A Touch of Darkness (PDF/ePUB) by Scarlett St. Clair Read Online

A Touch of Darkness (PDF/ePUB) by Scarlett St. Clair Read Online For Free

A Touch of Darkness Book Information

Book Name:A Touch Of Darkness
Author:Scarlett St. Clair
SeriesHades x Persephone #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.42MB
ePub Size656KB
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The only person who may claim to be the “Goddess of Spring” is Persephone. The reality is that ever since she was a young child, she has had the ability to make flowers shrink at her touch. She plans to maintain a low profile in New Athens while passing herself off as a regular journalist.

In human civilization, the God of the Dead, Hades, has accumulated a sizable gambling fortune, and many of his bets are believed to be improbably impossible.

Following an accidental encounter with Hades, Persephone finds herself bound by the impossible terms of a contract with the God of the Dead: either she must bring about life in the Underworld or forfeit her freedom for all time.

But the wager does more than just highlight Persephone’s shortcomings as a goddess. Her illicit love for the God of the Dead develops as she toils to plant the seeds of her liberation.

About Scarlett St. Clair Author

International and USA Today Best Selling author Scarlett St. Author of the HADES X PERSEPHONE SAGA, the HADES SAGA, KING OF BATTLE & BLOOD, and WHEN STARS COME OUT, Clair is a member of the Muscogee Nation.

A Touch of Darkness Book Summary

This novel was unquestionably trashy in the best sense. There was almost no narrative to speak of, but I was still completely engrossed and unable to pull myself away. (I read for about three hours nonstop!) The prose, or the characters, are neither particularly noteworthy nor endearing, but St. Clair’s skill in crafting the slow burn was… Chef kisses

Despite the fact that I found Persephone to be rather obnoxious throughout the entire novel, it was amusing to read events from her point of view in the third person given how awkward she was with… pretty much everything. Having said that, the finale truly disappointed me because it seemed hurried and a little too… Perfect? Much simpler to resolve than I had anticipated.

Overall, there was something about this book that truly attracted me, and I found it difficult to put it down. I was reminded of Elide and Lorcan from Throne of Glass by the charming relationship.

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I don’t intend to read the second book since, among other reasons, I don’t need it, the synopsis makes me dislike it, and I typically dislike the second book in these kinds of series (a fact supported by a whole shelf of these kinds of novels).

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