Independence Day (PDF/ePUB) By Veena Venugopal Read Online

Independence Day (PDF/ePUB) By Veena Venugopal Read Online for free.

Independence Day: A People’s History Information

Book Name:Independence Day: A People’s History
Author:Veena Venugopal
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India achieved its independence 75 years ago. What was the experience of being a common citizen during that particular period? What were the methods employed to commemorate the inaugural observance of Independence Day? What was the prevailing ambiance observed in the urban and rural areas, encompassing streets, cities, towns, and remote villages? What were the emotions experienced by the individuals? Furthermore, what are their current sentiments towards the nation they observed coming into existence?

Within the pages of this profoundly poignant literary work, a collection of fifteen individuals hailing from various regions of India recount their own narratives surrounding their first experience of Independence Day. Amongst this diverse group, several individuals were mere toddlers, aged four or five, while others were young adults on the cusp of embarking upon their collegiate journey.

Certain individuals resided in remote regions devoid of access to newspapers or radio broadcasts, hence lacking means to stay informed about current events. Additionally, a subset of these individuals had never encountered an Englishman and possessed limited understanding of the concept of freedom.Many individuals had a constant state of apprehension due to the potential occurrence of communal riots, which posed a significant threat to their livelihoods and overall well-being.

This collection comprises narratives originating from Bombay, Delhi, Mysore, and Lahore, as well as regions affected by riots such as Punjab and Bengal, and even rural villages in Bihar and Tamil Nadu. These narratives, each distinct in nature, effectively bring history to life, serving as a poignant reminder that beyond the mere facts and significant dates, there exist the vibrant lives of several Indians who collectively shaped historical events. Independence Day is a profoundly inspirational and highly captivating literary work that effectively brings to life the historical significance of 15 August 1947 and its relevance to India’s past.

About The Author Veena Venugopal

Veena Venugopal, a journalist with a decade of experience, is currently located in Delhi. She is a contributor to Quartz, an online magazine owned by Atlantic Media.

Independence Day: A People’s History Book Summary

The assertion posits that individuals do not actively shape historical events, but rather, they are shaped and influenced by the course of history.

Expressing affection for one’s nation is a multifaceted endeavour. Individuals often experience a surge of national pride upon beholding the national flag, while concurrently grappling with a sense of frustration stemming from the persistence of longstanding challenges that have persisted since the attainment of independence.

It is a commonly shared experience, is it not?

The literary work titled “Independence Day,” authored by Veenavenugopal, presents the narratives of a diverse group of 15 persons hailing from various regions of the nation who personally experienced India’s inaugural Independence Day. This literary work documents the subtle nuances and emotional atmospheres present in many urban and rural settings, as experienced and recounted by individuals in the first person. Each chapter of the book focuses on an individual hailing from a distinct geographical region within the country.

These individuals provide personal narratives, stories, reflections on their aspirations for the nascent nation, and their perspectives on both historical and contemporary leaders.
A portion of these individuals were under 4-5 years of age at that time and possessed only a limited comprehension of the concept of independence, but others were adolescents who actively engaged in the movement.

As previously mentioned, the act of harbouring affection for one’s country is a multifaceted endeavour. This concise literary work imparted knowledge to me on the subject matter, instilling a sense of optimism within me. The experience instilled in me a modest level of acceptance and ignited a fervour to contemplate and take action towards improving my nation. It motivated me to contribute in my own capacity, as the unifying thread across these 15 distinct individuals was their unwavering commitment for their country.

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Have I not informed you previously? The text also contains humorous anecdotes and analysis.

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