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Dark Memory Information

Book Name:Dark Memory
Author:Christine Feehan
SeriesDark #33
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Safia Meziane has been preparing to defend her beloved tribe and family ever since she was a child. The stories she’d grown up hearing were, in her mind, just folklore. Now, though, she must muster all of her resources to face the challenges that lie ahead. Safia senses evil in their coastal Algerian town, but she cannot see it.

She worries that she won’t be able to defend the people she cares about. She had always assumed that, as her family’s “chosen one,” she would have to take on this challenge by herself, but now she learns that she has been promised to a warrior who will join her. Someone from the outside. Some kind of Carpathian.

One of the oldest living Carpathians, Petru Cioban, has been lonely for his lifemate for a very long time. He’s been waiting for this woman to be reincarnated for two millennia, and now that she is, she’s in the sights of an old foe: a vampire who has returned to finish a fight that began centuries ago.

Petru is now confronted with both his worst enemy and his deepest shame. Once Safia’s memories of her previous life return to her, he has no hope that she will forgive him for betraying her. But he will not repeat that error again, not even for the lady whose love has claimed his everlasting soul.

About The Author Christine Feehan

Over the course of her career, Christine Feehan has written and published more than 90 novels over five series: the Dark Series, the GhostWalker Series, the Leopard Series, the Drake Sisters Series, the Sisters of the Heart Series, Shadow Riders, and Torpedo Ink. Each installment in her series has also debuted at No. No.1 on New York Times’ list of best-selling books. In 1999, three of the nine Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature (PEARL) were given to her for her debut work Dark Prince. She has since written for Berkley/Jove, among other publishers, and has had works published by Leisure Books and Pocket Books. Since Dark Prince, she has won seven further PEARL awards.

Dark Memory Book Summary

Christine Feehan’s Dark Memory is full of suspense, action, and romance, not to mention a legend, a protector of her tribe, and a warrior from 2,000 years ago. The Carpathian Dark series continues with book number thirty-seven, a paranormal romantic suspense. Safia Meziane was raised to be a warrior for her people. Dellys, Algeria is about to be visited by evil. She has always assumed she would have to face evil on her own out of fear that she couldn’t defend the people she cares about. However, she finds out through her relatives that it’s not true. A mighty man has made her his bride. He is a Carpathian and so an alien. The two thousand years that Petru Cioban has lived have passed without him ever meeting his soul match. Now that he’s finally here, all she wants to do is fight vampires and other monsters.

Even though Safia and Petru have strong sexual chemistry, they come from vastly different cultural backgrounds. This necessitates that people talk about what they want and what they need. Safia is an accomplished warrior and fierce protector of her people. They don’t make people like her any more. She is fearless, selfless, and caring; quick on her feet; a natural negotiator; and accustomed to saying what’s on her mind. Petru is a threat since he is an honourable man who is also strong, frightening, smart, a seasoned fighter, and who doesn’t like to argue. The well-developed ancillary characters served as a counterpoint to the main cast and offered comedic relief, emotional resonance, and dramatic tension.

Despite the modern setting of the tale, Safia’s family has been passing down stories and preparing each new generation to confront evil for generations. The author paints a vivid picture of the Meziane farm and the neighbouring town of Dellys.
The plot was quite simple, despite the high stakes and perilous circumstances. The high stakes and nonstop action kept me interested and turned this into a page-turner. I found myself rooting for the protagonists as the story continued and the stakes grew higher. The writing is smooth and interesting. Themes of compassion, family, treachery, leadership, respect, trust, friendship, and the struggle between good and evil all run throughout the book. The narrative contains graphic violence and a few sexually explicit moments.

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