Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching Quotes (70) on Mindfulness, Love, Life & Death

The Tao Te Ching is a book that contains the genuine wisdom that was attained by Laozi. Loazi also known as Lao Tzu and Lao Tse.

The man has experienced the genuine wisdom for himself, and he has documented it under the title of the Tao Te Ching.

Tao is synonymous with God, therefore whenever Lao Tzu refers to God as “Tao,” he is really referring to God.

Here, we have decided to give a few powerful quotes from the Tao Te Ching in the hope that they would assist you in realising the truth and a way to live life, realize love, death and mindfulness.

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AuthorLaozi (traditionally credited)
Original title道德經
CountryChina (Zhou)
LanguageClassical Chinese
Publication date4th century BC
Published in English1868

Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching Quotes Images in Hindi/English

Practice is essential if you want to unlock the true knowledge.

Be still. The stillness of the moment unveils the mysteries of eternity.

There comes a time to live, and there comes a time to die, but one should never deny the present moment.

“Beautiful words do not always reflect the truth, and the reality does not always reflect beautiful words.”

Be like water.

If you refrain from engaging in the Reaction to Evil, it will go away.

When there is nothing to catch and there is no goal in sight, you find yourself going far further than intended.

To win over other people, you need power, but to win over yourself, you need ability.

Doing nothing is preferable than being active but not getting anything done.

Do you have the patience to wait till the dirt clears up and the water becomes clear.

A man who has bravery on the outside dares to die; a guy who has courage on the inside dares to live

Time is something that can be made. It is the same as saying “I don’t want to” if you respond with “I don’t have time.”

The most skilled warrior never gets angry.

Everyone will appreciate you when you are unconcerned with comparing or competing with others and are pleased to just be yourself.

Those that are knowledgeable remain silent. Those who talk are those who are ignorant.

One step is all that’s required to set out on a trip that may ultimately cover a thousand miles.

A good traveller does not have predetermined plans and is not focused on their destination.

A sword that has been over-honed will not endure very long.

If you calm your mind, the rest of the pieces of your life will fit together perfectly.

Even though nature moves at her own pace, she manages to get everything done.

lao tzu quotes watch your thoughts

Watch your thoughts, because they will eventually become your words; watch your words, because they will eventually become your actions; watch your actions, because they will eventually become your habits; watch your habits, because they will eventually become your character; and watch your character, because it will eventually become your destiny.


This proverb illustrates how the calibre of our Thoughts & ideas has a direct impact on the course of our life.

Living in the now, maintaining equilibrium and mindfulness Taoism emphasises leading a life that is uncomplicated, harmonious, and well-balanced with the natural world. It is possible to be a Taoist by engaging in activities such as meditating, practising Tai Chi and Yoga, and paying attention to Feng Shui.

The simplicity that may be found in Taoism can be beneficial to everybody. When we take a moment to stop and consider the lessons that have been passed down through the ages, we just may find that we have the ability to alter the course of our lives.

Have fun with the sayings!

Let go Quotes

By letting it go it all gets done.

~ Lao Tzu

I let go of any urge to contribute to the greater good, and as a result, helping others becomes as natural to me as breathing. If you are able to disengage your intellect from (the Tao) and embrace it with your heart, it will remain a part of you for all of eternity. By letting go of it, everything will be done.

Tao Te Ching Quotes

Simplicity, patience, kindness.
These three things are more valuable to you than everything else.
You return to the origin of your existence by keeping your thoughts and actions simple.
You are patient with everyone, even your friends and foes, and you accept the way things are.
You have compassion for yourself, which allows you to have compassion for other creatures in the world.

Knowing other people is an indicator of intellect, but knowing oneself is the hallmark of genuine knowledge.
It takes strength to dominate others, but only genuine power may come from conquering oneself.

The progression of life consists of unplanned but inevitable changes. Don’t put up a fight; it will just bring you more suffering. Just accept things as they are. Allow things to progress in a natural manner and in whatever manner they see fit.

The truth is not always beautiful, and the truth cannot always be expressed using beautiful words.

Since one already has faith in oneself, there is no need to seek the approval of others. When one is happy with who they are, they do not seek the approval of others since they do not need it. Because an individual embraces himself, others are more likely to do so as well.

When you are sad, your mind is stuck in the memories of the past.
If you are worried about the future, then you are living in the present.
When you are at peace, you are able to enjoy the moment you are in.

If you give other people’s opinions a lot of weight, you will never be free from their control.

Find joy in the circumstances you find yourself in and learn to be pleased with what you already possess.
When you come to the realisation that there is nothing missing, the whole universe becomes yours.

Even though it moves at its own pace, nature manages to get everything done.

Take care in the nourishment that you provide your aspirations. They will sprout weeds if you water them with worry and anxiety, and those weeds will strangle the life out of your goal. If you promote success by providing people with hope and potential answers, you will be successful. Maintain a mindset that is always on the lookout for solutions that might transform a challenge into a chance for achievement. Maintain a vigilant watch for opportunities to give your idea some life.

You already own the answer at the core of your being; you are aware of who you are and you are aware of what it is that you want.

If you Understand others, you are smart.
If you realize who you are, you will find illumination.
If you can win against other people, you have power.
If you are able to prevail over your own weaknesses, you have strength.
You have achieved true wealth if you have mastered the art of contentment.
You know you have willpower when you can take vigorous action.
You have the potential to be long-lasting if you do not give up on your goals.
If you pass away without suffering any loss, you will live forever.

Quotes on Life by Laozi

The flame that is twice as brilliant only lasts for a fraction of the time.

Put a stop to your thinking and your problems will vanish.

Confidence may be cultivated via the use of kind words. The cultivation of kindness in one’s thoughts leads to profoundness. Love is born out of acts of generosity and selflessness.

Show your plainness, accept simplicity, work on reducing your selfishness, and have minimal desires.

The cosmos can hear the music playing in one’s heart and soul.

Take action without any expectation.

Respond intelligently even to ignorant treatment

Quotes About Self & Truth by Lao Tzu

To increase your level of knowledge, add new information every day. Eliminate barriers on a daily basis to expand your wisdom.

There are three things of great value that I guard carefully and treasure. The first of these qualities is kindness, the second is thriftiness, and the third is humility, which prevents me from placing myself ahead of other people. If you are kind, you can be brave; if you are thrifty, you can be open-minded; if you don’t prioritise yourself over others, you can rise to the position of authority among men.

If you attempt to alter it, you will only succeed in making it worse. If you make an effort to keep it, you will simply fail it.

It is better to be aware that there are things you do not know.
It is a disease to think that you know when in reality you do not.
To be rid of this condition, one must first acknowledge that it is a disease.

The snow goose does not take baths in order to keep its white appearance. Neither of you is required to do anything other than be who you are.

Water is the most delicate substance, yet it can break through even the hardest rock and soil. This exemplifies the concept that gentleness may ultimately triumph against harshness.

If you continue on this trajectory without making a change, you can find yourself in the same place you started.

Even if a person gives off the impression of being evil, you shouldn’t avoid him. Awaken him with your words, elevate him with your deeds, and repay his injury with your kindness. All of these things can be done with your words and deeds. Do not reject him outright; instead, reject his evil.

Practice is essential if one wants to acquire knowledge, which is a priceless asset.

If you remove all of the obstacles that evil must overcome, it will go away on its own.

A mind that is still receives the surrender of the whole cosmos.

Once you accept the fact that everything is subject to change, there is nothing that you will insist on clinging to. If you do not have a fear of death, there is nothing that you will not be able to do.

When choosing a house, choose one that is low to the earth. When thinking, try to keep things as basic as possible. When there is contention, act in a just and kind manner. When it comes to ruling, avoid trying to exert authority. Do the things you like when you’re at work. Maintain a level of total presence in the lives of your family.

Lao Tzu Quotes & Sayings

The power that comes from being silent is immense.

Don’t waste your time worrying about whether or not other people agree with you; why should you care whether or not they do? Why does it matter to you whether or not anybody likes you? Why do you care about things that were not designed with you in mind? Stop worrying about all of these things and just let other people go on with their lives, working, and having fun. Why do you care about all of these things?

People are smart, but I think of myself as a fool; people have their goals, but I don’t have any goals for myself. I am not like other people; I am the one who attains the Tao. I am like the wind and I am like a wave.

In this universe, everything has Tao, and everything is progressing toward the Tao in the same way that the water in all rivers eventually makes its way to the ocean.

The Tao is the source of everything, yet it never expresses itself, it never thinks or wants anything, and it never has any thoughts. Everything contributes to Tao, but nothing can claim ownership of Tao; this is what makes it such a wonderful thing. The fact that Tao never grovels for grandeur is one of the many wonderful things about him.

Being genuinely loved by another person may offer you strength, while sincerely loving another person can give you bravery.

Mindfulness Quotes

Knowing about the things in the world makes one smart, but being aware of one’s own identity is what makes one intelligent.

Maintain the rhythm of the Tao, and you will always be in the right. Your whole workload will be completed, and there is no need for you to be concerned.

A sage never loses focus on the Tao and never attends to anything other than the Tao. Tao has no Shape, No form. Even though it lacks Form and shape, Tao may nonetheless be thought of as a shape. Even though it lacks form and shape, Tao yet has a complex structure. It is foggy, yet the only place where light can be seen is here. It is just the ultimate truth, and by this standard, believers come into being. Tao has been here with us from the very beginning right up till the present day.

Quotes for Leadership and success

Because the sea is at a lower elevation than the streams, they all eventually flow into it. The secret to its potency is its humility. If you want to rule the people, you have to put yourself in their position, which is lower than theirs. If you want to lead the people, you need to first master the skill of following in their footsteps.

It is best to have a leader.
When very few people are aware that he even exists
When the task is done and the goal is achieved, those who follow a competent leader who doesn’t speak much will say things like, “We accomplished this ourselves.”

Whoever is continuously making excuses loses everyone’s respect. The man who takes all the credit for himself receives none from others.

Do what has to be done, but don’t worry about what’s in it for you. Carry out that task for no other reason than the fact that it ought to be accomplished. And make sure you perform that task the way it is supposed to be done, not the way you imagine it should be done. Meaning, don’t do things your way for that job; employ the manner that comes naturally instead.

Sometimes we have to fail in order to succeed, and we have to go down on our knees in order to get back up. If you wish to gain wisdom, you must first clear your mind. If you want to be successful in this world, you must first be successful inside yourself.

Although Tao may be found in all directions, in all things, and with all beings, this does not mean that all creatures can be identified with Tao. Because it is impossible for any of the beings to exist without Tao, Tao provides all the things that are required of them yet asks for nothing in return.

When you amass more information, you go farther and further away from the truth. A saint is someone who constantly has this understanding in his heart and sets examples for others to follow. Because he doesn’t put on airs, people are quick to analyse him. Because he does not provide an explanation of who he is, he stands apart from other people in a significant way. Because he never acknowledges his skills, he consistently enjoys great success. Because he does not take himself too seriously or his profession, he has been around for a very long time. Because he is not interested in competing with anybody else, nobody tries to get in his way here.

Put a stop to your pondering and your woes will vanish.
Where is the distinction between yes and no?
What is the difference between being successful and being unsuccessful?
Are you required to appreciate what other people value and avoid what other people avoid?
How absolutely absurd!

People around you seem to be enjoying themselves as if they were at a parade.

I am the only one who doesn’t care, and I am the only one who is expressionless, like a baby before it learns to smile.

Everyone else has what they need, but I have absolutely nothing to offer.

I am alone myself and I wander aimlessly, like someone who is homeless.

My thinking is so barren that I may as well be a moron.

Everyone else is brilliant, but I am the only one who is dark.

Other individuals are keen, but I am the only one who is not.

Other individuals have a purpose; I, on the other hand, am clueless.

I am directionless and aimless, like a windstorm or a wave crashing on the shore.

I am not like other folks in that respect.

I slake my thirst at the breasts of the Great Mother.

God according to Taoism

Taoism does not believe in the existence of a god. There is no omniscient entity that exists beyond the cosmos that is responsible for the creation of and has control over the universe. According to Taoism, everything in the cosmos originates from the Tao, and the Tao acts as an impersonal force that directs everything along its path.

But the Tao by itself is not God, nor is it a god, nor is it worshipped by Taoists. Rather, the Tao is merely a philosophical concept.

This may come as a surprise given that Taoists do engage in what is known as “God-talk” while discussing the Tao:

The Venerable Lord, the Tao, was at rest in open mystery, beyond silent desolation, in mysterious emptiness… Say it or he is there, but you won’t see a form; say it or he isn’t there, but every living thing will follow him for the rest of their lives.

Taishang laojun kaitian jing, in Livia Kohn, The Taoist Experience: An Anthology, 1993

They traditionally honour Lao Tsu as the first deity of Taoism and as the embodiment of the Tao, but they also consider him a god in his own right.

Despite this, Taoism is home to a plethora of gods, the most of which were appropriated from other religions. These gods reside in this cosmos, and like everything else in it, they are governed by the Tao.

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A good number of the gods each represent a specific function rather than a personal divine entity, and they are referred to by their titles rather than their personal names.

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