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Book NameProtecting You
AuthorClaire Kingsley
SeriesBailey Brothers #1
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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Grace Miles longs for the carefree days she shared with Asher, but the two must now pursue separate paths. After all, they spent their youth playing in the creek and splitting gum, so how could he possibly develop feelings for her? However, this summer seems distinct. Grace may assume that Asher is trying to hit on her if she didn’t know better. The combination of his dark eyes, rugged physique, and devilish grin sends her emotions spinning, and his smile gives her the courage to hope for things she knows she’ll never get.

It shouldn’t be hard to develop romantic feelings for your closest friend, but Asher Bailey finds loving Grace incredibly challenging. His crazy brothers are protective of the girl next door, his grandma won’t tolerate any sass, and he lives in a small town where rumours are spread like wildfire and are treated as entertainment. But Asher understands that his emotions are too significant to disregard.

It’s not risky to love her. This would be a huge loss if we lost her.

And in the space of one night, one kiss, everything shifts. When they are finally honest about how they feel, that’s the first step towards a happily ever after. Until tragedy strikes and their happily ever after is cut short, changing both of their lives forever.

Note from the author: eternal love, sibling rivalry, hilarious antics, and a divided community. The Bailey Brothers’ original narrative, “Protecting You,” is included here. Get in on the ground floor and fall in love with this rambunctious brood right from the start.

Grace and Asher’s journey is wrapped up in book two of the Bailey Brothers trilogy, Fighting for Us.

About The Author Claire Kingsley

Claire Kingsley writes the best contemporary romance and romantic comedy. Her love stories are inspiring. Claire Kingsley’s forbidden love and surprising relationship tales are full of passion, comedy, and distinctive characters. Her unique narrative style keeps readers turning pages. Her acute understanding into human emotion and brilliant words have made Claire Kingsley a romance master. Claire Kingsley’s works will leave you wanting more love and adventure, whether you’re a hopeless romantic or simply a fantastic narrative. Grab a blanket and snuggle back to enjoy one of Claire’s wonderful tales about love and laughter.

Protecting You Book Summary

The friends-to-lovers theme is one of my favourites, and this book delivered in a charming way.

When they were young, Asher and Grace were instant closest friends when they moved in next door to each other in a tiny town. They were inseparable until they hit puberty and couldn’t make sense of the shift in their love for one another. Asher admits his affections for Grace now that she is home for the summer from college. The story progresses to demonstrate how their love grows, and it’s both charming and heartbreaking.

The characters in this first installment of a new series are fantastic. Asher is the eldest of five rambunctious boys, each of whom I have no doubt will have an interesting tale to tell. The boys were reared by their observant and understanding grandmother.

The author crammed a lot of information into this short story to get readers interested in this new series. The story moved quickly, so I finished it in one sitting. It was a nice change of pace from the typical bad boy novels I’ve been reading. The story of Asher and Grace concludes in Fighting For Us r, scheduled for release on May 28, 2020, however it ends on a cliffhanger.

You’ll like this if you’re in the mood for a charming love story set in a sleepy little village. There are no steamy or graphic love scenes, just a simple love of one’s city. It’s refreshing to read something different, and I’m looking forward to continuing with the series.

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