Body Check (PDF/ePUB) By Teagan Hunter Read Online

Body Check (PDF/ePUB) By Teagan Hunter Read Online For Free.

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Book Name:Body Check
Author:Teagan Hunter
SeriesSeattle Serpents #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.44 MB
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I want to do two things this year: 1. I want to be the Seattle Serpents’ captain.
Don’t get married.

Until she shows up, I’m doing well.

Sinclair, Auden.

When our jet is forced to make an emergency landing, we make a pact to spend the night together and then go our own ways.

Only she mysteriously reappears.
And yet.

She appears out of nowhere. There, in my thoughts and in my bed, using her wit, intelligence, and the fact that her body is a great fit for mine to fully take over my life and derail all my plans.

What’s wrong? Nobody talks about Auden. Forbidden. Within the NO TOUCH REGULATIONS zone. She defies every norm, but never before have I yearned to break the rules so much as I do now that she is in my life.

It’s possible I’m going to lose this fight.

The hockey romance in BODY CHECK stands on its own. There’s a one-night stand, a billionaire heroine, a hunky hockey player, some annoying but lovable colleagues, some hilarious back-and-forth via text, a tonne of sex, and a satisfying conclusion. There is an off-page allusion to a parent’s death in this book.

Beginning of the Plot

Hutch disappoints Lawson and Hutch when he bails on them to attend his sister’s wedding. Hutch is irritated by Lawson’s snarky behaviour, and Lawson urges him to leave him alone. The team drama escalates, and the player signs a multiyear contract with the rival Seattle Serpents. They are the only eligible bachelors remaining on the squad who have no plans to settle down. The hockey player is only concerned with winning the Stanley Cup.

The prospect of playing alongside Adam Hayes, a young star forward for the Carolina Comets, irritates the speaker in a Sports Desk chat. They are more concerned with making a deep run in the Cup than with Hayes’ ability to cause problems. A barman approaches the speaker and offers him a drink of whisky. The barman notices the speaker’s hesitation and gives him another shot of whisky. The Seattle Serpents, the speaker says, have some experienced players, but those guys need to stand up and help seal victories. If the seasoned players and Vezina finalist goaltender continue to play well, then the speaker agrees that Hayes may remain.

A guy and a younger-looking lady are drinking in a pub. When she walks in, the guy is taken aback, and she proceeds to make snide remarks about his thoughts on the Carolina Panthers. The woman’s admission that she keeps score unnerves the male. The guy, taken aback by her apparent calm, sips his whisky in preparation for his departure. He is anxious in an enclosed space, so flying is not his thing. The lady responds with fake enthusiasm, but her irony is lost on the male. The guy thinks that if he shortens the word “yup,” she’ll get the hint that he’d rather not be bothered.

A customer who is frightened to fly is one who is grumpy because of the unpleasant experiences he had on his last trip. These include missing his bags and attending his stepsister’s wedding. He worries that a lady he met in the airport lounge could judge him harshly because of his drinking. At the airport, he checks his ticket and waits to board a tiny aircraft with only one seat. Instead of having a dialogue with anybody, he utilises his iPad, headphones, Netflix, and Wi-Fi to keep himself occupied and isolated. He keeps the noise cancelling turned off so he can hear the flight attendants, but they keep making announcements anyhow.

About The Author Teagan Hunter

TEAGAN HUNTER is known for her sarcastic, heartwarming love comedies. She has several interests, including pizza, hockey, and romance books. She wastes far too much time watching Supernatural, One Tree Hill, and New Girl when she should be writing. She has a little obsession with Halloween and is most comfortable in the autumn and winter. She settled in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, her high school sweetheart.

Body Check Book Summary

The Seattle Serpents are the focus of Body Check, the first book in Teagan Hunter’s newest hockey series. Veteran hockey player Hutch just joined the team. The team’s slow start has left Hutch wondering why he isn’t performing up to his usual standards. On his trip back home, he is seated next to Auden Sinclair, the same woman who had been bothering him in the airport lounge. When inclement weather forces them to spend the night together, things quickly go from hostile to passionate.

They expect to never cross paths again, but when they do, they’re both taken aback by the extent of Auden’s involvement with Hutch’s hockey team.

Again, this author delivered a sports romance with minimal emotional turmoil. Because of the nature of their business relationship, which is disclosed in the novel, Hutch and Auden are not allowed to be romantically involved with each other. That goes double when Auden is Hutch’s lucky charm. It was endearing to watch them fall for one another, even though it took encouragement from their loved ones to finally let their guard down and try love again.

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