Sweet Temptation (PDF/ePUB) By Cora Reilly Read Online For Free

Sweet Temptation (PDF/ePUB) By Cora Reilly Read Online For Free.

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Book Name:Sweet Temptation
Author:Cora Reilly
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Cassio’s future wife addressed him as “Sir” on their first date.

Cassio has lost his wife and must now raise their two young children while attempting to consolidate his power in Philadelphia. The time has come for him to find a wife and a mother for his kids.

However, in a culture as traditional as his, picking a wife is a responsibility, not a privilege.

It’s important to play by the book. Respect for established norms.

The result is that he marries a very young girl. She may not be what he and his kids need, but she is so deliciously tempting that he can’t help but give in.

Giulia’s father had always planned for her to marry a man he picked out. Except that she had never bargained for a much older recipient.

She has never even held a baby, and now she’s expected to raise two young kids as her own.

It doesn’t take long for Giulia to figure out that Cassio isn’t looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. Despite her mother’s warnings, Giulia resolves to stand up for her ideal of a happy family and defy Casio treatment of her as a nanny and naïve child-bride.

Introduction to the Plot

The protagonist, a young Underboss, remembers his late wife Gaia on the anniversary of their death. After eight years of stability, the family is now falling apart because of Gaia’s death. The protagonist’s father has been having a heart attack and is concerned about how it will affect his reputation. The protagonist is holding his sleeping daughter, Simona, during the family supper. Simona is taken away by the protagonist’s mother, who had promised to watch the kids, and the protagonist is surrounded by his sisters. The father admits that he is tired and uncertain about his future because of what happened to Gaia. Since their mother’s death, the children have not been able to get more than two hours of sleep at a time, therefore he suggests the protagonist find a new mother for them. Children need both a mother and a father to care for them, thus the protagonist’s dad stresses the value of proper behaviour and adherence to customs.

Cassio, the sole single Underboss in the Famiglia, is thinking about proposing to his promised daughter Giulia. However, Luca and his loved ones are doubtful since they know he would never be reinstated if he resigned from his post. To avoid having Giulia’s wedding coincide with Gaia’s burial, Luca advises that Cassio and Giulia be married in early November.

Cassio is worried about her because of her history and since she is almost fourteen years younger than he is. He thinks getting married is necessary and that it will take no more than four months. Despite this, Luca is certain that he has already found another spouse for his daughter and that he has no intention of subjecting her to the same fate or sharing her with his other children.

Cassio gives Felix a call first thing in the morning to tell him he wants to marry Giulia and that he needs Felix to save his sanity. Since he has two young children who are in need of a mother, he agrees to set up the wedding for early November, the day after Giulia’s eighteenth birthday.

The protagonist’s father, Faro, is equally troubled by the circumstance and its possible consequences. He thinks they shouldn’t procrastinate too much, as they need to find a good match for their daughter.

About The Author Cora Reilly

Author Cora Reilly is known for her novels about dangerously attractive bad boys. Her works include the Born in Blood Mafia Series and The Camorra Chronicles.

She spends her time not writing steamy novels plotting exotic vacations and preparing meals that are too hot for her family.

Sweet Temptation Book Summary

Giulia embodied the meaning of the term “love” with every move she made, smile she flashed, every breath she took.

The arranged marriage motif is present in Sweet Temptation. However, unlike her other works, this one is completely unique. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this just as much as her other works, but I thought the way the characters and plot were constructed was really charming.

The fact that Giulia and Cassio had to work through their differences to become a happy couple was a pleasant surprise to me in a romantic relationship. The parts of the movie where Giulia tried to persuade Cassio were hilarious and heartwarming all at once. Even though he seemed to be constantly irritated by her, everyone could see that his feelings for her were undeniably intense. I loved how easygoing their relationship was and how hilarious their witticisms were. Basically as light and easygoing as any mafia connection gets lol

Giulia has been my favourite female character in the BIBMC/Camorra universe since I first met her. She’s just like I pictured her: odd, special, kind, humorous, and incredibly resilient. She faced her fears and confronted Cassio head-on, despite his intimidating reputation. Giulia was never in a relationship that wasn’t exactly what she wanted because of this. Giulia’s no-nonsense attitude was refreshing in a culture where women aren’t permitted to advocate for themselves.

Giulia’s authenticity is my favourite aspect of her because she didn’t try to conform to the “trophy wife” ideal. She never worried about what other people thought since she knew she was right. I also appreciated how easily and seamlessly she went from being a carefree adolescent to a wife and mother. There was no artificiality to it. Instead, she fit right in with Casio family and felt like she had always been there. Seeing her defend Cassio, Daniele, and Simone like a lioness meant the world to me. She dealt with hardships with such dignity and perseverance that anyone who met her could not help but fall in adoration.

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