s view that marriage isn’t the right choice for everyone. He adds that he needs to be even more cautious now that he knows that being a pastor’s wife isn’t for everyone.

The way Hector treats his children and how casually he treats his eldest son have both made him uneasy. He’s concerned that Sofia won’t have the chance to become a mother before her biological clock runs out. One of Brandon’s favourite qualities about him is how he treats him with complete disregard, without trying to boost his confidence or seem more authoritative.

In short, our hero is worried that dating the younger daughter of his best buddy’s closest friend, Mariana, would strain his connection with his elder brother, Hector. He thinks that Brandon should be more careful in his decision-making since marriage isn’t for everyone.

After seeing Mariana again, the narrator finds herself captivated to the mature lady despite the fact that she has lost weight. Mariana’s dad Hector scolds her for being half-naked at church. Hector gets a reprimand from Mariana for suggesting that his pastor is sexist, and her eyes light up with expression. Hector attempts to grin, but it doesn’t come out.

Mari’s wife Ana drags her across the terrace while frowning. The fact that Mariana is the youngest makes everyone treat her like she’s lot younger than she really is. Hector laughs and assures him that once Mariana returns to the Lord, she will be an unstoppable force. Even if he doesn’t believe we were all supposed to be Christians, Hector still wants to speak to her. Hector is at a loss for words, but he reassures him that she is a Sunday Christian who attends services mostly for show.

Since she is an atheist, Mari lacks religious fervour. Since Mariana sworn him to secret when she informed him a few months ago, he vows he won’t pressure her. He also drops the hint that he may one day be her brother-in-law, but he restrains himself from groaning.

The narrator’s heart rate decreases, and it has nothing to do with the lady he is trying to woo.

About The Author Skyler Mason

Skyler enjoys reading classic love stories the most. Female protagonists in her writings are strong enough to reduce male characters to tears, but only because they deserve it. What’s the point of having a love relationship if there’s never any conflict?

Lust Book Summary

Mariana and Pastor Brandon have known one another for a significant amount of time. However, due to the fact that he is far older than she is and is a close friend of her father’s, he has always been regarded more like a member of the family than any other guest.

Their lives collide when Mari’s father urges Brandon to follow Sofia, and Sofia, in turn, asks Mari to be his assistant for a while. Both of these events bring them together. Maris has been keeping a secret from her devoted parents regarding this matter. A choice that she is fully aware will cause them significant harm and may lead to their growing apart.

Her true feelings for Brandon are another mystery. Despite their philosophical differences, they find themselves strongly drawn to one another. However, there are a lot of obstacles on their way. Their ages are close, he’s friends with her dad, and he’s seeing her elder sister. Plus, there’s the minor detail that he’s a preacher and she’s not.

They share feelings that are sincere and real for one another. In addition, it wasn’t just the two of them; her entire family was participating as well. Particularly the female members of the family. I have a deep sense of compassion for Sofi. Being a Christian single woman in today’s world is difficult enough, but it’s even more difficult to be a single Christian woman.

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