Fighting for Us (PDF/ePub) By Claire Kingsley Read Online

Fighting for Us (ePUB/PDF) By Claire Kingsley Read Online for free.

Fighting for Us Information

Book NameFighting for Us
AuthorClaire Kingsley
SeriesBailey Brothers #2
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size2.23 MB
ePub Size1.16 MB
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The Asher Bailey who goes back to his weird little town is not the one who gave Grace’s ring to her. He’s more powerful, sturdier, and tormented than others. In exchange for a prison sentence, he lost Grace and all the good things in his life.

His brothers openly rejected him upon his return home, and the gossiping neighbours jumped at the chance to propagate malicious rumours about him. Both were necessary to carry out his scheme.

He was taken aback to see that Grace was still wearing his ring.

Grace’s story did not have a happy conclusion. We had to end the show early. She has been waiting for one man for the past seven years while carrying on with her life. With his return, she has a lot on her plate. He is hurt and angry and insists that they can’t be together. She hopes to set him straight about some of his assumptions.

He gets closer to his true home with each libation, jest, and kiss. within the framework of her life. In her arms. The depths of her own being.

Asher worries that his own shadow will swallow him up. Grace, however, would not just give up on him like that.

Author’s A broken hero and the woman who will not let him down. A group of raucous guys that like to get each other into trouble. Wild gossip spreads around town. Incredible exchange between two of my closest friends. This is a touching and emotional story about real love between two people.

Grace and Asher’s happily ever after comes to an end in Fighting for Us, the last novel in the Bailey Brothers series.

About The Author Claire Kingsley

When it comes to modern romance and romantic comedies, Claire Kingsley is unrivalled.

Fighting for Us Book Summary

The second installment in Claire Kingsley’s Bailey Brothers series is titled “Fighting for Us.” The continuing adventures of Asher and Grace. You should start with the first book, Protecting You, if you haven’t already. The story is portrayed from both Asher and Grace’s perspectives.

Seven years in jail has been a long time for Asher. Seven gruelling years passed. Over the course of those seven years, Asher changed into a different person, one who would resort to any means necessary to maintain his own survival. For seven years, he had no contact with the outside world. He hasn’t had a moment to get ready, but now he’s free. Now that his brothers are all grown up, he must relearn how to live and reconnect with Grace. His undying devotion could only be directed at this one thing. Also, the rejected female. He wasn’t expecting her to still be wearing his engagement ring. Her persistent reference to him as her “fiancé”

She had been corresponding with a ghost of a man. He has vanished. What remained was me; I was the rubble.Grace’s long-awaited reunion with the guy she had never stopped loving did not go as planned. She understands how challenging it will be for Asher to readjust to regular life. But she hadn’t counted on him to keep pushing her away. But just as she’s about to give in and give him what he claims he wants, she catches a glimpse of herself in his eyes and remembers the boy she’s loved forever. And she’s well aware that she can never just leave. And fight she must.

The road ahead is rough for Asher and Grace. Asher is harbouring a lot of resentment. In a legal sense, he may be released. It’s possible he’s out and about doing whatever he wants. On the inside, though, he hasn’t left his prison cell; he remains on edge, wary of every potential threat.

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