It Happened One Wedding (PDF/ePUB) By Julie James Read Online

It Happened One Wedding (PDF/ePUB) By Julie James Read Online for free.

It Happened One Wedding Information

Book Name:It Happened One Wedding
Author:Julie James
SeriesFBI/US Attorney #5
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.27 MB
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Sidney Sinclair, an investment banker, has had it with commitment-averse men after a disastrous breakup. She wants to avoid attractive playboys like the plague, but when her sister gets engaged after a whirlwind romance, she is forced into intimate contact with the stunning best man. She has to put up with him until her sister’s wedding, for better or worse, but that doesn’t mean she has to cave in to his charming approaches.


Vaughn Roberts, Special Agent, never fails to have a guy on the job or a lady in bed. He is all the more anxious to win over the confident redhead after Sidney rejected his advances. Only in the end does a struggle of wills become a sincere attempt to win her affections. Possibly the single person Vaughn can’t live without is the one woman who will not let him catch her.

About The Author Julie James

Before turning to screenwriting, New York Times best-selling novelist Julie James spent several years as an attorney at a major firm in the United States. She gave up her career as a lawyer to pursue writing full-time after two scripts she wrote were optioned by Hollywood studios. The Thing About Love, Julie’s tenth novel, has been translated into twenty-two languages.

Author Julie James resides in Chicago with her family (husband and two kids).

It Happened One Wedding Book Summary

When it comes to this particular series, I will defend Julie James to the death. All the ingredients for a great romance book are there in It Happened at the Wedding: Excellent narrative development and characterization, as well as witty and likeable secondary players. This novel reaffirmed my faith that one can write romance—and do so very well—without the typical drama-llama, dark-secrets hogwash of modern fiction. Nothing except amazing character development and straightforward storytelling.

Sidney is an amazing protagonist. You can relate to her problems and enjoy her prickliness and snarkiness. My favourite feature about Julie James’s heroines is that they never act like damsels in distress. They’re strong, independent women in the midst of typical single-woman problems. Adored Sidney.

To paraphrase Julie James, Vaughn is the ideal hero. He’s confident, outgoing, hip, good-looking, and charming. Yes, it was nice once he got off his bum and expressed how he felt. He was the ideal companion for Sydney. Sydney’s apparent immunity to his “moves” made them all the more amusing. LoL!

I had a blast reading this book. I liked that they took their time becoming serious about things and then ended up falling in love. The sexual scenes were few and far between, but I found that they fit well with the overall mood of the book.

This series hasn’t let me down yet, so you can bet I’ll be watching for the next installment. Wait. Ms. James, do you know if there will be another?

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