Return Policy (PDF/ePUB) By Hailey Dickert Read Online

Return Policy (PDF/ePUB) By Hailey Dickert Read Online For Free.

Return Policy Information

Book Name:Return Policy
Author:Hailey Dickert
SeriesCrystal Bay University #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size2.63 MB
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Anderson, Elijah
On campus, I was the man.

Before I was hit by a wrecking ball, I was living the dream: scoring touchdowns, drinking beer, and hooking up with attractive women.

My life was in turmoil, and I felt lost and dejected, until I laid eyes on her.

Until I met Sophia Summers, I had no idea what I was missing. An unexpected ray of sunshine during the relentless storm.

However, there is one minor issue. She has no faith in romantic relationships and even less in me.

However, I am a patient man, and she is definitely worth the wait. She will soon understand that I am interested in all of her, including her shadows. Whether she likes it or not, I am now hers.

All sales are final; refunds will not be given.

Novel #1 in Hailey Dickert’s Crystal Bay University series.

Although Dickens first novel, The Sister Between Us, is not required reading for enjoying Return Policy, it is recommended since it introduces the character of Sophia.

Beginning of the Plot

Sophie Bear, age 9, was planning to sit outdoors with her closest friend Sage, age 11, but it started pouring down rain just as they got there. She can’t wait till Friday’s autumn presentation to show off her artwork and her twin siblings, particularly her elder brother Jake. A burned pancake or a mint chocolate chip won’t go unnoticed by them.

Lightning and thunder startle them as they drive, making them feel unsafe. They go to Longwood Medical Centre, where their dad is waiting for them. They are told to wait for his return by sitting in the furthest corner of the room. As Jake bursts through the emergency room doors, the girl’s fast breathing is exacerbated by the blast of cold air.

While they wait, they overhear someone say, “Chloe,” “Leah,” and “accident.” Sage wraps her arms around them, reassuring them in a soft voice that everything is going to be well. But Jake is in discomfort, and nobody tells Sophie Bear why. While they wait, they see Sage’s mother, Autumn, coming into the waiting area. Her mother was expected to be there but was not.

Jake collapses into his father’s chest while Sofia is left alone in the hospital on the scariest day of her life. His piercing wail plunges her into a nightmare she never imagined she’d have to face.

About The Author Hailey Dickert

Author of contemporary romance novels and a songwriter from a young age, Hailey (Bruhn) Dickert was raised in a sleepy seaside town in Florida. She used to write in a personal blog about her experience of migrating to Germany as her permanent residence. The Sister Between Us is the first book by author Charles Dickert.When Dickert isn’t reading, making memories with her husband and little kid, or travelling, she may be found writing at her kitchen table or her favourite local brewery, Sailfish Brewing Company. She admits she has a problem and feeds it by watching Sunday afternoon football games between the Miami Dolphins and the Minnesota Vikings.

Return Policy Book Summary

While I had mixed feelings about the author’s previous novel, The Sister Between Us, I can say without a doubt that Sophia and Elijah’s narrative is my favourite of this author’s work to date. Return Policy can be enjoyed without having read the author’s prior work, but I would advise doing so if at all possible.

I should also warn you that this book deals with some heavy subjects, such as…

Addiction to drugs is discussed.
Death of a sibling and a parent is depicted graphically.
Harassment and sexual assault

Put your mental health ahead of reading a book if you need to.

“Pain does not go instantly. As time passes, you become less and less affected by it.

This is the second book that I have commented on how wonderfully the author captures the anguish of loss. It’s strangely reassuring to think about.

Given the conclusion of the previous book, I found the plot to be a bit too intense. Truth be told, I think the plot would have been far more approachable if it had focused almost exclusively on Sophia’s grief over the death of her sister. I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s obvious that Sophia has been through some pretty horrific things in her life, and that the fallout from those experiences has been largely ignored.

There were also a few awkward…intimacy moments. I grimaced slightly at the mention of Icebreaker and Elsie Silver, not because I don’t enjoy them, but because it brings me back to the present moment, and I’m reading to escape from it all. I do not believe it is the appropriate time to begin naming those publications and authors.

That being said, Elijah and Sophia were two of my favourite characters, both separately and together. Elijah has quickly become one of my most adored fictional partners. I have no idea how to begin describing it. When he started acting like a cowboy, however, he had me on my knees. In contrast to the previous book, I enjoyed watching their friendship grow before they jumped into a romantic engagement.

The smut was sizzling, but it didn’t last long, and if I’m being totally honest, the timing of it was off throughout the better part of the book.

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