Mafie Kings: Brutal Boys of the Mafie (PDF/ePUB) By T.R. Old In

Mafie Kings: Brutal Boys of the Mafie (PDF/ePUB) By T.R. Old In read online for free.

Mafie Kings: Brutal Boys of the Mafie Information

Book Name:Mafie Kings: Brutal Boys of the Mafie
Author:T.R. Old In
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:2.35 MB
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My parents’ murder was seen by me. I’ve been hiding out for a while, but he thinks I’ve vanished. Training. Searching. Waiting. I have the opportunity for retribution at last, yet there is something holding me back. If I had to give up everything, would it be worthwhile?

The Royals
We work as a cohesive whole. Fire-tested brothers. We are bred to rule because we are Bratva. When our dad welcome us to Mafie University, we don’t question their expectations that we will one day rule as Kings. Our lives were predetermined, therefore everything is going according to plan. When we finally meet her, everything shifts. We’ve been assured that she is now officially ours. To exert dominance on. To use as a toy. And destroying things is one of our favourite activities.

This book is a romantic secret society thriller. Some readers might find the vivid depictions of violence, sexual assault, and death disturbing. Please read the warning at the beginning of this book if you have triggers or are at all uncertain. Also, it has sexually graphic material that is inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. The main female character will ultimately end up with numerous men because this is a why choose/reverse harem. It’s from multiple points of view.

About The Author T.R. Old In

He’s the driving force behind many of my plans, and he even pitches in to assist me make progress. Being in the military necessitates a lot of moving around, which may be stressful, but my partner is my biggest supporter. On top of that, I work as an intensive care unit nurse for both newborns and children.

Mafie Kings: Brutal Boys of the Mafie Book Summary

Totally blown away; if this is a first novel, I can only imagine the suspense, twists, and heartbreaking scenarios that lie ahead.
The Mafia book is a must-read for serious readers. The novel is set in a Mafia university on an island where rival Mafia factions come together to study, network, and prepare for power. There are a lot of things that may go wrong with this, but if you’ve ever been in a similar position, you’ll know that nothing is left out of the picture.

A sassy woman who can’t help but impress with her stories and actions. It’s possible to go from perfectly average to ridiculously physco in a heartbeat. All three of these dudes are unique in their own ways, but they all share the same physic. Spicy heat in spades, courtesy of several tablespoons of red chilli powder. The author has the most excellent manner I’ve seen in a very long time to analyse and resuscitate every emotion, thought, etc., from the past and the present.

Everything from happiness to grief to everything in between is happening.
Everything up until the shocking final twist centres on the protagonist’s desire for vengeance. This author is one to keep an eye on, and I highly suggest this book.
Since the plot has already been extensively discussed, I won’t bother summarising it here.

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