Addicted for Now (ePUB/PDF) By Krista Ritchie Read Online

Addicted for Now (ePUB/PDF) By Krista Ritchie Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Addicted for Now
Author:Krista Ritchie
SeriesAddicted #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Lily Calloway’s worst nightmare centres around those three words. Loren Hale, though, is resolved to be by Lily’s side without condoning her risky habits. Now when they sleep in the same bed together for real, Lily has additional challenges. To stop leaping Lo’s bones every night, for example. Keeping his focus away from his body and sex.

Loren intends to remain sober and make amends for his past mistakes. Therefore, when someone threatens to reveal Lily’s secret to her loved ones and the general public, he vows to do everything it takes to keep her safe. Lo’s sobriety is important, but there’s more at stake now that old foes are making a comeback.

They’re going to drive Lo crazy torturing Lily.

Also, relapse isn’t what he’s most afraid of. It all comes to an end, and he hears it. Clearly, he is aware of it. The one factor with the potential to alter the status quo. Only three words.

About The Author Krista Ritchie

New York Times and USA Today bestselling writers Krista and Becca Ritchie are twins; one is a science nerd and the other a comic book geek, but they have collaborated creatively since childhood. This audience loves stories about superheroes, characters with flaws, and soul mates.

Addicted for Now Book Summary

It was a good time pass while reading this book. It made me pleased to see Loren and Lily become healthier individuals and closer friends as they got clean. When they made excuses and reverted back to old ways, I became annoyed and dissatisfied. When Lily experienced sexual harassment at the hands of those who mistakenly believed that “sex addicts” meant “whores,” I cried a little and felt totally horrified.

When her self-esteem grew, I felt like a badass for telling out the sickos who had treated her like a whore. I’m happy to report that Loren has now stopped making excuses for his angry outbursts. When they realised they could lean on each other instead of their addiction, that’s when I was most proud of them. …and so on and so on. Seeing them work hard to improve so they wouldn’t let down the people who meant the most to them and, most significantly, themselves, was an inspiring experience. After finishing this novel, I realised how much I care for the protagonist and the rest of the cast.

The growth of the characters was one of the book’s strongest points for me. Though tedious at times, the plodding pace allowed for a more genuine portrayal of Lily and Loren’s uphill battles, setbacks, and eventual comebacks. They slowly won me over, and it wasn’t until much later that I realised how much they meant to me.

My favourite part of this book was the characters’ unwavering loyalty to one another. Rose, Connor, and Ryke are three of the many characters that have supported Lily and Loren throughout the novel. I thought they were all fantastic, with flaws and all, and I adored the closeness they shared. It was difficult, annoying, and depressing. But it was also uplifting, endearing, and illuminating. It came as a surprise to me how much I like this series.

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The characters’ genuine development and the unwavering love and support of their loved ones drew me over after I was initially sceptical of the first book. Because of these issues, I can’t recommend Addicted for Now enough. The authors did a fantastic job of setting the scene, raising the stakes, and allowing the protagonists to earn the reader’s sympathy over time.

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