Yours Truly PDF/ePub by Abby Jimenez

Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez PDF/ePub Free Book.

Yours Truly PDF/ePub

Book NameYours Truly
AuthorAbby Jimenez
SeriesPart of Your World #2
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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This is a tale about the joy of meeting your soul mate and the terror of making a snap judgement about someone you’ve never met before.

The condition of Dr. Briana Ortiz has severely stalled. Her brother’s hunt for a kidney donor is coming to a close, and the promotion she applied for months ago still hasn’t been decided. Briana’s new man-doctor, who rates an 87 on the “pain in my ass” scale, is a likely candidate for this honour. But just when hostility is building, Dr. Jacob Maddox surprises Briana with a letter that changes everything.

In addition, it’s a fantastic letter. The sort that refutes Satan’s claim that Jacob is indeed the devil. Even if he’s a nice guy otherwise, he could be terrible at establishing a strong first impression. We know this because he has suddenly begun writing Bri letters, spending lunch with her in her “sob closet,” and discussing the merits of abnormally small horses. When Briana’s new doctor, Jacob, offers to give her brother the greatest gift imaginable—a kidney—she wonders how she can turn him down.

Author: Somme Sketcher

The New York Times bestseller Life’s Too Short by Abby Jimenez won the 2022 Minnesota Book Award. Abby launched Nadia Cakes in 2007 from her home. Her books and the bakery’s appearance on the Food Network have earned her fans all around the world. A good romance, coffee, small dogs, and a quiet night in are some of Abby’s favourite things.

Review of the Book “Yours Truly”

After “Part of your World,” Abby Jimenez delivered on her promise to tell Bri’s story.

When she made me cry in the middle of the third portion of this story, she may have made history.

As if all of that weren’t enough, Dr. Briana Ortiz may soon lose her job at the hospital to the hospital’s newest doctor, Jacob Maddox, and her brother Benny is contemplating suicide because he has a rare blood type because of their absent father.

At first, he doesn’t give it any thought.
His brother Jeremiah and his ex-girlfriend Amy are engaged, but she had no knowledge that he had left his job at Memorial West to work at Royaume Northwestern. The term “social anxiety” describes how he feels in unfamilar situations.

Never, ever say that!

He writes her a letter to make up for their difficult beginning because he is more articulate when he has time to evaluate his thoughts.

The fact that he has a three-legged dog named Lieutenant Dan and has offered to be her brother’s anonymous kidney donor makes her wonder if he is really the Villain she had assumed him to be.

She can’t afford to repay him at this time.

To help him out, she might pretend to be his new girlfriend throughout Jeremiah and Amy’s engagement and wedding celebrations. This would let his family celebrate in the knowledge that he has moved on and is happy again; he would be delighted for them.

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