God of Malice (PDF/ePUB) By Rina Kent Read Online

God of Malice (PDF/ePUB) By Rina Kent Read Online for free.

God of Malice Information

Book Name:God of Malice
Author:Rina Kent
SeriesLegacy of Gods #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size2.11 MB
ePub Size419 KB
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I encountered the notice of a formidable creature.
I did not make a request for it.
The event was unforeseen and caught me by surprise.
However, once I take action, it becomes evident that the opportunity has already passed.
Killian Carson exhibits predatory behaviour while simultaneously exuding an air of sophistication.
The individual in question exhibits characteristics of being unemotional, calculating, and brutal.
One significant concern is the lack of recognition regarding his malevolent nature.
I concur.
Furthermore, this will result in a complete depletion of my resources.
I engage in the activity of running, but, there is a noteworthy aspect pertaining to the existence of monsters.
The pursuit is consistently ongoing.

The literary work in question deviates from the traditional conventions of the romance genre and incorporates subjects that may not be universally appreciated. Prior to commencing the reading, kindly review the author’s note.

About The Author Rina Kent

Rina Kent is an accomplished author who has achieved notable success in the literary industry. She has been recognised as a successful author by prestigious platforms such as USA Today, worldwide markets, and Amazon, where her works in the genre of foes to lovers romance have reached the top position.

The author is recognised for her propensity to create unabashed anti-heroes and villains, a tendency that may be attributed to her predilection for developing affections towards individuals who do not garner widespread support. The author’s literary works are characterised by the inclusion of elements of gloom, a sense of unease, and a notably excessive level of emotional intensity.

In her own time, she resides in London, indulging in sinister amusement as she contemplates introducing chaos into her ever-growing realm. When not engaged in the act of writing, Rina partakes in other activities such as travelling, hiking, and indulging in the care and affection of felines, embodying the archetype of a devoted Cat Lady.

God of Malice Book Summary

If one desires affection, I am indeed inclined towards expressing fondness; yet, it is important to note that my affection is characterised by unconventional attributes. I possess sufficient affection for you to grant permission for you to express your desires upon my walls. I possess a profound affection for you, to the extent that I am willing to grant you authority over my emotions, despite never having granted such power to anybody previously, so risking potential internal devastation.

When Rina made the statement that this particular book was her most sombre work to yet, she was not exaggerating. This particular attraction can be characterised as a gloomy ride, although it is also replete with elements of personal development, enthusiasm, and perpetual amusement. Please verify the trigger warning.

Initially, during the initial two chapters, I experienced trepidation towards Killian and found myself uncertain about my emotional response towards him. I did not hold a favourable opinion of him. The individual known as Kill exhibits psychopathic tendencies, although over time, I developed a certain kind of affinity towards him. The character of Kill had distinct qualities from the first, initially leading me to categorise him solely as malevolent and deranged.

However, a further analysis reveals that there are additional facets to Kill’s persona. Upon perusing the narrative, one is able to discern further facets of his character. Glyn Hello, Glyn! I experienced a sense of enthusiasm on behalf of the individual in question, and I am pleased to learn that she has discovered her own unique expression. I found her to be quite appealing, as she did not conform to my initial expectations. The collaboration between Glyn and Kill demonstrates a remarkable synergy. Initially, I must admit that I harboured a negative sentiment about their counter, as it failed to meet my expectations. However, subsequent experiences proved to be satisfactory.

This response contains potential spoilers. I am interested in gaining further insight into the nature of the relationship between the characters Kill and Asher as it is depicted towards the conclusion of the narrative. I am pleased that they have resolved the matter, yet I am eager to peruse the written content. Asher’s performance as a father was suboptimal, and I empathise with his perspective given the challenging behaviour exhibited by his sister.

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However, I was displeased with Asher’s treatment of Kill. I have concerns with the parenting practises of RES as parents, since I apprehend that their approach may not align with optimal standards. While acknowledging their genuine caring for their children and the possibility of occasional errors, I find myself deeply troubled by this situation. I had distress due to the complex dynamics involving Kill, Asher, Rei, and Gareth.

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