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Book NameEssential Sociology
AuthorNitin Sangwan, Seema, Shruti Jakha
Size253 MB
No of Pages547
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Edition2nd Edition
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Essential Sociology, now in its second edition, provides readers with an even more thorough introduction to the field. It’s the product of a lot of input from the readers who adore this book. The book has been updated to meet the demands of students studying for exams other than the UPSC Civil Services Exam, such as the National Eligibility Test (NET), and undergraduates.

This edition of the book features streamlined language for easier reading. The book is split into two chapters, and together they provide a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of Indian sociological theory.

Key Features of This Second (2nd) Edition

  • More than fifty worked examples that will prove invaluable to those studying for the Civil Service Exam at the university level
  • There are over 750 new definitions in the book’s glossary that should help readers understand the material.
  • Latest data available through 2022 to provide readers a glimpse of the present day
  • Terms of importance to the reader have been underlined throughout the text.
  • There are over a hundred pages of new material in this revision.

If becoming an IAS is one of your life goals, you’ve come to the right spot. In this post, you’ll get a free PDF of Essential Sociology, written by Nitin Sangwan, that will be invaluable come exam time.

Two papers (Optional Paper I and Paper II) in sociology are available on the UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam. The IAS Exam consists of three parts: the Preliminary Exam, the Main Exam, and the Interview. The UPSC Sociology Syllabus emphasises current social problems.

Those unfamiliar with sociology will find this book fascinating and accessible. The humorous undertones enhance its already stunning beauty. Choose wisely if you’re taking the UPSC or a state civil service exam where sociology is not required.

Essential Sociology Content Overview

Comprehending Culture

In the beginning chapters of “Essential Sociology,” Sangwan lays the basis by investigating the concept of society. He sees society as a web of interconnected individuals bound together by shared norms and ideas. Examining the many variables that influence society, including social institutions, culture, and socialisation, Sangwan helps readers grasp the intricate dynamics that underpin human relationships.

Stratification of Society

One of the key topics discussed is the stratification of society into several groups determined by factors such as wealth, influence, and social position. Sangwan examines the origins of socioeconomic inequality and details its deleterious consequences on people’s futures and daily lives. He discusses the role of social institutions in maintaining social stratification and the opportunities for upward social mobility.

Evolution of Society

Sangwan also explores the idea of social transformation, stressing its importance in making sense of modern society. He takes a close look at the causes like globalisation, technological progress, and cultural shifts that push society forward. He shows how people’s perspectives and experiences change as a society develops via the use of interesting examples and case studies.

The gender roles in society

In an interesting piece, Sangwan explores the dynamic between gender and social constructs. The social construction of gender roles, the consequences of gender inequality, and the interplay between gender and other social concerns are all areas of study for him. Sangwan’s method stresses the need of gender equality and prompts critical examination of existing gender norms and biases.

Deviance as well as Methods of Social Control

Deviance and social control is another important issue discussed in “Essential Sociology.” Sangwan investigates the field of deviant behaviour, asking what it is and how our culture handles those who behave abnormally. He analyses the many functionalist and conflict views on deviance, as well as the social control mechanisms that societies use to keep the peace.

When everything is said and done, Nitin Sangwan’s “Essential Sociology” is the best book out there for students who want to learn the fundamentals of sociology. Through its exploration of topics including society, social stratification, social change, gender, and deviance, this book gives readers a firm grasp of key sociological ideas.

Sangwan’s writing style, which is devoid of complicated jargon, makes it easy for readers to understand these ideas. Reading “Essential Sociology” can help you get a better grasp of the social forces at work in your daily life by challenging you to think critically about the world around you. This book is a fantastic resource for anybody interested in learning more about the interesting area of sociology, whether they are a student, researcher, or layperson.


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