Divine Rivals (PDF/ePUB) By Rebecca Ross Read Online

Divine Rivals (PDF/ePUB) By Rebecca Ross Read Online for free.

Divine Rivals Information

Book Name:Divine Rivals
Author:Rebecca Ross
SeriesLetters of Enchantment #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size4.99 MB
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When two young journalists who are bitter enemies fall in love through a supernatural link, they must risk their lives in a battle between the gods.

The gods have awakened from their long slumber and are once again at war. Iris Winnow, age 18, wants nothing more than to keep her family together. Her mother has a drug problem, and her brother went missing while serving overseas. The columnist position at the Oath Gazette is her best shot for advancement.

Iris’s chilly and gorgeous competition at the paper, Roman Kitt, is the reason she writes letters to her brother and hides them behind her wardrobe door. When he responds to Iris’s letter anonymously, he and Iris form a bond that will carry them both to the front lines of combat for Iris’s brother, for humanity, and for love.

Rebecca Ross’s Divine Rivals is an epic enemies-to-lovers fantasy story full of hope and heartbreak and the unrivalled power of love, reminiscent of both Shadow and Bone and Lore.

About The Author Rebecca Ross

Fantasy novels written by Rebecca Ross have been bestsellers on both the New York Times and the Sunday Times best-seller lists. In the rolling hills of Northeast Georgia at the base of the Appalachians, she makes her home with her husband, their energetic Australian Shepherd, a small flock of chickens, and an ever-growing collection of books.

The Queen’s Rising Duology, DIVINE RIVALS, SISTERS OF SWORD & SONG, DREAMS LIE BENEATH, and other works are aimed at young adults. Her books for adults are called the Elements of Cadence Duology and include the bestsellers A RIVER ENCHANTED and A FIRE ENDLESS.

She spends her non-writing time reading or working in her garden, where she cultivates both wildflowers and plot points for future works.

Divine Rivals Book Summary

Divine Rivals is a work of historical fantasy romance that centres on a pair of adversaries who engage in a correspondence that inexplicably transcends physical boundaries. Amidst a global conflict with potential far-reaching consequences, two adversaries unexpectedly establish a bond that gradually evolves into a deeper relationship. The book did not meet my initial expectations; yet, I believe this deviation ultimately had positive outcomes.

The narrative mostly incorporates historical fiction elements, with just subtle instances of fantasy. This book is ideal for anybody seeking an introductory experience with fantasy literature. The next sequel seems to feature a substantial amount of fantastical aspects, hence arousing my curiosity about the manner in which these components will be seamlessly integrated into the intricately constructed historical universe created by Rebecca Ross. Both Iris and Roman exhibit remarkable strength and solidity, making them ideal characters upon which to anchor this narrative. Initially, both individuals exhibited arrogance and concealed their own selves from one another. However, as the narrative unfolded, they gradually uncovered profound insights about each other in a very exquisite manner.

Initially, both characters had imperfections, which evoked a sense of apprehension over my potential enjoyment of the narrative. Nevertheless, my affection for them rose significantly as I reached the conclusion of the novel. I expressed a desire for the characters to have a satisfactory resolution in their relationship, and I appreciated the gradual development of their romantic connection, which effectively portrayed the deepening affection they developed for one another. Both individuals had significant challenges, however they remained committed to one another while encountering adversity.

The author’s next work is eagerly anticipated, with the expectation that it would provide a satisfactory resolution for the characters, since the potential emotional distress resulting from their failure to unite would be considerable. The manner in which this book addressed the subject matter of sorrow and guilt was much appreciated. The incorporation of these subjects inside the narrative was executed with great finesse. The introduction of these issues did not elicit any sense of coercion or discomfort. The emotional impact of this narrative evoked a profound response inside me, leading to a near-tearful state on many occasions. The depiction of the characters’ suffering elicited a strong empathetic reaction, suggesting that the overarching themes of loss and guilt has the potential to deeply connect with readers. In all, I derived much satisfaction from reading this book and would highly suggest it to anybody seeking a captivating historical fiction romance.

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The first pace of the book may be seen as sluggish; but, with perseverance, one may anticipate an improvement in the reading experience. It is quite likely that individuals will discover elements within the book that resonate with their own interests and engender a sense of appreciation. Anticipation fills me as I eagerly anticipate engaging with forthcoming literary contributions from Rebecca Ross. I express the desire that my future encounters with her literary repertoire will provide a comparable level of satisfaction to that which I had when immersing myself in the pages of Divine Rivals.

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