Iron Flame (PDF/ePUB) By Rebecca Yarros Read Online

Iron Flame (PDF/ePUB) By Rebecca Yarros Read Online For Free.

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Even Violet Sorrengail herself anticipated her untimely demise during her freshman year at Basgiath War College. Threshing was just the beginning of a series of insurmountable challenges designed to cull out the cowardly, the unworthy, and the unfortunate.

The hard part of training has begun, and Violet isn’t sure how she’ll make it. It’s not only that it’s painful beyond the riders’ tolerance levels or that it’s deliberately cruel. That would be the new vice commandant, who has made it his mission to show Violet how helpless she is unless she betrays the man she loves.

Violet is physically weaker and frailer than other people, but she has a strong mind and an even stronger resolve. The most crucial thing Basgiath has taught her about leadership is that dragon riders establish their own norms.

However, willpower alone won’t be enough to make it through this year.

Due to Violet’s knowledge of the true secret kept at Bhagirath War College for ages, not even dragon fire may be able to save them in the end.

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About The Author Rebecca Yarros

Rebecca Yarros is a self-proclaimed coffee junkie and a hopeless romantic. She has written over twenty novels, several of which have been best sellers on the New York Times bestseller list, such as Fourth Wing, The Last Letter, and The Things We Leave Unfinished. Additionally, she was honoured with the Colorado Romance Writer’s Award of Excellence for her work on the novel Eyes Turned Skyward. Rebecca has a deep appreciation for brave service members and has been happily married to hers for over twenty years. She is a mother of six children and is currently navigating the treacherous waters of adolescence with all four of her kids who play hockey.

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Book Name:Iron Flame
Author:Rebecca Yarros
SeriesThe Empyrean #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
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