Faking Ms. Right (ePUB/PDF) By Claire Kingsley Read Online

Faking Ms. Right (ePUB/PDF) By Claire Kingsley Read Online for free.

Faking Ms. Right Information

Book NameFaking Ms. Right
AuthorClaire Kingsley
SeriesDirty Martini Running Club #1
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size1.51 MB
ePub Size831 KB
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Everly Dalton is a total dating disaster, and she drinks martinis while doing it. Ignore the frog and move on. Not even the second date goes well for her. But she’s a badass on the job, serving as billionaire Shepherd Calloway’s longest-serving assistant. Her employees can’t figure out how she deals with the big bad wolf at work and stays unharmed.

The idea of Shepherd Calloway acting as a sugar daddy is repulsive to him. He is sick of women who are just interested in him for his wealth, so he has decided to give up dating and devote himself fully to expanding his business. Until his gold-digging ex-girlfriend hit him where it hurt, that is.

Obviously, he’s completely out of his mind to propose having Everly act as his live-in girlfriend. But the time seems eerily perfect. This may guarantee that everyone gets what they want, especially because Everly needs a large, awkward favour from her boss.

And, honestly, a fake romance of a few months won’t kill Everly. But there’s a catch. Shepherd is meant to be a robotic, emotionless leader. Not a living, breathing being made of morning wood and emotion. Lines are beginning to blur as people share uncomfortable bedtimes and thrilling faux dates. Everly learns that there is more to Shepherd than meets the eye when she gets to know the man behind the bank account.

And pretending becomes too lifelike.

The romantic comedy Faking Ms. Right can be enjoyed on its own.

About The Author Claire Kingsley

Author of hot, poignant contemporary romance and romantic comedies, Claire Kingsley is an Amazon best-seller.

Faking Ms. Right Book Summary

Strange, right? “Hmm?” She reached for her drink as she got closer. “This? That’s just my bean bag chair. Have you brought a bean bag chair? Then why do you want to bring it into my living room? The woman smiled brightly. “Yes.” “Why?” “Because it’s cosy, a good spot to catch up on reading, and my favourite hue.” A giant yellow blob was sitting among my hand-picked furnishings, and I gave it another inspection. It’s unclear. in addition to the colour yellow.” I applaud your keen eye, Shep. I immediately focused on her.

At long last, I’ve read a Claire Kingsley love story! This book has snuck its way to the front of my reading queue. I also have the pleasure of stating that, for the most part, Faking Ms. Right is a breeze to read, thanks to its charmingly uncomplicated prose and endearingly effortless flow. The first stand-alone entry in the Dirty Martini Running Club series has a great personality because to the author’s exquisite little touches, upbeat tone, and effortless delivery. Everly Dalton, the happy-go-lucky half of a couple stereotype, has a twilight-loving other. Many of the book’s developments are foreshadowed and expected, but the book’s impact (at least for me) resides in the straightforwardness of Everly and Shepherd’s growth and the depth of that simplicity. What takes a distant boss-employee connection and undoes it so that eyes lock, sights shift, sentiments thrive in close contact, and a giant yellow beanbag chair sits in the middle of a stoic man’s private apartment. There’s something irresistibly charming about a strong female protagonist who challenges the stability of a resolute male protagonist.

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