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Devoted (PDF/ePUB) By Luna Mason Download and Read Online For Free.

Devoted Information

Book Name:Devoted
Author:Luna Mason
SeriesBeneath the Mask #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
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From foster kid to mafia leader.
I was the undeserved king to the throne, pushed into this duty after my distant father’s death.
I gave up everything to develop my empire.
Up until this point, nothing else mattered.

That is, until I kidnapped the daughter of my adversary and became hopelessly in love with her.
The name Rosa Falcone. the treasure that is mine.
When fate draws Rosa back into my world, I can’t make the same mistake again.
Even when the future of the mafia hinges on my scheduled marriage. I still can’t resist her.
She is mine.
There’s no way in hell I can see her marry another man.
Even if it means beginning a war.

The wild child, the spoilt mafia princess.
No one understood my sorrow, so I hid behind the mask.
That was until Luca Russo kidnapped me from my life, just to put me back together again.

I trusted him enough to give him my heart, and then he turned me loose, back into the arms of the person who had abused me.
This time, I do not have anyone to guard me or look out for me.
Or so I thought .
Luca might not mine to keep, but it doesn’t stop me from falling deeper.
But when the world is against us, how much would we be ready to sacrifice to achieve our happily ever after?

Beginning of the Plot

Vince Ramos is in charge of rescuing a wanted Falcone fugitive named Nico from kidnapper Marco. They want to eliminate the need for holding prisoners by eliminating Marco and bringing him home. They’re confident in having the commissioner on their side, so they go to war. Vince is making sure Carlos isn’t losing any weight by monitoring his progress closely. Meanwhile, Grayson and Frankie are in charge of the takedown and are setting fire to their headquarters.

Vince tries to stab Nico, but he doesn’t know where the latter is being kept. Frankie verifies that Nico is in the Falcones’ custody and that they are preparing to set the building on fire. The main character watches helplessly as the building burns down, and Grayson climbs into the trunk. He’ll be having a burnout party to celebrate, but he can’t go out for drinks. The hero has taken another step towards freeing New York from the Falcones’ grip.

The protagonist is a street rat who has been secretly seeing Grayson and Maddie for over eight years. Foster brother Keller has bet them $10,000 that they can’t wait until the end of the year to screw. They’re excited for Sienna’s closest friend Maddie to go on a date with them. Frankie tells them on the way to their estate that Marco is unpredictable and will recruit additional guys. Rosa, an Italian girl with large brown eyes and crimson lips, is discovered during their conversation about Marco’s daughters’ files. They plan to track them down and break Marco’s hand, but they haven’t decided whether to murder Nico or Maddie if they do. Frankie proposes they make a daring move, but our hero seems uninterested. They go out for a stiff drink and end up meeting an Italian girl.

About The Author Luna Mason

Luna Mason is a modern romance writer.

She has a family there, including a husband, a son, and a small rescue dog.

She reads hot books whenever she’s not writing.

Devoted Book Summary

MF Luca Russo. All through the novel, he had me in the grip of his writing. The earlier books did not leave me with a favourable impression of him, but this one did.

Rosa was a pleasant shock, as she is extremely unlike the first two FMCs in the series. She has been suffering from trauma and anguish for a long time. Her substance abuse and alcohol consumption are her only coping mechanisms. I appreciated that the importance of both was not glossed over despite their centrality to the plot.

These two are so dedicated to protecting the people they care about that they will put themselves in danger or sacrifice their own happiness if it means that their loved ones will be safe.

That line about wanting “one last taste of heaven before I get sent to hell” was brilliant.

When everything started to hit the fan, I was devastated since I had not anticipated Luna’s actions towards a small number of characters.

One of the antagonists was merely cruel, but the other was pure evil. A few sequences were so riveting that I had to pause the movie to catch my breath.

I suppose I should tell you that they are finally arranged to be married to different people, and that they attempt to stay apart, but that it doesn’t work out, and that they end up cheating on their “fiancés,” but don’t worry, it’s not a negative thing or anything like that. In my opinion, this does not qualify as cheating. It’s a disaster, and neither Luca nor Rosa feels anything romantic or personal towards their “partners.”

Was I taken aback by Luca’s final choice? Both, actually. Despite the hints, I didn’t think it would happen in THIS book.

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