Limits (PDF/ePUB) By Susie Tate Read Online

Limits (PDF/ePUB) By Susie Tate Read Online for free.

Limits Information

Book Name:Limits
Author:Susie Tate
SeriesBeg, Borrow or Steal #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Millie has always been aware of her limitations. By remaining within them, she is protected from outside influences and is better able to deal with her situation. Why, therefore, have they grown so oppressive recently? What’s happening that her isolation is beginning to parallel her terror?

As she observes him, she secretly wishes she were more like the individuals he converses with. Pavlos Martakis is the most uninhibited, charismatic, outgoing, and free person she has ever met; he is physically intimidating, likeable, naturally gorgeous, immensely confident, and sexually promiscuous. Millie is both intrigued and frightened by him.

But Millie understands that if Pav feels anything for her at all, it is most likely scorn, because Pav is the one responsible for giving her the label “Nuclear Winter.” The other staff members saw her as uncaring and robotic. So she may safely keep an eye on him from a distance. Maybe he wouldn’t even notice her.

About The Author Susie Tate

Susie Tate, an author and doctor, resides in picturesque Dorset with her charming husband, delightful (most of the time) three sons, and charming dog. Her anecdotes are capable of eliciting both laughter and tears from her audience.

Limits Book Summary

The sequel to BBS, Limits, was eagerly anticipated. My most anticipated, despite my distaste for the first book in the series and its cast of characters.
But I HAD to learn more about Millie, who suffers from extreme social anxiety, and Pavlos, a Greek extrovert who can make friends with everyone.

So, Boundaries. This story of two people who couldn’t be more different from each other, but who eventually found common ground, was fascinating to me. Millie maturing into an adult who can handle… life, and Pavlos seeing that his pushover habits won’t always get him what he wants. Their courtship is wonderful, albeit slow, because of the resistance they’ve faced and the challenges they’ve conquered. Mistakes are made, but friends are triumphant, and love triumphs through time via little, selfless deeds. A heartwarming tale that took an unexpected turn that I loved.

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