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Name Happy Place
Author Emily Henry
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Harriet and Wyn are the epitome of the classic “salt and pepper” pairing, as well as the “lobster and rolls” and “honey and tea” pairs. They formerly did, but today, for some reason, they no longer do.

They’ve been separated for six months now. Even their closest friends don’t know.

This means that they will have to bunk together in the largest bedroom at their summer house in Maine, where their group of friends has been gathering for the previous ten years. They travel away once a year to the beach, where they unwind with their closest friends and family while indulging in copious amounts of wine and seafood.

For the second year in a row, Harriet and Wyn have lied their little hearts out to cover up how much they still want each other. The family will be able to spend one final week together at the cottage before it is sold. They’ll do the right thing because they care about their pals. While Harriet is the focused, agreeable type, Wyn, the surgical resident, will be the easygoing, charming type. The tactic is most effective when viewed from afar with UV-protected eyewear. What’s a week of acting in love when you’ve been together for years, especially in front of people who know you best?

An ex-couple agrees to pretend they’re still together for the duration of their annual weeklong vacation with their best pals in this dazzling and incisive new novel by #1 New York Times bestselling author Emily Henry.

Author Biography: Emily Henry

Emily Henry has authored several number one New York Times bestsellers, including Book Lovers, People We Meet on Vacation, Beach Read, and the forthcoming Happy Place. She travels back and forth between her homes in a small Kentucky hamlet and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Synopsis of Happy Place Book

Emily Henry has once again accomplished something bizarre yet brilliant. This was written differently than her other contemporary romances, which I normally appreciate. It wasn’t a joke-a-minute like your average romance comedy. Though her earlier books were met with mixed reviews, her newest is the ideal beach read. Our newfound relatives and blood relatives during our travels. Readers devoured it. The entrance to this one, though, was not so easy. I had to give it some time to sink in because of the complexity and delicacy of its tone, which made me think of literary fiction.

Harriet and I couldn’t have more different personalities if we tried. She is much warmer, fluffier, and more tolerant than I am. In spite of this, we shared Emily Henry’s worries and concerns. Especially impressive is her depiction of loneliness.

Since Wyn was so different from the usual male protagonist, I found him fascinating. His brain is built differently, although he shares some of Alex’s emotions and ideas.

There are some spoilery points I want to make, so I’ll update the review after the book’s release, but one thing I do want to talk about is the romance. I can feel the characters’ love for each other in this book, and it hurts a little. This is the first romance novel that has done that for me.


Despite my enjoyment of the book, I was never able to connect with it on an emotional level.

Harriet, the protagonist, was largely responsible for that. She felt so strongly that it was her duty to fulfil the happiness of others that she neglected her own. This is a standard procedure, I know. Our loved ones come first, and their pleasure is more important than our own.

From their initial meeting as college freshmen to their present-day marriages and children, the narrative chronicles the lives of Harriet, Sabrina, and Cleo. Since Harriet is the story’s narrator, we learn about their history and their present-day interactions via her eyes. It was difficult for me to keep track of our location in time and space since I was never sure how much time had passed between the many past scenarios.

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