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Book Name:The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind Pdf Latest Edition
AuthorJoseph Murphy
Language:Bilingual (Both English & Hindi)
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
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About The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind Original version

The Power of Your Unconscious Mind, written by Joseph Murphy, is now available in pdf format. This is an amazing book that will show you how to release your inner bravery and courage and take charge of your life. This book contains a great deal of information similar to that, much of which will have a negative impact on your life. This is a book that has been extremely successful in sales all over the world. You are going to learn something new about the capabilities of your unconscious mind in each and every chapter of this book.

Reading this amazing book could help you go where you need to go, figure out how to deal with the issues you're facing, and break free from any mental or physical chains that are holding you back. It has the potential to restore your strength, vitality, and overall health. The development of one's inner powers can unchain one's fearlessness and contentment, allowing one to live life to the fullest. In this book, the author makes an effort to explain some of the most fundamental aspects of the mind by using language that is easy to understand. Words in common usage are sufficient to convey the fundamental principles that govern existence and thought.

About the Author

Dr. Murphy's life had an impact on innumerable individuals all over the world. His work is still being carried on at Dr. Joseph Murphy's website as well as at

Through his writing, teaching, counselling, and public speaking, Dr. Murphy was able to communicate with thousands of individuals all over the world while serving as the Minister-Director of the Church of Divine Science in Los Angeles. Each and every week, there were thousands of people there to listen to him speak. His thirty novels have combined sold more than ten million copies all over the world, and his daily radio show was listened to by millions of people all over the world.

He is often cited as the inspiration for the likes of Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Louise Hay, and Earl Nightingale, as well as the spiritual heir to James Allen, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and Norman Vincent Peale. Dr. Joseph Murphy is widely regarded as a seminal figure in the field of human potential. He has been cited as the inspiration for the likes of Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Louise Hay, and Earl Night In the middle of the 20th century, he was one of the most successful authors in terms of book sales. The book has been published in the millions of copies, and it has been translated into thirty other languages. This book is still quite popular in the market for self-help, and it has never been taken out of print. The one and only official copy was published by Penguin Random House and JMW Group.

Dr. Murphy has circumnavigated the earth in order to impart his wisdom upon those who tune in to his radio programmes and attend his public speeches. In his talks, he provides examples of people whose lives have been transformed after adopting some of his ideas and offers advice on how others can achieve similar results. He shows examples of people whose lives have been transformed after adopting some of his ideas.

Reader's Review

I was inspired by the author's unwavering belief. The work teetered on the brink of preachiness due to a few religious overtones and allusions. The unexpected shift to an emphasis on the elderly in the book's final chapter also confused me. In any case, those are my ideas. It's a constant encouragement to keep working towards our goals.

Dr. Joseph Murphy's advice completely reshaped my outlook on life. Poor academic performance, emotional distress, and a big waistline all contributed to my difficulties. Certifications that were once unimaginable are now reality thanks to his guidance and that of others like Neville Goddard. I not only finished them, but I did it with astounding efficiency and success. Because of my drastic weight loss (40 kg in 10 months), I had to replace my passport and driver's licence. I went from being an introverted, anxious, worried, pessimistic person with whom nothing appeared to work out to an outgoing, optimistic, confident person for whom the impossible is easy and where things are always working out.

I've never been happier or more at peace, and now that I'm free of any "issues," I truly appreciate and enjoy life. I recently took the MBTI and got back an ENTJ result; I can guarantee you that I never would have guessed it about myself without these lessons. If you have the opportunity to read these works, you should take it; they have the power to alter your life in profound ways, but only if you are willing to alter your own.


I decided to give this book a shot after hearing rave reviews from a friend who said it had a profound impact on her. After reading the first three pages, I came across the following sentence: "Over forty-two years ago, I resolved a malignancy—called a sarcoma in medical terminology—by harnessing the healing power of my subconscious mind…" I was so angry by such an inane remark that I had to stop reading the book at that moment. If you can only think yourself better, you don't need fancy contemporary medication, it seems. I have no idea if this author can recover from this, but he has lost my trust forever if he writes another word that makes me angry.


Get the most up-to-date pdf/epub version of the book "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind." Download the original hindi/English version for free from this Google Drive link: When discussing the study of human potential, Dr. Joseph Murphy is often cited as a pioneer. Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Louise Hay, and Earl Nightingale are just a few of the people who have said that he influenced them. More than 10 million copies of his thirty novels have been sold around the world. "Now that I'm rid of all my "problems," I'm really able to appreciate and enjoy life. I've never been happier or more at peace." The guidance I received from Dr. Joseph Murphy radically altered my worldview. I took the MBTI lately and got back an ENTJ score; without these teachings, I never would have guessed that about myself.

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