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Now Free Download Master Your Emotions PDF/ePub By Thibaut Meurisse. Read Online Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity and Better Manage Your Feelings.

About Master Your Emotions

Do you ever think…

…about your thoughts?

Do you have a tendency to dwell on negative things?

The first thing you need to do is have an understanding of how unpleasant feelings and emotions work. Then, in order to turn those feelings around, we need to get an understanding of how to rewire those feelings. If you pay attention to the directions, you will be able to lead a happier life.

This system is in working order.

sold more than one hundred thousand copies in total.

It offers me with a place to go that helps me have a more positive attitude on the here and now and gives me hope for the future. to quote Kimberly

Although I haven’t read the book yet, the most important thing I’ve learned from it so far is that my feelings do not define who I am. I am still the same person even when strong emotions take hold. – Itzel

You’ll discover:

  • 31 simple methods for overcoming adversity
  • Learn to make the most of your feelings and utilise them to your advantage.
  • A strategy for the reprogramming of one’s brain
  • A free worksheet that you may download, in addition to many other features!

The author, who is an introvert, was unable to accomplish the things he wanted in life because he was shy. When he took the commitment to devote his life to being a better person, everything began to shift. This article details his path to fulfilment and pleasure.

It will act as a guide for you while you go through your personal development.

After you have made the choice to Manage Your Emotions, you will come to appreciate the straightforwardness and practicality of this approach, as well as the ease with which it produces results.

About Thibaut Meurisse

I write straightforward, actionable books on self-help for regular individuals who are looking to achieve amazing outcomes.

Thibaut is the author of more than 20 books, one of which, “Master Your Emotions,” is currently the number one best-selling book on Amazon. It has been translated into more than ten languages, including French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Thai, and Russian, and has sold close to 300,000 copies.

The goal of Thibaut’s work is to assist regular individuals in doing amazing things.

If you are someone who is dedicated to bettering their life and enjoys reading books that are both easy and inspiring, then you will enjoy his work.


As someone who, at times, feels powerless in the face of their feelings, I can relate to this. Mostly motivated by anxiety or apprehension, I reasoned that I should give this book a try.

The design of the book’s layout is excellent. Each chapter focuses on a different issue that is brought on by your emotions. These issues include things like anxiety, fear of the unknown, and jealousy, among many others. The first part of the chapter explains why feelings are somehow connected to this and then goes on to discuss how direct actions can be used to battle these feelings.

Although I haven’t put all I’ve picked up from this book into practise yet, I do believe that a good portion of it will come in handy.

This book does not provide any information or techniques that are particularly groundbreaking. In my opinion, it is quite fundamental, but it is easy to understand and a quick read. One method is to do something as simple as distracting yourself in order to temporarily stop experiencing a bad emotion. Then, there is a method that may be used over the long term to let go of those unpleasant feelings. For example, you could inquire as to why you feel that way and what it is that causes you to experience such bad feelings in the first place.

Everyone who has ever picked up a self-help book will be familiar with the numerous similar mantras (self affirmation, positive thinking, zen quotations, and so on), and the author of many of these books actually quotes from other self-help books. One of the things that stuck out to me was how the author emphasises the significance of emotions, explaining that emotions equal thoughts, which leads to actions. Yet, this also indicates that we place an excessive amount of significance on our feelings, particularly the negative ones. In addition, there is no pseudoscience involved in this endeavour to be cheerful around the clock. He suggests that we may exaggerate the significance of negative emotions, despite the fact that they are necessary for determining whether or not anything is incorrect.

Enjoyed the read. I made a lot of notes, and I’m going to attempt to use them in the future to see if it assists me in any way.

The things that I struggle with the most are procrastination, shyness, and pushing myself beyond of my comfort zone. I will return and edit this post if any of the suggestions end up being useful to me.

Master Your Emotions Book Summary

Thibaut Meurisse offers a number of techniques for dealing with stress and unpleasant feelings, as well as ways to divert your attention to happier thoughts.

This book was just the refresher I needed because I have a propensity to overthink things that are FAR out of my control, let resentment build up, and put off dealing with problems until later.

If you want to live a happier, more fulfilled life, Master Your Emotions will show you how to deal with the bad emotions holding you back.

The activities in this book provide concrete examples of the whole range of human emotion and are designed to have a positive and immediate effect on your own emotional wellbeing.

To sum up, if you are just getting started with self-help books, this is an excellent choice as a starting point.

This book will teach you the nature of emotions, the factors that influence them, the steps necessary to alter them, and the ways in which you may put those changes to use in your own development.

Like with any other self-help book, this one will only be effective if the reader actually applies the ideas contained inside.

The author encourages you to follow along with a step-by-step workbook as you read, which is a great resource. How wonderful!

This is a book that I have enjoyed from beginning to end. Although many self-help books touch on the topic of emotions and how they can effect you, few delve as in-depth as the authors of Master Your Emotions. That this book gets right to the point and doesn’t waste time with filler is one of its many virtues.

This book is for you if you have trouble managing your negative emotions, or if you simply want to understand how your emotions work and how you may use them to your advantage.

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