Burned Dreams (PDF/ePUB) By Neva Altaj Read Online

Burned Dreams (PDF/ePUB) By Neva Altaj Read Online for free.

Burned Dreams Information

Book Name:Burned Dreams
Author:Neva Altaj
SeriesPerfectly Imperfect #7
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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I had waited eight years, patiently plotting my revenge.
I have finally tracked him down and intend to exact my revenge.

He hired me to watch over his wife and make sure she was secure.
And I intend to murder the same woman I swore to safeguard.

He will experience the same pain that I did, and when I am finished with him, he will plead for mercy—mercy that I will not provide.


His eyes are as black as the depths of the ocean, and they follow my every motion with a look of pure malice.

I can’t hide the bruises that cover my body, the physical evidence of my dreams being burned to a crisp, because those eyes see everything.

I also can’t hide the fact that I’m desperately in need of a male.

Full of open-door passionate scenes, no cheating, and a certain happily-ever-after, *Burned Dreams is a tale worth reading.

The Perfectly Imperfect Mafia series continues with book seven. Although each novel in this series follows a different relationship, the entire series is best enjoyed if read in the sequence shown above.

About The Author Neva Altaj

Neva Altaj is the author of smouldering, modern mafia romances about powerful heroines who fall for broken antiheroes. She has a soft spot for irrationally jealous, possessive alpha males who would destroy the world for their wife.

Her tales are always exciting and full of twists, and they always end pleasantly.

Burned Dreams Book Summary

Neva Altaj has done it again; I love this Mafia series and can’t wait for the next installment.

Compared to the others in the series, this one stands out. We were separated from many of the memorable supporting cast members. It’s nothing new that we’re in a grim circumstance, but this may represent the series’ darker side. Please remember the CWs.

Ravenna, our protagonist, is in a dire predicament. Her brother lost a poker game to a powerful and vicious mafia boss, and as a result, she is now married against her will. She longs to break free, but her new spouse is so violent that any rebellion on her part must be subtle.

There’s her new bodyguard, Alessandro. This is a role that has a very short tenure in the annals of history. If they come too close to Ravenna, her husband will immediately kick them out. But his true motive is not to protect her from harm, but rather vengeance. In his mind, at least.

There are many fine lines that must be tread in this novel, but I think the author manages to do it successfully. All I wanted more of was the moment when these two first start to fall in love. Without any transition, it seemed like we went from hating each other to loving each other.

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